30 Braids for Curly Hair You Have to Try

Curly braid hair style ideas for everyone.

Braids and curls are up there as two of our favorite styles of all time. Since we can’t get enough of this combination, we decided to create a collection of variations of curly braids. We know that we can’t be the only ones in love with these looks so we gathered a collection of style ideas that work for any and every hair type.

Scroll through below and get inspired to try your hand at one of these curly braids styles this season.

curly braids: loose crown braid
Add a loose braid to a deep side-parted hairstyle.

1. Loose Half-Crown Braid

Try this super easy look on a deep-side part hairstyle combined with a small braid. Set your hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 to lock in your curls.

curly braids: front braid with plant
Love nature? Add it to your curly braided style.

2. Nature-Inspired Braided Look

Want to take your curly braids a step further with the accessorizing? Weave your favorite plant into your braid for a cute nature-inspired style.

curly braids: funky braid
Fun funky braid style on loose curls.

3. Funky Braid Style

What to do with third-day curly hair? Update it with a funky braid! For a gritty and non-oily texture, use a dry shampoo like Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo to remove any excess oil then set with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1 once you complete your style.

curly braids headband braid
Cute boho-inspired braided look.

4. Headband Braid Curly Style

If you want a subtle braided look, opt for this Boho-inspired headband style. Add waves to the ends of your hair and finger comb to separate and add texture.

curly braids: inside out braid
Classy inside out updo style on curly hair

5. Inside-Out Braid

Super classy, and ideal for formal events, you can create this inside-out braid on curled hair for any special occasion.

curly braids micro box braid
Super cute curly style on micro braids.

6. Curly Micro Braids

There are so many ways to style micro braids. To achieve this curly look, use a curling iron to create ringlet curls on your braids. Just be sure your extensions are able to withstand heat!

curly braid milk maid style
Update your curly hairstyle with a milkmaid braid style.

7. Milkmaid Braid-Inspired Style

Want a quick and easy way to get your curls out of your face? Try your hand at this simple milkmaid-inspired braid style.

curly braids: messy look
One side braid on curly hair is simple and chic.

8. Messy Braid Style

If you’re looking for the perfect style to complement lived-in curly hair, consider trying this messy braid hairstyle. Add some height at your crown for a beehive-inspired look.

curly braids loose ponytail
Chic loose braid look for work or play

9. Office-Friendly Loose Braid Style

Looking for curly braid hairstyles that are appropriate for the office? We’re obsessed with this loose braided look. This style is also chic enough for post-work drinks!

curly braids long braid
Simple braid style for curly gals.

10. Curly Braids Style on Long Hair

This fun hairstyle is ideal for those days when you just want a simple braided style for curly hair. You can also wear this look during festival season if you’re not into any of the other popular braided styles, that include funky accessories and flower crowns.

curly braids: mix braids
Try a few different braided looks all at once.

11. Curly Braids Medley

Having a hard time choosing a braid? Try a few different looks at once, like this look that combines a fishtail plait with a mermaid sequence.

curly braids pigtail braids
Pigtails are always fun hairstyle ideas.

12. Curly Pigtail Braids

This pigtail style is fun, cute and super girly. If you want to elevate the look, add a bit of texture by gently pulling your braids apart.

Chunky Pancaked Dutch Braid for Curly Hair
Step up your braid game on long hair with this chunky look that features a pancaked Dutch plait (for all the texture!).

13. Pancaked Dutch Braid

Need styling ideas for your thick, curly thick locks? This long, chunky braid is a great option. If you like it fluffy, opt for Dutch-braiding a big section of hair, pulling each link apart for that pancaked look and then securing the end with a hair elastic. Tip: Leave a tendril or two loose at the hairline area for a wispier feel.

curly braids side braid natural hair
A fun and stylish hair idea for natural hair.

14. Braided Low Ponytail for Natural Hair

This braided low ponytail style is great as a protective hairstyle. You can wear this look throughout the week and switch it up. Pull it up into a high bun, or keep it at the nape of your neck and tuck your ends in for a low bun.

curly braids: textured braids
Textured styles are big at the moment. Get the look with braids and curls.

15. Textured Side Braid

To recreate this textured side braid style, start off by curling your hair first. After creating your curls, add a braid of your choice, then pull apart to loosen and create the chunky effect.

curly braids box braids
Update your box braids with a curly look.

16. Curly Box Braids

This style is super easy to create if you buy hair extensions that get curly when wet. A hairstylist will usually dip your braids into hot water to create the curly effect.

curly braids accent braid
Add a special element to your curly styles like this accent braid.

17. Curly Braid Accent Braid

Whenever you need a quick and easy braided look for curly hair types, you can never go wrong with a simple accent braid.

curly braids wedding style
Ideal style for a non-traditional wedding theme.

18. Glamorous Curly Braids

We are in love with this curly hair braid ‘do for weddings.

curly braids on wavy red hair
Use braids to create your waves and leave one in just for fun.

19. Braids and Waves

Try your hand at overnight waves to create this textured style.

curly braids waterfall
Subtle yet fun style for every day.

20. Waterfall Curly Braid Hairstyle on Short Hair

We told you we have curly braid hairstyles for everyone! If you have short hair, give this waterfall curly braids hair idea a shot.

curly braids updo
Pull your curly hair up and add a braid around the base.

21. Chic Curly Braided Updo

Looking to refresh your curly style mid-week? This chic updo is ideal for busy mornings or when you are in-between washes.

curly braids style on updo
Add a braid to the crown of your hair to change up your look.

22. Wash and Go Braided Updo Style

Not all wash and go styles need to be worn down and out. You can gather your style up into a simple updo with a braid like the style pictured above.

curly braids dutch braid crown
Create a Dutch crown braid on long curly hair.

23. Dutch Crown Braid

There are so many ways to style long curly hair, but of course, since we’re having a moment with braids and curls, we’re totally digging this Dutch crown braid style.

curly braids: dutch braid
Give your Dutch braid a fun twist by creating this fishtail braid look.

24. Tiny and Chunky Dutch Braids

Get the best of both worlds with this tiny and chunky Dutch braid style. Mix it up and add some texture using a curling iron.

curly braids combined
Cluster two or more curly braids together to create this unique look.

25. Chunky Curly Hair Braids

Go big or go home! Chunky braids have so much character. This look is great if you’re into statement hairstyles.

curly braids half ups
Gorgeous half updo style for formal events.

26. Half-Updo Curly Braid

Half-updo styles are here to stay for a while. Try out these neatly braided updos and add curls to create a fancy finish.

curly braids flower braid
Flower braid styles are great ideas for the warmer seasons.

27. Flower Waterfall Braid

This style is perfect for the warmer seasons. Here’s how to create a flower braid style on your hair at home.

curly braids fishtail
What can’t curly hair do? This fishtail braid is a gorgeous style idea.

28. Curly Fishtail Braid

Who said curly hair can’t be braided? Look at this gorgeous fishtail braid style. Need a hand? Learn how to create a fishtail plait here.

curly braids formal hairstyle
Elegant braid and curl style.

29. Elegant Braid and Curl Updo

In need of a gorgeous updo style for a wedding? Add this look to the top of your list. This elegant braided look is easy enough to recreate on your own.

curly braids shirley temple curls
Add Shirley Temple curls to a box braid style.

30. Tightly Coiled Tree Braids

One of our most coveted braided styles at the moment are tree braids. To achieve this style, use a curling iron to create tight coils all throughout your hair.

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