Cute Braid Styles: 10 Super Pretty Pinterest-Worthy Ideas

All the cute braid inspiration you need! Pin, share and wear! 

What’s not to love about braids, especially since there are so many ways to create cute braid styles on your hair! While some of you may scour through Pinterest for hours on end searching for pretty braided hairstyles, we’re here to save you some time in our fun recap. Below we rounded up some of our favorite cute hair braids that are all most likely already some of the most pinned styles in history. Read on to find your new favorite cute braid ideas.

10 Cute Braid Styles for Everyone

cute braid style: beehive on box braids
Create cute updos on braids like this beehive style.

1.  Box Braid Beehive

We don’t think we really need to explain any further just how many cute braid styles can be done with box braids. Just have a look at this fun updo hairstyle. Yes, it is a beehive, and yes it is created on box braids. If you ever need a new updo style to try on your box braided hair, give this one a shot.

Cute braid styles: half up bun
One of the cutest braided looks of all time.

2. Half-Up Braided Bun

We are big fans of mixing more than one hair trend in one hairstyle. This braided bun half-updo is simple, chic and totally on-trend. While there are many other cute hair braids out there that you can do with this style, play it safe by sticking to the basics with a French braid.

cute braid styles: scarf braid
There are many ways to make cute braid styles with scarves. Here’s one! Photo credit: Dvora

3. Scarf Braid

If you look up pretty ways to wear a scarf on your hair on Pinterest you’ll probably come up with hundreds of scarf braid ideas. We have scaled all of those results down to one because really, this is the only hairstyle you need.

Cute braid styles: flower braided bun
Pretty petal bun with braids.

4. Flower Braid

If your reason for searching for braided hairstyles on Pinterest is because you want a hairstyle that will break the Internet, try this one out. This flower petal braided hairstyle is the cutest look you can sport during the spring or summer seasons.

cute braid styles: unicorn braid
How could you not try this cute and trendy Unicorn style? Photo credit: Dvora

5. Unicorn Braid

While we’re still on the break the Internet train, why not try to braid styles that are currently everyone’s topic of discussion. From being the top hair color trend in fashion and beauty magazines to being the most requested look at hair salons, this unicorn braid is the only colorful and cute braided look you need to be in on the conversation.

cute braid styles: braided buns
Cute braided buns style.

6. Braided Buns

What’s fun and stylish at the same time? Cute braided buns! Try your hand at this neat space bun updo! It’s super easy with our quick space bun tutorial.

cute braid style: rings on braid
Ring along the braid. Cute and fun hairstyle idea. Photo credit:

7. Ring Braid

Found the braid you like? Put a ring on it! Actually, put a few rings on it! Hair accessories for braids are one of the easiest ways to create pretty braided hairstyles. Don’t believe us? Check out our braided hair chains post and see for yourself!

cute braid styles: fishtail crown
Ditch the French braid for a fishtail to create a cuter look!

8. Fishtail Crown Braid

What turns a braided crown from basic to cute? Level up by using intricate looking braiding techniques. How to make it even cuter? Throw some bangs into the mix!

classy braid styles: back braided bun
Cute style at the back, and classy top knot at the front. Photo credit:

9. Back Braided Updo

If you’re looking for braided looks that are cute but not too cute, keep your classy personality as well when styling your hair. From the front, this hairstyle looks like a classic updo bun. Turn around to the back and you’ve got the cutest set of cornrow braids.

cute braid styles: flower crown
Flower crowns can add a dose of cuteness to any style.

10. Flower Crown

Sometimes the easiest way to create cute braided hairstyles is to throw a super pretty flower crown on! Simple, fun and easy!

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