7 Stunning Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Strike that sweet spot between formal and unfussy. 

Dressing up for a winter wedding can be complicated. It’s the perennial problem of wanting to stay warm but dress cute, and the same goes for winter wedding hairstyles. Relaxed updos can feel too breezy and summery for a winter celebration, but a complete updo (one that leaves our ears and necks bare, yet be too bulky to hide under a hoodie) is just too fussy to sport in cold weather. We think the key to perfect winter wedding hairstyles is the ease of wear with your warm winter coat, while still looking chic in your party attire. Read on to see our favorite winter wedding hairstyles.

7 Winter Wedding Hairstyles To Try This Season

A dutch braid is the perfect way to show off color and dimension in your hair. Photo credit: Ashley Hambly
A chubby Dutch braid is the perfect way to show off color and dimension in your hair. Photo credit: Ashley Hambly

1. Dutch Braid

If you are planning on boogie-ing on the dance floor all night, you’ll want to try wearing your hair in a braided updo. With a Dutch crown braid, not only will you look fabulous for the wedding, your hair will be out of the way while you dance as well. You can follow our tutorial to get recreate this crown braid. Tip: Get the most volume out of your braids by loosening them up (“pancaking”) as you go. When you are done, be sure to set your style with Bed Head By TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray to keep your hair intact while you wow them with your electric slide.

winter wedding hairstyles twisted half updo
Twists are simple, yet look like you put in more effort than you actually did!

2. Twisted Half-Updo

For an elegant look you can do in about 10 minutes, try a twisted half updo. We have a full tutorial for creating this half-updo hairstyle. We love this look because you can create a gorgeous hairdo whether your hair is pin straight, naturally curly or with a little bit of a wavy texture in. For extra interest to this look, try adding a glitzy clip.

winter wedding hairstyles box braids
A half-updo is an ideal way to style box braids for a low-key wedding.

3. Half-Up Top Knot

Who needs a fascinator when you can wear a half-up top knot? This style is a little casual, so it’s best suited for a low-key wedding or for whipping up your hair during the reception. All you need to create this look (aside from box braids, of course) is a hair tie and some bobby pins. Just section off the top of your hair and wrap it into a chic knot with a couple of coils.

winter wedding hairstyles braided updo
A braided updo is the epitome of boho chic.

4. Double-Braided Headband

For an extra fancy braided headband, double up on the braids. You can get maximum impact out of this look by creating thin braids, then tugging them apart till they pancake and take up twice as much space. You can pair these braids with a chignon, or wear your hair down curled.

winter wedding hairstyles long straight brown hair
A super-shiny look is super luxe for the holidays.

5. Straight with Body

For a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, try a sleek but voluminous look. Start this style while your hair is wet by applying Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse to your roots. Spread the mousse from your roots down to create an evenly lifted look. Create a side part, then blowdry till hair is 90 percent dry. After drying your hair, lightly flat iron where needed to get a sleek finish.

winter wedding hairstyles big waves
Long, luxurious waves are always a crowd-pleaser.

6. Big Waves

Creating big but defined waves is one of our favorite winter wedding hairstyles. The look is great on its own, but can also be used as a starting point for other wedding hairdos as well. For the biggest waves possible, use a large-barrel curling wand (around 2″). Divide the hair into smaller sections and twirl each around the barrell only for a few seconds. This way, you’ll get defined waves instead of big curls. Keep the structure of your waves in place with some gel, like TRESemmé Make Waves Shaping Gel Cream.

winter wedding hairstyles short curly hair
Curly bobs are always appropriate at a formal event.

7. Springy Curls

Gorgeous bouncy curls can be worn on short and long hair alike. Short hair may be tricky to get around a curling iron (heat-protecting gloves always help), but it’s definitely doable. For tight bouncy curls, use a curling iron in between 1/2″ to 1″ for longer hair. Separate the curls with your fingers for the best and pieciest results.

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