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7 Edgy Shoulder Length Hairstyle Ideas to Try ASAP

Getting a little edgy never hurt anyone.

When it comes to shoulder length hairstyle ideas, options can seem pretty endless as they range from the lob to the classic clean look. Recently, we have been seeing a ton of edgy shoulder length hairstyle ideas that have included a mix of choppy layers, color, a stacked cut and more. Ready to make the cut? Read on to check out some of our favorite edgy shoulder length hairstyle ideas that you’ve got to try this winter.

Rev Up Your Edgy Look with These Shoulder Length Hairstyle Ideas

medium length hairstyle
Add a pop of color to your edgy medium length crop. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. Color-Blocked Hair

Push your hair to the max with this super edgy and extra colorful look. Whether you want to stick to one color or embrace the chocolate mauve trend, adding color to your locks can be the ultimate edge factor that you’ve been craving. If you want to take it up a notch higher, emboss an eye-catching undercut that’s doused in color; every time you tie your hair up your little masterpiece will steal the stage.

medium length hairstyle white lob
A one-length stacked lob looks super cool. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Stacked Lob

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s super chic and fashionable without sacrificing a touch of edge, this is your go-to. What’s great about stacked cuts is that you can play with the length, whether you want to keep it shorter or down to your shoulders, the trick is to ensure that the back is perfectly aligned through stacked layers that will create a slightly rounded look.

medium length hairstyle choppy hair
A choppy cut is a fun carefree medium length cut. Photo credit:

4. Choppy Crop

When you crop your locks bluntly at your shoulders, you create a geometric otherworldly look that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. This modern layered haircut looks super cool as you embrace multiple hair lengths that can be coupled with some airy bangs.

medium length hairstyle curly
A touch of ombre really makes curly hair pop.

5. Ombre Curls

Adding a touch of ombre highlights to your curly locks has the ability to lighten the vibe of your hair while adding some edge. In as little as a few lightened sections, your hair will go from classic to somewhat mysterious. It will leave people wondering how you got your color-bending locks, or who made them possible.

shoulder length hairstyle asymmetrical bob
An asymmetrical bob slims down fleshy cheeks, especially when rendered with waves or curls.

6. Asymmetrical

If you’re bored of living in a world that assumes ideal beauty is all about symmetry, opt for this cut and show society oh how very wrong they may be. This show-stopping medium length hairstyle has a tendency to turn heads with its characteristically longer side swaying with every step. Whether you want to pair it with natural waves, super sleek strands or bouncy curls, adding an asymmetric element has a way of cranking up the heat of even the trendiest hairstyles.To really bring your asymmetric cut to life, be sure to use some of the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Souffle Mousse; it will add all-day style and lift to your hair from the roots to the tips.

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