7 Fresh Haircuts for Long Hair That Are Anything But Ordinary

Fresh new ways to wear this favorite length.

Going for that new year, new you thing, but don’t want to chop your hair? Try one of the new haircuts for long hair that aren’t the same old boring look. Because we know there are only so many waist-length long hair looks that you can see on repeat. Read on to see our top seven haircuts for long hair that won’t bore you to tears:

Haircuts for Long Hair that Aren’t Super Boring

haircuts for long hair straight brown hair
In this day and age of layers, a blunt cut is refreshing.

1. Long & Blunt

Long hair and layers are basically BFFs. So when’s the last time you saw long hair with a straight blunt cut? We love this lengthy look with such a precise cut as this is one of those haircuts for long hair best suited to gals with thin hair. Because long hair can get bulky (hence the layers), a blunt cut lets finer-haired women rock some length hair and have it look nice and thick.

haircuts for long hair blonde waves
Wavy hair plus a show-stopping color equals a winning combo.

2. Lots of Layers

Like we said, long hair and layers are kind of meant to be. Adding in layers cuts off more hair, essentially thinning out your strands without losing length. Having long layers means the layers can also start up higher. For this haircut, the layers start around chin length and go all the way down. This gives hair a super pretty, flowy look! You can use Bed Head By TIGI Stick to create a piecey texture to your layers, and use your fingers to twist small sections of hair.

haircuts for long hair red curly bangs
Side-swept bangs add a charming touch to long curls.

3. Wispy Bangs

We love the look of long thick hair with wispy bangs! The contrast plays so nicely and gives a fun, almost whimsical look. This type of fringe is best worn in a side-swept style. It helps to break up the shape of long hair and adds to that wispy look.

haircuts for long hair black fringe
A choppy fringe is the definition of rocker-chic. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Choppy Layers

Choppy layers give an edgy look. We like the choppy layered look via some edgy bangs because it takes the classic long-haired look that is usually sweet and polished and makes it a bit tougher. Wear your hair down to show off all those choppy layers.

haircuts for long hair ash layers
Smooth, sexy layers will always be a crowd-pleaser! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Face-framing Cut

Oh, do we love a good face framing cut! These haircuts for long hair are so on-point, because they take your average hairstyles and make them more flattering for different face shapes. Super long, straight hair tends to lengthen the face, which is totally cool if you have a round face shape. But if you’ve got a longer or more asymmetrical face shape, it can help make your face look longer or not highlight your best features. These face framing layers make the long haircut more rounded out and flattering.

haircuts for long hair blow out locks
Full and healthy-looking, blow-out hair is great for day-to-night occasions.

6. Razored

Razored cuts are softer and add a lot of natural flow to your long haircut. We like these styles for vintage-loving ladies. Ordinarily, we’d suggest that gals with long hair use a paddle brush like Nexxus Ibiza CX2 Paddle Hair Brush. But to get that soft, vintage feel, we recommend using Nexxus Ibiza OC7 Oval Flat Hair Brush. It has boar bristles to give that soft, blown-out look.

haircuts for long hair side shaved pink undercut
An edgy yet girly side undercut is a fierce update to a regular long haircut.

7. Shaved Side Panel

If you want one of the edgiest haircuts for long hair, look no further than the shaved side panel look. You can DIY with a good set of clippers, or ask your stylist to shave a section of your head. It’s a fun, trendy look that’s sure to turn heads.

Need more haircuts for long hair to inspire you? Check out this list of the top 5 long hair trends for 2017.


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