Dutch Braid Guide: Step by Step Tutorials and Plenty of Inspo Styles

Find out how to do a Dutch braid in different, totally unique, totally trendy ways.

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You’ve probably seen just about every celebrity wearing this fierce, distinctive look. Braid aficionados know Dutch braids not only as a reverse French braid, but also as one of the hottest hair trends making the rounds today. So much so that we immediately had to revisit how to Dutch braid and and put together a tutorial for our readers, as this much-copped look definitely deserves its 15 minutes.

The Dutch braid, especially when worn Double-Dutch style (a.k.a. pigtails), keeps your strands completely secured and away from your face, with little risk of unraveling. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this braided pigtail look is so popular during the hotter, more humid, no-hair-around-my-face-please months.

How to Create a Dutch Braid

We’re willing to bet that learning how to create a Dutch braid was never so high on your list of priorities before. The dutch braid is a more recent addition to the trendy hairstyles department, but it came in full force. Loved by celebrities and Instagram fitness influencers alike, the dutch braid is both utilitarian and cute. Need we say more? Read on to learn how to dutch braid, and then see different ways to incorporate the variation that’s best suited for you:


Start with dry shampoo.

Start off by applying dry shampoo at the roots of your hair. This will give your strands some volume and a touch of added grip – it will be much easier to braid with hair that has some grit to it! We suggest Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo for maximum volume!

how to create a dutch braid dry shampoo

Create a three-strand braid.

Gather a small section of hair at the front of your hairline and begin by creating a three-strand braid. Make sure to cross the hair under rather than over to create a Dutch style.

how to create a dutch braid three strand braid

Add in new hair.

Keep on adding new hair as you work your way down, making sure to cross hair underneath the middle section of the braid! 

how to create a dutch braid add new hair

Secure the end.

Secure the end of your braid with a hair tie.

how to create a dutch braid secure

Lock your braid in place.

Mist your finished look with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1 to secure your braid and give it a touch of texture.

how to create a dutch braid add hairspray

How to Create Dutch Braid Pigtails


Apply dry shampoo.

If you’re starting on unwashed hair, dry shampoo can give the scalp a great refresh and provide a bit of texture and grit for a braid. We like the traction and body our second-day hair gets from TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

double dutch braids with dry shampoo

Comb through hair.

Ensure the product is evenly distributed within the hair by combing it through from root to tip.

comb through your double dutch braids

Part hair down the middle.

Create your center part by splitting hair in the middle with a fine-toothed comb.

section off your double dutch braids

Apply serum to the ends.

Braids can exaggerate the look of flyaways and rogue baby hair, especially on finer hair types. If you’re prone to halo frizz, we suggest a light application of serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum, on the fringe, lengths, and ends.

serum on double dutch braids

Begin braiding hair.

Start your double Dutch braids by doing one section at a time. Divide one-half of your hair into three smaller sections, as you would in a regular braid. Starting nearest your forehead or hairline/fringe area, cross the left section under the middle, then the right section under the middle.

Next, grab new hair from each side and repeat the order, continuing the braid as you move downwards. Grab new hair each time you complete a link until you reach your nape. Note: For longer hair, continue the Dutch braiding stitch (left under the middle, right under the middle) until you reach the ends without grabbing anything from the sides.

double dutch braids on one section

Tie off each end with an elastic.

Secure the ends of each of your double Dutch braids with a hair tie or elastic.

secure the ends of your double dutch braids with a hair tie


Your double Dutch braids are good to go!

double dutch braids final

How to Create a Dutch Braid Flat Solo Braid

how to dutch braid solo plait
This Dutch plait shows off your glossy locks.

We’re spoiled with so many choices on how to Dutch braid, yet one of our favorites has got to be the simple solo braid. This version of the Dutch braid is a versatile stand-alone that, just like the French braid, can be worn to virtually any occasion.

Unlike the French braid, the Dutch braid stitch, as mentioned above, is done by using the underhand process in which the strands of hair are crossed under one another. We love how this kind of braiding results in a mohawk-inspired hairstyle due to its bumpy, center placement. Read on to check out an easy and simple way to create a single Dutch built-in braid:


Start on clean hair.

Wash hair with TRESemmé Pro Pure Light   Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to add a bit of weightless volume to your hair.  Brush or comb through your hair to remove any tangles.


how to dutch braid a solo plait

Braid your hair.

To create the braid, gather a section of the hair at the top of your head and divide it into three equal sections. Cross the right section of the hair under the center section, and then pull the center section of hair over to the left. Pull the left section under the center  section, then pull the center section of hair over to the right. Continue to do this process until you get to the end of your braid.

how to dutch braid hair with one solo plait

Complete your braid.

