8 Awesome Party Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Allison | 30 November 2016

Party on with some of our favorite hairstyle ideas.

Fall and winter are our favorite time of year to get our party on! With so many holiday parties, friendly get-togethers, and special occasions, we just love figuring out new ways to style our hair. If you have chin-length or shoulder-length hair, there are so many party hairstyles for medium hair out there that can offer you a modern way to update your hair as you create a style that’s chic and fashionable. From braided hairstyles to fun updos, read on to check out eight of our favorite party hairstyles for medium hair.

Top 8 Party Hairstyles For Medium Hair

party hairstyles medium hair braided top knot

1. Triple Braided Hairstyle

This triple braided look is a fantastic party look since it can work on hair that is chin length or longer. We suggest you start with freshly washed and dried hair, but this can also be a great sneaky way to hide oily roots. To get this look you will need to section off the top of your hair into three equal sections. One section at a time, dutch braid it backwards and tie all three ends into a top knot.

party hairstyles for medium hair how to make your hair wavy blonde waves
Glossy curls give you a modern take on this vintage vixen look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Glossy Vintage Curls

We love these vintage Old Hollywood waves as we head into winter. To achieve this style, we recommend using a large barrel curling iron, or really take it old school with some hot rollers. To make sure your style is super shiny and frizz free, use some of the Bed Head By TIGI Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream.

party hairstyles for medium hair curly braided updo bun hair

3. Curly Braided Updo

Party hairstyles for medium hair like this fun braided updo work great with naturally curly and naturally straight hair. You’ll need to start off by braiding a section at the front of your hair, and securing it with a tiny hair tie. Using the rest of your hair, make a top knot, and wrap the braid around. Keep this style in place by setting with some of the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Hairspray.

party hairstyles for medium hair headband
A chic headband is a great way to style your medium-length hair. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Vintage Messy Bun

A baby beehive mixed with a messy bun and a bold headband? We’re in love with this party hairstyle. Start by teasing the hair at top of the back of your head. This will give your baby beehive volume. Brush the rest of your hair backwards and secure into a low pony. Tease the ponytail for volume and pin into a bun. Top off this look with your favorite headband.

party hairstyles for medium hair snake braided bun tutorial

5. Snake Braided Bun

This cool snake braided bun may look complicated, but it’s actually just a series of simple three-strand braids. To get this look you will wrap your braids around each other, and you can follow this snake braid tutorial for the full how-to. Be sure to have lots of bobby pins and hairspray on hand!

party hairstyles for medium hair waves
Barely there waves look best on lobs. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Barely-There Waves

We don’t know if there were ever a hairstyle that took less work. To achieve these barely there waves you’ll need to brush out your hair so there are no tangles, and part down the middle. Then just take one inch sections on a warm curling wand and leave the hair on the wand for about half as long as you would normally. This gives the very gentle wave look in no time flat. Add extra texture with some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

party hairstyles for medium hair braiding hair halo braid
Fit for queens, angels and sassy divas of all kinds.

7. Crown Braid

Crown braids are always great since they keep your hair off your face and neck while making your hair look super elegant. Start by parting your hair down the center and making two low pigtails. Braid the two pigtails and wrap them around your head, pinning as you go. Wherever the braids end, just tuck the tail under the other braid. Pretty simple for such a gorgeous look.

party hairstyles for medium hair space buns dark middle part

8. Space Buns

Space buns are one of our favorite hair trends that has resurfaced this year. Relive your ’90s for party hairstyles for medium hair by creating a center part and fastening two even buns just above your ears.

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