Create this Cute Milkmaid Braid Style in Just 10 Steps!

You won't believe how easy this style is.

Looking for a new style that isn’t complicated but looks like it took forever to create? A milkmaid braid is a great style to impress those around you. We love this updo for work or a fun weekend adventure. This style is perfect for when you’re in a hurry but want to go for a unique updo for the day. We’ll show you how to create this look in just 10 steps, and trust us when we say, they’re so easy. Check out our milkmaid braid tutorial video for some more guidance.


Apply Smoothing Cream

Use a smoothing cream like Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream to start off this milkmaid braid tutorial. This will tame frizz and give you a shiny finish to your strands.


Split One Side into Three Sections

These three sections will be for your first braid.


Start a Three Strand Braid

Begin braiding.


Secure with a Hair Tie

Once you’ve completed your braid, secure it with an elastic.


Repeat on the Other Side

Halfway through this milkmaid braid tutorial! Create another three-strand braid on the other side. Once completed, secure with a hair tie.


Coat with Hair Spray

Spray your braids with a high shine hairspray like Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Hairspray to make sure your braid won’t lose its shape.


Pancake Your Braids

Create some texture and volume by pancaking your braids. Gently pull the braid “apart” for a loose and natural effect.


Cross Over Your Braids

Take one braid and cross it over the top of your head. Then cross the other braid over your head as well.



Secure each braid with bobby pins.


Finish with Another Spritz of Hair Spray

Give your style another spritz of hairspray for good measure. This milkmaid braid tutorial is complete.



Your milkmaid braid hairstyle is complete!