Bangs Guide: 37 Hairstyles Plus the Best Types of Bangs for Your Face

Everything you need to know about bangs.

No matter if your hair length is long or short, bangs allow you to change up your style and make a statement without having to go for the full chop. Whether you opt for a full, straight-across bang or go for something cut off the side, it’s hard to deny that these styles bring undeniable sex appeal to any look. But like any new hairstyle, you’ll want to do your research to know what bang hairstyle to get to best suit your lifestyle, face type, and even level of commitment (alas, this is part of the bang lifestyle!). To help you out, we’ve included tons of bang inspiration, tips for cutting bangs, types of bangs, bangs for your face type, and even transitional looks to try when you want to grow out your hair bangs.

Types of Hairstyles with Bangs to Try in 2023

Ready to make the cut? Read on for everything you need to know about the beloved fringe:

1. Full Fringe Bangs

Full fringe bangs are one of the sexiest fresh bang hairstyles
Full fringe bangs appear polished and chic. Photo credit:

We love nothing more than eyelash-sweeping fall fringes. Long hairstyles with bangs give you so many options: you can wear them down and straight or turn them into side bangs or curtain bangs with a brush. Let your bangs grow out more than usual, and see how many ways you can style them.

2. Side Fringe Bang

Side bangs are one of the most gorgeous fresh bang hairstyles
Choppy short hairstyles with bangs below the eye look edgy. Photo credit:

If full bangs require too much commitment, fringed bangs that are swept off to one side is a lighter second choice. While this looks stunning on longer lengths, side bangs that are cut, blunt and choppy look equally amazing on shorter hairstyles. To pump up your pixie, lob, or bob, ask your stylist for a  fringed bang that falls just below the eye.

3. Micro Bangs

baby bangs
Baby bangs are going strong! Photo by Mike Von

As far as fall fringes go, we love micro bangs because they show off gorgeous features! These bangs best suit oval-shaped or long faces, as they bisect a high forehead. Micro bangs also look extra cute in fall and winter with a beanie hat. To keep your long, short or medium-length hairstyles with bangs at just the right micro length, baby bangs may need to be trimmed more often, so be ready to log in the upkeep (or just use hair extensions if you’re not up for the commitment!).

4. Curly Shag Bangs

Curly medium hairstyles with bangs are so cute.

Having curly hair doesn’t mean you need to straighten your bangs every day! We love the look of curly bangs matched with a modern shag haircut. These types of bangs show off your natural hair texture in a chic, effortless way. To make sure your curly bangs stay soft and manageable, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo to keep your curls from being weighted down.

5. Flicked Side Fringe Bangs

Flicked side bangs are one of the more practical fresh bang hairstyles
Flicked side bangs pump up all your hair looks. Photo credit:

Fringed side bangs also perk up ponytails, buns, and updos, so if you have side bangs, don’t be afraid to flick them off to the side for a playful vibe. To achieve those flirty flicks, use a molding paste to mold your bangs into place.

6. Curtain Fringe Bangs

Curtain fringe bangs are one of the most timeless fresh bang hairstyles
Curtain fringe bangs never go out of style! Photo credit:

Dramatic curtain fringe bangs give hair a French girl appeal that’s completely timeless. This vintage style usually looks better on longer lengths: It looks elegant and well-balanced on hair just below the shoulder or longer. And while it never hurts to wear this style wavy, we’ll admit this is one look straighter textures have to try.

7. Layered Baby Bangs

Layered bangs are one of the most versatile fresh bang hairstyles
Use gel to play up your layered bang look.

Shaggy layered bangs can also look trendy, especially when they are worn on medium lengths. Feel free to wear this style straight and polished, but also be encouraged to use some gel to create an edgy bang style.

8. Texturized Bangs

red wavy hair with bangs
A dramatic hairstyle is perfect for a night on Broadway or at the opera. Photo credit:

What better night to style your hair in the most dramatic way than when taking in a show? When it comes to big-night hairstyles, bangs, especially an airy fringe with lots of movement and texture, are fit for a night at the opera. To give your hair a touch of body, use TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray throughout the mid-lengths to ends of your hair. Pair your look with a formal gown, and you’re good to go.

