100 Years of Holiday Hair: Super Pretty 1960s-Inspired Beehive Hairstyles with Dulce Candy

Get that iconic bump with a totally sexy twist.


We have a serious love affair with the 1960s, and you can’t really blame us: ‘60s hairstyles were so iconic, they even spawned a Broadway musical! It comes as no surprise therefore that our 100 Days of Holiday Hair series should have a valentine to beehive hairstyles, one of the decade’s most definitive looks.

Reimagined for 2016 by, quite fittingly, the super-charming beauty vlogger Dulce Candy, we again see why beehive hair remains an industry fave. Flattering, hyperfeminine and surprisingly easier to achieve than its predecessor, the modern beehive gives you an instant dose of girly-glam for the holidays. Watch the video as well as read on below for a quick step-by-step to master beehive hairstyles:

Tutorial: Modern Beehive Hairstyles by Dulce Candy


Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

Beehive hairstyles are all about va-va-volume. Washing hair can remove it of any heavy buildup and sebum that might weigh down your lift. We like the moisture our strands get from Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo and Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Conditioner.




Apply a leave-in product.

A leave-in foam, like Nexxus New York Salon Care Hydra-Light Leave-In Conditioning Foam, helps give hair that much-needed shot of moisture and protection for pre-styling, all via a super airy, lightweight formula.


Blow-dry your hair and part.

Blowdry hair till 90% dry, and use the end of a rat-tail comb to create a crisp side part.




Section off your fringe.

Section off your front hairline (or your fringe), to separate it from the rest of your hair.


Clip fringe up and out of the way.

Using a duckbill or darby clip, clamp your front fringe area out of the way for now.


Start teasing your crown section.

Working in increments, pick up a section from your crown area just behind your fringe and start backcombing from end to root with a teasing brush.



Tease all sections.

Go across your head to the other side, being careful to tease all sections to (relatively) the same height.


Smoothen out your bump.

Taking a flat, wide brush, gently smooth down your new bump, going from the root to mid-length.


Remove your front clip.

Unclip and gently comb through the fringe area.


Straighten out any kinks with an iron.

The best beehive hairstyles have a completely flat hairline before the bump. Remove any and all kinks near your parting and your hairline by flat-ironing your front sections, but being careful to retain a slight curl at the ends.


Create a half-updo and pin it back.

Using your fingers or the end of a rat-tail comb, section your hair into a half-updo and pin your hair back just below the bump. Dulce Candy cautions against pulling too tight, else you deflate your baby beehive!


Finish with hairspray.

The Sixties never scrimped on hairspray, and neither should you! It’s the best product to help keep all that volume in place, while taming down any halo frizz and flyaways too. We love the non-crunchy yet firm hold we get from TRESemmé TRES Two Extreme Hold Hairspray.


Put on a sparkly accessory.

Take on some tinsel with a party-worthy headband. Nestled perfectly at the crease of your bump, it’s a dainty touch that adds some holiday sparkle and pulls your entire look together.



Put on a pretty shift dress, and you’re ready to go-go!

Now you’ve learned how to create beehive hairstyles from the 1960s for your next holiday party! Give this look a go and be sure to show off your party hairstyle using the hashtag #100YEARSxHOLIDAYHAIR. Be sure to check out our next video for a 1970s half up, half down hairstyle with Paige Joanna.