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3 Inside Out Braid Styles to Wear During 2019

Never have a bad hair day again with these inside out braid styles. 

In case you haven’t noticed, the braid hair trend has been holding on strong for a very long time so be prepared to keep seeing braids, like accent braids, French braids, waterfall braids and more, for a long time! At the moment we’re currently obsessed with inside out braid styles. Some of you may know this particular braid as the Dutch braid. However, there are other terms for this braided look—such as the reverse French braid, inside out French braid, reverse braid or inside braid—that can be used as well. Below we rounded up five of our most favorite inside out braids at the moment.

Read on, find your favorite(s) and try them out on your hair this season:

inside out braid bun on thick hair
Chic inside out braid style for the office. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Inside Out Bun Braid

One of the things we love most about inside out French braid styles is that they can be worn just about anywhere, including the workplace. If you have a corporate job and want to try a look that feels more appropriate for the office, consider this bun braid style. To get the look, part your hair down the center, and create a Dutch braid on each side then tuck the ends into a bun and secure with hairpins. Use a hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairsprayto set your chic braided updo style in place.

chunky inside out French braid on black hair
Who needs statement accessories when you’ve got this braided look.

2. Chunky Inside Out Braid

In the mood for something that’s… different? Make a bold statement with this super chunky style. Nailing the look all depends on your pancaking technique. After creating your Dutch braid, gently tug the outer parts of your braid to spread it apart. You don’t want to pull roughly as this may cause your braid to unravel. Slow and steady wins the race here! Once you’ve got the look you’re after, go back in with a few hairpins to lock your look in place.

messy inside out braid on blonde hair
Turn your bed-head look into this chic hairstyle. Photo credit:

3. Messy Inside Out Braid

Good news: Those mornings when you can’t pull yourself together (including your hair) is about to get a lot easier with this braided hairstyle. Turn your bed-head look into a chic updo in minutes. Before styling, soak up any excess oil with a dry shampoo, like TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo, massage your roots to work the product in then create your braid. To finalize the look, pull out some hair at the top to enhance the messy effect and seal your ends with a hair elastic.


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