9. Wispy Updo with Bangs

wispy updo with bangs
Edgy hairstyles with bangs can be transformed into a girly look. Photo credit:

What’s a normally rock-chic girl to do when she has to attend a super girly, elegant wedding? Embrace a look that still stays true to her, that’s what! Complement your edgy personality with a set of wispy bangs. To get the super-defined, piecey effect, use TRESemmé One Step Styler Sleek Cream to create a separated and textured look with a matte finish.

10. Flipped Blunt Fringe

blunt flipped bangs
Use blunt bangs to your advantage: Make a statement with your look with minimal effort. Photo credit:

Whether attending with a date or hosting your own event, tap into your artsy personality by wearing a bold fringe to an art opening. Opt for a more undone finish with a slightly reversed bend at the ends of your hair.

11. See-Through Bangs

see-through bangs
Wear them open or closed. See-through bangs offer you the ability to switch up your style. Photo credit:

What makes these bangs so versatile? You can wear them opened or closed. To get a fringe like this, ask your stylist for a light fringe that’s long enough to be split down the center and worn with a middle part. When the weather gets hot, and you want some air in your hair, use your fingers to separate your bangs to create this wispy effect.

12. Side-Swept Bangs with Long Hair

side swept bangs
Update your look with the season with an easy-to-style side-swept fringe. Photo by Muhd Asyraaf

If you’re a gal that loves a side part but also wants to try your hand at a fresh fringe with little change to your length, side-swept bangs might be the look for you. This style can be paired with a long, flowing style, or you can pull it up into a chic topknot when you’re out and about on the weekends.

13. Curly Bangs

kinky bangs
Freestyle your bangs for the warmer seasons. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

For women with naturally curly and wavy hair, the warmer months call for embracing their natural texture (less fuss straightening and more time out having fun!). In terms of versatility with this style, you can switch up the look by playing with different curl or wave options: One day, you may want a tight curl or wave, and one day you may opt for a looser version. For a tighter curl, use some gel, like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gelto style your hair but skip the stretching method. Smooth the product throughout your hair and allow your curls to dry naturally.

14. Bangs Extension

fake bangs
Now you see it; now you don’t! Fake bangs are a super easy and stylish option for the warmer seasons. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

When all else fails, a temporary fix always comes to the rescue. This is especially great if you’re not sure about getting bangs for the warmer months. For this look, opt for a clip-on or a fake bang if you really want a truly versatile ’do. When you’re in the mood for hair with bangs, clip ’em on, and try your hand at our easy faux bang tutorial.

15. Blunt Fringe

blunt fringe bangs
Blunt bob hairstyles with bangs. Photo credit:

For an ultra-sleek look, try stick-straight, blunt bangs. These cute bangs require a precise cut, so see your favorite salon for a trim. When you style bangs this straight, you’ll need the help of a good flat iron for a truly flawless look. And since all that heat concentrated on your bangs is a literal hotbed for damage, make sure you protect your hair with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before styling.

16. Medium Fringe Bangs

medium fringe bangs
A medium fringe gives your cut a grungey vibe. Photo credit:

Fringed short bangs were one of the biggest styles on the runways this year, as they gave bobs and pixie cuts some extra depth and definition. Ask your stylist to cut your bangs into a fringed and layered style to get the look. This helps frame the face and gives your overall look a rocker-chic vibe. Styling these bangs is fairly easy, but if you want to style them straight, using a good styling product that stands tall against humidity and flyways is always recommended. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Serum helps keep frizz at bay.

17. Long Side Bang

long side bangs
A long, sweeping side bang is great for straight hair. Photo credit:

Great for straighter hair types, a long, sweeping side bang can help give your hair a more free-flowing, tousled effect. Ask your stylist to keep your layers long, wispy, and off to the side to get that bohemian vibe. To style, simply use a great straightening cream on clean and damp hair to give your fringe a bit of structure.

18. Graphic Bowlcut Bangs

graphic bowlcut bangs
A graphic bang helps enhance a trendy bowl cut. Photo credit:

Like a micro fringe, bowl-cut bangs are definitely on-trend. You’ll want your bangs to sit above the brow to get this look. This helps your shorter layers pop in the back.

19. Wispy and Loose

wispy and loose bangs
Leave some long tendrils out for a romantic look. Photo credit:

Maybe you want bangs but don’t want the full short chop. In this situation, go for extra long side bangs. You can leave your long layers straight for a sleek look or curl them for a more romantic effect when paired with a chic updo.

