7 Last-Minute Hair Ideas for Naturally Curly Hair

Quick and easy styles for any event. 

For those with naturally curly hair, intricate updos are totally gorgeous, but they do take time. So, instead we’ve got to show you our favorite super speedy hairstyles for naturally curly hair. All of these styles work well on freshly washed and dried hair, and even second day hair. These styles are all about taking your naturally gorgeous hair and amping it up in just a couple of minutes.

Read on to check out some of our favorite styles for naturally curly hair:

naturally curly hair bold part
Go for a bold middle part on your curly hair. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

1. Bold Center Part

This is one of those two second styles that we absolutely love. Changing up your part gives you a whole new look in quite literally seconds. Try this straight middle part for a super symmetrical look that can easily take you from the office to cocktails.

naturally curly hair top knot
Rock a defined top knot for your look.

2. Curly Top Knot

We love the look of naturally curly hair in a big top knot. This style is a cinch to do. Prep your hair with extra moisture while you define your ringlets with Bed Head By TIGI On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream. Then, create a bun right on the top of your head. You can loosen up little pieces to stick out for a fun look.

naturally curly hair pinned back hair
Let your hair be free and away from your face with this simple style.

3. Pinned Back Pieces

If you get bored by wearing your hair just loose but don’t have a lot of time to style, try pinning back a few pieces. Just grab a small section of hair from the front of your hairline and pin back. The higher up you pin the hair the more modern the look. If you opt to pin right behind your ear you’ll get a super cute 1950s hairstyle.

naturally curly hair ponytail
A ponytail will always look chic and out together on curly hair.

4. Quick and Easy Ponytail

We know you know how to create a ponytail. We love this style because high ponytails have a fun bouncy look on naturally curly hair. Low ponytails are great too, they tend to work better if you’ll be wearing a hat. Add extra style to your ponytail by using a glitzy clip to cover your hair tie, or cover it with a small section of hair. You’ll be ready in minutes and you don’t need to deal with hair getting in your face.

naturally curly hair volume
Rock your natural volume with a chic headband. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Voluminous All Over

We love volume on those with curly hair. To create even bigger curls, tease naturally curly hair by backcombing. Top it off with a headband and set your style with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 so that your curls don’t fall flat.

naturally curly hair vintage chic
Have fun with your texture by trying out a vintage hairstyle. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Rockabilly Roll

This rolled style looks complex but it’s really quite easy! For some inspiration, check out our tutorial for victory rolls. To create a rockabilly roll, you just do one victory roll in the center (instead of one on either side of your part). After creating the roll, loosen it up a little bit so the roll falls slightly over your forehead. And that’s it!

naturally curly hair deep side part
Show off your curls by trying out a fun deep side part.

7. Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a great way to show off your super defined curls. All you need to do is part your hair as far over on one side as you can. Then just sweep the hair on the shorter side over the opposite shoulder. It gives off an asymmetrical look that’s also super easy to create!