Once you get to the ends of creating your Dutch braid stitch, secure the ends with an elastic band. You can opt for leaving the end out or tucking it in to create a cute bun. For the latter, slide in a few hairpins to secure the seams in place.

how to dutch braid in 3 easy steps

How to Create an Accent Dutch Braid

Another braid trend we’ve been loving is the accent braid. This hairstyle is basically just a skinny version of your favorite braid—which, in this case, is the Dutch braid—that can either be shown off at the hairline or hidden amongst the rest of your hair, hence its name.

To learn how to master this look, TRESemmé, Stylist Tyler Laswell shares how to create some beach waves with a cool Dutch accent braid. Read on to check out his insider tips on how to master this look in no time:

accent braid final look
Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for TRESemme

Step 1: Use a curling iron.

Using a medium-size curling iron, create loose waves randomly until all your hair is curled. Lightly tease at the roots for added volume.

Step 2: Separate your hair.

Create a side part. Starting at the hairline of the smaller section, create a Dutch braid that follows the hairline, going behind the ear to the nape of the neck, then continuing through to the ends.

Step 3: Lock in the style.

Finish the look by spritzing with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray

Step 4: Add Some Flair

Embellish the braid by using a cool hair accessory, like a hair ring, for added flair.

How to Create a Dutch Crown Braid

One of our favorite braided looks this time of year has got to be the Dutch braid. It ticks all the boxes—super-trendy, campy, and sweet, plus it’s also an awesome heatless method to achieve killer curls. But what if you’re in love with the look but also want to stand out from the crowd? The answer: Go for a Dutch braid crown.

dutch braid crown headband
A Dutch crown braid is a rather unique twist on this popular stitch. Photo credit: Dvora

Step 1: Create a side part.

Using a fine-toothed comb (or your fingers, if you want a more tousled, natural-looking part), create a side part on your head. Comb through.

Step 2: Take a section of hair where your part starts.

Pinch a two-inch section of hair on your thicker side, and split that section into three smaller sections. Then take the left strand and cross it under the middle, then cross the right strand under the middle. Bring new strands in from each side each time you finish a link.

dutch braid crown with a middle part
You can start Dutch braiding from the hairline (as a built-in braid), or loop your plait around your head for an easier hack.

Step 3: Continue all the way around your head.

Continue your Dutch braid crown all the way around your head, remembering to take new hair from the top and bottom as you move across. You’ll eventually end up on the opposite side of your part.

Step 4: Switch to a regular dutch braid.

When you reach the point above your opposite ear, that means you’ve run out of scalp! Switch your stitch to a regular Dutch braid, and secure at the ends with a thin hair tie.

Step 5: Loop the tail across your head behind your first braid.

Tuck the end in with a bobby pin to hide.

dutch braid crown
Tug at the sides of your links to “pancake” or fatten it.

Step 6: Finish with hairspray.

Smooth down any flyaways and halo frizzies with a spritz of hairspray, like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4. This will also ensure that your style styles are in place all day long.

The 5 Strand Dutch Braid

1. Upgraded French Braid

5 strand dutch braid bleach blonde thick braid
This spread-apart bleach blonde dutch braid ponytail was created by the talented Laura Gravina of @LaurasLookbook.

Upgrade your classic French braid by opting for a 5-strand Dutch braid instead. Start this style at the crown of your head and bring it all the way down to the tail of your ponytail.

Finish the look off by tying a strand of hair around the end of the braid and sealing everything off with a mist of hairspray. We suggest a stronghold hairspray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2. This look was created by the talented Laura Gravina of @LaurasLookBook.

2. Wrap-Around Braid

5 strand dutch braid hollybeauty
This wraparound dutch braid headband is by @HolliBeauty_.

This wraparound dutch braid headband allows you to show off your length while still incorporating a braid into your look. When adding curls, don’t forget to protect your strands and prep them with a protective spray like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Check out the talented Megan of @HolliBeauty_, who created this gorgeous look.

3. Accessorize

5 strand dutch braid threaded ribbon
This 5 strand dutch braid, one of our favorite dutch braid hairstyles, was created by Brianna of @TheGoodHairDay.

Consider adding a holiday-ready accessory like a vibrant red ribbon to your style. Brianna of @TheGoodHairDay created this beautiful braid and added a pop of red color to brighten up the look. Add a little bit of volume and breathe new life into second- or third-day hair before beginning this braid by spraying your roots with Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these styles? Be sure to share the results with us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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