How to Do a French Twist Updo in 6 Easy Steps

Rock the night away with this vintage updo.

Blonde woman with a French twist updo


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Searching for how to do a French twist updo? We have got you covered. We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday fête season, which means it’s time to pull out all of your trendy and stylish hairstyles to match your glitzy holiday outfits. This season, we have a feeling vintage hairstyles are going to make a huge comeback. So, we’re teaching you how to do a French twist updo in case you may have a festive event on your agenda that calls for this classic look.

Whether you have a Parisian-inspired Christmas dinner that calls for this hairstyle or a vintage-themed holiday party to attend, here’s how you can create this timeless updo at home.

How to Do a French Twist


Part and Tease.

Start off with dry hair and part as desired. Use a bit of Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo to refresh your strands and get the volume going. 

Then take your comb and begin teasing sections of hair, focussing on the hair that will eventually form the twist.

Blonde woman combing her hair


Once you’ve fully backcombed your hair, gently brush it to one side – being careful not to undo your teasing – and secure at the end with a hair elastic.

Blonde woman tying her hair in a low side ponytail

Use Chopsticks.

Take a pair of chopsticks or two pencils/pens (or anything similarly shaped) and place one on either side of your ponytail. This will aid in creating a neat twist. 

Blonde woman using chopsticks to put her hair into a French twist updo


Holding the chopsticks firmly, start rolling your ponytail up and to the side, making sure to keep the hair pulled tight for a neat twist.

Now with the chopsticks in the center of the twist, secure it in place with bobby pins. Use as many as you need.

Blonde woman with a French twist updo with chopsticks in, adding bobby pins

Pull Out Chopsticks.

Now your twist is suitably secure, very gently pull out the chopsticks.

You can now perfect the look by further securing any loose bits of hair, or pull out some tendrils from the front of your ‘do to frame the face.

Blonde woman with a French twist updo

Use Hairspray.

For the finishing touch set your look in place using the Bed Head by Tigi Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

With a non-sticky and fast-drying formula, this will ensure your chic updo lasts all day! And don’t worry, it brushes out easily, too.

Et voila! Your fancy French twist updo is complete and you’re now ready to take on any formal occasion.

Blonde woman with a French twist updo

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