Halo Braid with Box Braids: 3 Stylish and Simple Ways to Get The Look

Add these to your list of super-fashionable looks to try.

We’re pretty sure we’ve told you time and time again that you can do just about any hairstyle under the sun with box braids. This is why it’s one of our favorite protective hairstyles: It’s very rare you’ll hear someone wearing the look mention that they’re bored with styling their braids. If you know anyone that is complaining, send them our way, so we can introduce them to the halo braid with box braids style.

The halo braid is one of those looks we often see during festival season, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a style that can be worn year-round. We like this look for special occasions like weddings or formal parties, and we also love it for when you just want to create an easy, no-fuss, day-to-day style. The point is: The halo braid with box braids style can be dressed up or dressed down. The three looks ahead definitely support our claim:

Halo Braid with Box Braids Style Ideas We Love

halo braid with box braids: side
This half-braided style is oh-so-chic.

1. The Half Side Halo Braid with Box Braids

When it comes to creating halo with box braids styles, it’s okay to be creative. You don’t have to settle for the looks everyone else is doing. We love the idea of this half halo braid. To recreate, simply gather your braids to one side of your hair, then create a French braid. For a neat finish, try braiding as tight as you can without applying too much pressure on the roots of your hair to avoid hair breakage at the root caused by tension.

halo braid with box braids: back view
Even better from the back!

To finish the look, you can create another braid on the side and connect the two, or stick with just one braid and secure the ends with a hair pin or a hair elastic.

halo braid with box braids: full crown
We like to call this the royal halo braid fit for a queen!

2. Halo Crown Braid

This is a very beautiful and interesting spin on this halo braid on box braids look. This look can also be called a beehive braid, but we like to call it a crown of halo braids. To create the hairstyle is actually easier than it looks. Simply create a few chunky single plaits with a group of braids all over your hair. Once you have the amount of braids you want, begin to wrap them in the opposite direction and pin in place. Continue this process until you’ve created a crown shaped style. Yaaas, kween! This look is so divine!

halo braid with box braid: single braid
The accent braid gets an update with this halo braid style.

3. Single Halo Braid with Box Braids

This is one of the easiest looks. What makes this style stand out besides the stunning blue color is the gold hair accessory. Take one braid, coil a gold wire around it and then wrap it across your forehead. Pin it in place or tuck it into your bun to secure in place.

Want more ideas for styling box braids? Here are how to create a fun bow bun style on box braided hair.

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