Love Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Leave-In Smoothie Cream

Is It Right For Me?

Looking for some easy frizz-control that takes just a few minutes to achieve? This leave-in smoothie cream delivers!

Best for:

  • icon of a woman with long, tightly crimped hair Frizzy
  • Rough
  • icon of a thunderbolt Anti-Frizz
  • icon of a rolling pin with flattened dough Smoothing

Top Tip

This is an All Things Hair no-rinse favorite. Simply apply the cream and get going!

How To Use

Comb 5-8 pumps of this leave-in cream through your freshly washed hair while making sure to avoid your roots.

asian man bun

Tutorial: The Asian Man Bun Half-Updo

Looks cool, feels cool, done in 60 seconds... Sold!

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