20. French Braid with Bangs

french braid with bangs
The braid and bang combo will never go out of style. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

We love how edgy this braid-and-bang combo works on rooty blonde hair. A simple braided style may not seem directional, but paired with some cool side-swept bangs, the style goes from sweet to downright exciting. Increase the contrast of this look by braiding your hair as tightly as possible.

21. Side Bangs and Turban

side bangs with turban
A chic accessory is always a fun way to accentuate your bangs.

Bangs look super cute when paired with a headband. Try out a fun turban-style headband for a bold look that transitions from season to season.

22. Razored Bangs

razored bangs
Razored bangs have a sexy retro feel. Photo credit:

Hair that’s a bit laid-back and tousled is our new favorite style. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to try Model Off Duty hair and pair it with razored bangs. This look, which was big in the 1970s, can be achieved by cutting the center shorter than the temples using a razor.

23. Side Bangs with Long Hair

side bangs on long hair
A dramatic side bang with an equally dramatic hair flip. Photo credit:

Long hair and bangs are a pretty cool combo and are one that you can take up a notch. Using curling iron to flip your hair upwards creates this dramatic swoop.

24. Side Bangs on Medium Hair

More power to the lob with a side bang! Photo credit:

Lob power forever, right? If you want to mix up this beloved style without going for a big chop, the side bang might be perfect for you. We love how this look accentuates your features while still remaining on-trend.

25. Blown-Out

subtle side bangs
Sometimes a subtle side bang is all you need. Photo credit:

Maybe there are some days when you want bangs and others when you could do without them. Enter the subtle blown-out fringe, a best-of-both-worlds option that allows you to mix up your style as needed. We suggest starting out with a full bang and then shifting it to the side every now and again.

How to Trim Your Bangs

Trimming your own bangs can be a bit intimidating. Follow this guide for the best possible outcome:

1. Find some inspiration.

One of the most important steps in this process is finding the right inspiration. Choosing a realistic model with a similar bone structure and hair type is key in finding a look that is guaranteed to suit you. We’ve scattered a few inspirational photos throughout this article to give you a head start!

2. Get the right tools.

You’ll need a couple of tools on hand before you begin. First is a pair of hair-cutting shears, which are smaller, thinner, and sharper than your average pair of scissors at home. Use these scissors when you trim so you don’t accidentally cut off more than you would have hoped (RIP, 1st-grade yearbook picture!) You’ll also need a comb, your normal bang styling tools (like a blowdryer or hair straightener), and a hair tie if you have long hair.

3. Before you cut:

Employ your best friends and run the idea by them. While everyone’s taste is different, your friends will ensure that you don’t remember 2017 as the year of the bad bangs! Believe us; we’ve been there.

Once you’ve found an inspiration photo that matches your hair type and texture, it’s time to start cutting. While we always suggest leaving all hair cutting and dyeing to the pros, it’s possible to score the look you want at home. We would strongly emphasize that less is more when it comes to cutting your hair, and we urge you to remember that you can always cut more if needed.

4. Create your sections; do not wet your hair.

Use your fine-toothed comb to detangle and section a thin layer of hair at your hairline, measuring about two to three inches wide. You’ll also need the rest of your hair out of the way, so for longer-haired gals, tie all the rest of your hair back with a hair tie or pin back any hair you don’t want to cut. Do NOT wet your hair before cutting, as hair shrinks when it’s dry, and you might end up with a length shorter than intended.

5. Time to cut!

Hold your fingers in a mock scissor shape at a diagonal angle an inch or two lower than where you think you want your bangs to fall (again, this bears repeating, they will shrink when completely dry). Cut just below your fingers. To take away the blunt edge you’ll be left with, hold the scissors vertically and cut into the bottom of your bangs. This will leave you with a soft feathered edge.

6. Style your new fringe.

Shake out your hair (it’s the best part of getting new bangs) and get to styling! Prep with a thermal protector, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, then blow-dry them into your preferred style (we personally like a slightly tousled look, so maybe rough-dry hair with your hands instead of a round brush).

7. Dry shampoo is your friend.

Bangs tend to get oilier than the rest of your hair since they’re sitting on your face all day. You might also be touching them more than you do the rest of your hair. A dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo, is ideal to have on hand so you can refresh your scalp and sop up any excess grease that can be weighing down your fringe.

6. Maintain your trim.

While everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, it’s much more noticeable when bangs start to grow out than it is with the rest of your hair (as in, they’ll literally be in front of your eyes). You’ll probably find that you need to trim them every three to four weeks.

