Tutorial: The French Braid

Alyssa François | 06 July 2016
5mins Style Easy

Learn how to braid your own hair with our easy beginner’s guide.

One of the best places to look for beauty inspiration is from the street style set. If you’ve been following the major hairstyle trends strutting on pavements across the globe lately, you’ve probably come across an array of braided hairstyles like the French braid. If you’re anything like us here at All Things Hair, you’re completely obsessed with this trend! These days, we’re particularly focusing on learning how to French braid. Even though you’ve never learned how to braid your hair before, it’s a great chain for beginners: This plait is easy, classy, has an adorable ’90s feel and most of all, is as stylish as ever. Read on to learn how to do a French braid in a few easy steps:

Tutorial: How to French Braid Your Own Hair

how to do a French braid on long hair
Learn how to do French braids for the first time by starting with three clean sections of hair.

Step 1: Begin with dry and detangled hair

The first thing to do when learning how to French braid hair is starting on clean, detangled strands. If you’re styling locks that need a quick refresher, spray some dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo, onto your roots. Apply an anti-frizz hair serum, like Suave Split End Rescue Hair Serum, to lengths and ends to help prevent flyaways as you style.

Step 2: Gather hair at your crown to begin your easy French braid.

Create a horizontal part at the front of your head to start your braiding process.

how to do a French braid from the hairline
You can also begin your stitch at the hairline, for a cute, sidewinding version.

Step 3: Begin your stitch.

Knowing how to do French braid stitches involves always remembering that you’re incorporating new hair into each new link. Take your front fringe/hairline section and divide into three strands. Cross the leftmost strand across the center strand to join the rightmost strand. Next, reverse the direction: Take the rightmost strand across the center to join the leftmost strand. Start a new link by continuing this process down your head, but picking up new sections of hair as you go. How to make a French braid that has a looser and fuller-looking chain? Create a little slack in hair as you create your links. If you rather a neater braid, pull strands tight.

Step 4: Secure your ends to complete your braid.

To finish off, we recommend slightly backcombing the ends, or using a hair elastic then spraying with Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray. If you have a lighter hair color, opt for a clear hair elastic that blends in with your hue. How to make a French braid look like that of a style star’s? Pancaking it, or gently tugging the links apart, gives it that blogger-worthy feel.

how to do a french braid on long light brown hair
How to do a French braid on yourself without breaking a sweat? A three-way mirror helps you see all angles of your hairstyle too.

You’ve got it down to a science! Now it’s time to practice those skills, and show all your friends you know how to French braid hair!

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