Style It On: Prom Updos for Medium Hair with Nikki Phillippi

Get ready for that big-night selfie as you rock this updo for medium hair.

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Prom is right around the corner, and for all of those stumped for new and creative looks to try for your big night, your favorite vlogger series Style It On is here to the rescue. For this installment, the bubbly Nikki Phillippi shows us how to update regular updos for medium hair by adding on some hair extensions. They’re a handy add-on to have especially during prom season, as not all of us necessarily have the length required for more intricate, formal hairstyles. Read on to check out this spiced-up take on updos for medium hair with this curled and twisted variation:

Tutorial: Hair Extensions on Updos for Medium Hair


Start on clean, freshly washed hair.

Nikki knows the value of a good base, and hair is no exception. She washed her hair with Nexxus New York Salon Care City Shield Shampoo and Nexxus New York Salon Care City Shield Conditioner, a system that protects hair from humidity (crucial for all those outdoor pre-prom selfies with your BFFs!) and, as she says, “smells amazing.” Rinse well and carefully towel-dry.

updos for medium hair start on clean hair

Apply a pre-styling spray.

Protect hair from heat damage (split ends, breakage) while also priming it for styling with a styling agent, like TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-styling Spray. Spritz onto your lengths and brush out as necessary.


section off your updos for medium hair

Section off the top half of your hair.

Clamp up the top section of your hair, and split the remainder into manageable sections.

section off your updos for medium hair

Curl your hair using a curling wand.

Nikki curled random pieces of hair around her curling wand in “a couple of different ways” (as in, different directions) for a more natural-looking overall look. Continue till all the sections on the bottom of your hair are curled.

curl your updos for medium hair

Clip on some hair extensions.

Take the longest strip of hair extensions onto the base of your half-ponytail, and curl them around your wand (Tip: Extensions sometimes take longer to curl than natural hair, so assess as you go along.). Let down more hair from your clip, clip on some extensions on top of this new row of hair, then curl. For hair that’s usually a bit curl-resistant, Nikki suggests holding freshly curled hair to cool in your hand, as this allows the curl to really set. Repeat on your entire head, or till you get your desired fullness.

section off your updos for medium hair

Section off the top half of your hair again.

Clip up hair, then pull sections of hair on each side and bring them in front of your shoulders. Next, tie the rest of your hair up in a ponytail using a neutral-colored hair tie. Unclip your top section.

section off your updos for medium hair


Smooth the unclipped hair back with a brush, then gently tease or backcomb hair from ends to roots to create a bit of volume. Tie that section back into a second ponytail right above your bottom pony. Scrunch it forward slightly to pouf it up a bit.

section off your updos for medium hair

Twist the side sections.

Using the sections in front of your shoulders, take one side to the back and twist it across your top ponytail, securing it with pins. Repeat with your other side.

twist side sections of your updos for medium hair

Finish with hairspray.

“The last step is super important for prom,” Nikki states, “and that is hairspray!” She spritzed on Dove Strengh & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, for flexible hold that lasts and also to prevent flyaways and frizz.


section off your updos for medium hair


You’re all set for your photo ops!

updos for medium hair final

Loved this fun updo for medium-length hair? Be sure to check out our previous Style It On tutorials for even more hair inspiration. Show us your finished product by tagging us using the hashtag #StyleItOn on Instagram and Twitter!

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