Stacks and Angles and Planes, Oh My! 12 Graduated Bob Hairstyles You’ll Love

Welcome a sharper, street-savvier way to go short.

Looking to up your bob game? Try a graduated bob. What’s that you say? A graduated bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front. Sometimes the front is angled, sometimes the bob will have  lots of longer layers on the sides and back. It can also be styled where it’s one length everywhere except the back; hair is cut in graduated short layers that makes a “stacking” effect. There’s tons of variations which makes this cut a go-to for all hair types. A snip here, an angle there, and it’s customized for your personal style:

12 Graduated Bob Hairstyles

graduate bob with highlights
Update your style with highlights too. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Classic Graduated Bob with a Twist

The cut is a classic graduated bob. The back is super short, and the layers are almost vertical. The sides and front are the same length. The twist is the rainbow highlights. Love creative color and want to ad that to your style? To keep those blues, pinks and other shades bright and long lasting, add a toning shampoo like TRESemmé Pro Collection Purple Blonde Shampoo as it keeps color bright and shiny.

long graduated bob
Bangs and angles. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Graduated Long Bob

Graduated bob hairstyles can range from super short to sweeping your shoulders.  This  one has an inverted vee in the back, long pieces near the front and highlighted bangs. It makes short necks look longer due to the angled layers.

graduated bob full fringe
Creating a fringe can change your face shape.

3. Graduated Bob with Full Fringe

Want to change your face shape? Add fringe! Fringe, or bangs can narrow a wide face, highlight eyes and cheekbones in a heart shaped face, and make a long face shape seem less than. A bob like this one, because it has lots of layers all over needs a blow dry with a round brush. Before styling, use a heat protectant spray that creates a shield against heat damage. Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray does that, also acts like a super lightweight leave-in conditioner, and adds shine too.

graduated bob off center part
Changing your part’s like creating a new hairstyle.

4. Graduated Bob with Off Center Part

Play with your part and do it slightly off center. Switching up parts, even by a millimeter can change your hairstyle.

graduated bob long graduated bob with angled front
Braid it, updo it, play with it!

5. Graduated Long Bob with Angled Front

Love the idea of a bob but don’t want to lose length? A  long-ish long bob with an angled front gives you lots of styling options. For example, you could create Double Dutch pigtails or do a half updo with your hair.

graduated bob chin length bob
Add a bow.

6. Graduated Bob Chin Length

A chin length graduated bob can be cut with small gradations in length; so that the angles are subtle. Thin hair types can benefit from this type of cut; the slight, light layers give a “plumping” effect to hair. When styling, use a volumizer like TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray Spray. Infused with green tea extract (smells yummy), and Pro Vitamin B5 for strength, this volumizer take fine, flat hair and turns up the bounce.

graduated bob angled
It’s all in the angles.

7. Angled Graduated Bob

Who said geometry was boring?  Angles upon angles make this an on-trend style. In addition to the graduated cut in the back; the front pieces are cut in angles, to create a swingy, sexy style.

graduated bob curly
Curls get direction with this style.

8. Curly Graduated Bob

Boost your curls with lots of layers; graduated bob hairstyles can add direction to curls. When humidity strikes, your style stays put instead of doing exactly what you don’t want it to do. It’ll also make curls feel lighter and easier to style. TRESemmé Flawless Curls Enhancing Mousse gives curls staying power. It can be used with and without a blow dryer to get that bouncy, curly look you love.

graduated bob platinum
Be the bombshell.

9. Platinum Graduated Bob

Go all out with platinum hair and a graduated bob that has a deep side part. Keeping hair shiny, frizz free and stylish is easy with Suave Extreme Hold Aerosol Hairspray. Hair stays gorg even when the humidity reaches 95 percent!

graduated bob uneven layers

10. Graduated Bob Uneven Layers

#IWokeUpLikeThis is uber easy when you pick this unevenly layered (on purpose!)  bob hairstyle.

graduated bob feathered bob
Blow the layers away.

11. Feathered Graduated Bob

Narrow face shapes get a boost when the bob is styled with the layers facing away from the face. Feathering (vertically graduated layers) frame the face and can make it appear wider.

graduated bob side part
Be a little film noir.

12. Graduated Bob Side Part

Go all rock n’ roll with a ear tucked side part on a graduated bob.

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