Side Braids: 8 Ways to Wear this Trend

Take your hair to the side with these trendy side braid hairstyle ideas.

Sometimes simple thing like taking your hair to the side can open up all new styling possibilities. Take side braids, for example, an effortless way to rock your favorite braided hairstyle by simply changing the direction in which your hair falls. And this easy change can definitely mix things up a bit by evoking some serious carefree/romantic vibes. To inspire you to take things to the side, we’re sharing eight of our favorite ways to wear this trend. Read on side sister.

Side Braids: 8 Looks to Master

side braids french braid
A blogger-worthy side braid.

1.Mermaid Braid

For a side-braid that means business, you’ve got to try this chic iteration as seen on blogger Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary. We love how this romantic side braid showcases your braid skills that can be worn loose or tight. Master this look by checking out the tips from our mermaid braid tutorial.

side braids: loose and messy braids
For some seriously relaxed hair vibes
side braids: loose braided styles
Loose, easy styles you can master. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Loose, Pancaked Braid

And then there are the times when you want something loose and free, like in this loose braided hairstyle. To achieve this style, take your hair onto one side and then create your three-strand braid. Pull out pieces of hair from your braid or alternatively leave out a strand on the opposite side of your hair.

side braids fishtail
Rock your fishtail braiding skills in this side style.

3. Fishtail Braid

Side braids are also a great way to show-off your braiding skills. Master the fishtail braid and take this look to the side for a romantic easy way to wear your hair.

side braids pull through braid
A new favorite with this head-turning side braid.

4. Pull-Through Braid

An unexpected hit, the pull-through braid is al about embracing a chunkier texture as you show-off your serious braiding skills. Get the full scoop on how to nail the pull through braided style from our tutorial, and be prepared to embrace a lot of head turns as you rock this trendy side look.

side braids accent braid
A subtle braid that packs a punch. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Accent Braid

Sometimes only the simplest of styles we do. We did that and that’s why we also adore the easy accent braid every now and again. Embrace this skinny three-strand braid on the side of your face or mixed within your hair for an unexpected style secret. The key to this look is ensuring that the rest of your hair looks healthy and shiny. For an instant boost, post-blowout use some of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum that you lightly apply throughout your hair before you create your cool side braid.

side braids blonde box braids
A side style with some serious glam factor.

6. Crown Box Braids

Yes, even box braids can be taken the side for a new way to embrace your look. We particularly love these crown braids as you showcase your chunkier braids that frame your face.

side braids: side hairstyle
An elegant side style you’ve got to try.

7. Dutch Side Braid

Another cool way to embrace the side braid is via this quasi half-up Dutch braid. Not only an easy look to master, this style is all about that elegance that we can’t wait to see more of come summer wedding season.

side braids in a bun
A side braid bun combo for those hot summer nights.

8. Braided Bun

While we’re psyched for summer, we’re definitely not excited for those hot and sticky days. Enter this braided bun, a cool way to get your hair off your neck as you sport a trendy combination hairstyle. Get in on how to create the braided bun in our hair tutorial

Looking for more side braid hairstyles? Check out our feature on side French hairstyles.

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