how to braid short hair tutorial

How to Braid Short Hair In 5 Easy Steps

Rock your short hair with braids! Get the full scoop in this fun hair tutorial.

In the hair world, hairstyle possibilities are endless. You can rock a new hair color for a few hours, sport a bob haircut without making the actual cut (fake bob anyone?) or get long hair overnight—with help of some hair extensions of course! And this doesn’t mean that those with short hair are left out of the mix, especially when you can easily learn how to braid short hair!

While it is challenging to braid your entire head of hair, you can create an awesome hidden braid or an accent braid that can accentuate your short hair as you rock a cool (and easy) braided style. It’s also an awesome option if you’re currently growing out your bangs where you just don’t know what to do with your overgrown fringe or have grown tired of sweeping your bangs to the side. Ready to try out this cool braided style on your shorter locks? Read on to learn how to braid short hair in no time.

Learn how to braid short hair with this step-by-step tutorial


Start with clean, dry hair.

Before starting your braid, it’s best to work with dry hair that has been cleaned and detangled. For a quick refresher in between hairwashing, spray some of the Dove Detox + Purify Dry Shampoo throughout your hair to soak up any hair oils. Then, comb and brush your hair to ensure that it’s smooth and knot-free.

how to braid short hair: start with clean hair

Part your hair and braid.

Create a part where you want your braid to be. No need to create a perfect linear part, you want your braid to look effortless and blend in with the rest of your hair. In that case, if you don’t have a comb, opt for using your fingers to create the part. Divide your hair into three even sections and then create your basic three-strand braid. Once you’re done, begin braiding towards your scalp all the way down to the end.

a blonde girl twisting her short hair with her hands to make a braid

Secure with a hairpin.

Fasten your braid with a bobby pin or a clear elastic. If you happen to end up with a braid that feels too neat and stiff, open up the stitch by gently spreading the braid apart (a.k.a pancaking) all the way down to the end.

a blonde woman with short haircut making braid

Finished look.

And you’re done with a cool braid on short hair! You can enhance this style even further by adding curls to the rest of your hair for a fun look, or leave it straight. Finish off this look by spraying some hairspray onto your braid and short hair, like the TRESemmé Climate Control Finishing Spray. Bonus: this formula works to help fight humidity, static and wind, ensuring that your braided hairstyle stays put all day long.Wasn’t that so fun and easy to do?


blonde woman wears braids on short hair

Accessorize your braid.

Want to take this look a step further and jazz it up a bit? Try adding in some fun hair accessories, like jewels or clips, to really complete this modern look.


braids on short hair accessories

You did it! You mastered braids on short hair. Now, check out even more braided hair articles from our braids section.

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