Full Bangs to Side-Swept Bangs: How to Make the Transition

1. Let them grow.

going from full bangs to side bangs
These bangs? Not quite ready to cut.

If you have bangs that rest above your eyebrows, let them grow until they touch your brows, at least. Having long bangs can give you a little more wiggle room to both style your hair and correct the shape. If you’ve been rocking the micro bangs look, give them a month or so to grow.

2. Change your part.

Before doing any crafty cutting, play around with the shape of your bangs by shifting them to the side. If you have a center part, it will look much smoother (and your cowlick will lay flatter) if you choose a side part to wear with side-swept bangs. Depending on your haircut, changing parts may make your ends off-kilter. In that case, head over to your local hair salon for an angled trim. This will enable your new bangs to take shape while you get rid of any dead ends.

3. Trim your fringe.

We know what you’re thinking: what is the point of trimming full bangs if the goal is to grow them out? Trust us; a few little snips will help you get the perfect side-swept look you crave. Starting with the hair nearest your part, cut it ever so slightly shorter. Angle downwards towards the rest of your hair. The goal is to have the other end of your part line longer, so you can tuck this behind your ear if desired.

4. Go in the right direction.

To style your once-full bangs into a side-swept look, you’ll need some help from your awesome blowdryer. Since your bangs are used to going straight down (and not to the side), you’ll need to direct them by blow-drying your hair at an angle and in the direction you’d like your bangs to lie.

5. Have hair products on hand.

When blow-drying your bangs, you’ll need to have a few hair care products on hand. One of our must-haves is a heat protectant. Another handy tool for your bangs is a round brush that can help you get a full, rounded look. You’ll also need to have some dry shampoo to help refresh those second-day bangs so they don’t get stringy!

Fringes for Every Face Type

This is a breakdown of fringes by face shapes, specifically heart-shaped, square, oval, triangle, inverted triangle, long, and round. Out of all of these face shapes, people with oval faces can pull off any type of bangs. If you have an oval face and are indecisive about which fringe to get, think about the facial feature you’d want to highlight (or downplay), and go from there.

26. Side-Swept Bangs

side swept bangs blonde hair
Soften up strong lines with a side-swept fringe. Photo credit:

For: square, heart, oval, inverted triangle
Why: Side-swept bangs to soften the angles and corners, especially those with a square face or an inverted triangle shape. On heart-shaped faces, side-swept bangs with an angled cut on each side remove some of the widths around your cheek area and soften up your angles.

27. Straight/Blunt Bangs

blunt cut bangs
Rock a sleek look with a blunt-cut bob. Photo by Salha Frija

For: oval, round, heart, long
Why: Blunt bangs add length to your face. For face types that are round or heart-shaped, your cheek area tends to be the fuller part of your face, and you want to add length to this area and not width. To take away from your full cheeks, a one-length fringe that’s cut straight across gives the illusion of a lengthened face. Add horizontal lines to a long face with a full fringe, as this will also disguise a high forehead.

28. Textured Bangs

textured bangs
Girls love curls. Photo credit:

For: round, oval, triangle
Why: Especially on curly and wavy hair, textured bangs give your fringe movement. If you have straight hair, the choppy detail on this fringe helps highlight your eyes. We recommend creating a slight angle to your bangs to also highlight your cheekbones, which, in rounder faces, helps it blend in with your hair length. On triangle faces, you can use these stylish bangs to hide certain features of your face; for many, it’s the width of their foreheads.

29. Eye Grazing Bangs

long brown straight hair
Opt for eye-grazing bangs. Photo credit:

For: square, oval
Why: Eye-grazing bangs are stylish with their long length—but make sure you can see!—and they add softness to the face. Get a fringe just below the brow. On square face shapes, add an off-center part to your hair to eliminate any hard lines. With this style, unless you’re going for a blunt cut, add an angle to the ends so that the bangs can gradually blend into your existing hair length. This makes it look less harsh, especially for square faces with broad foreheads as the longer layers of the bang at the sides soften out the face and conceal the hairline. For oval face shapes, this technique is a great opportunity to draw attention to your eyes.

What’s the Right Bang Length for Me?

Learn how to figure out the right bang length for you:

30. Dense and Long

thick long bangs
A full, fashion-forward bang worn with curls is up your alley. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

This look is all about the attention that is going to get drawn to your face. This is a great look to try if you have a long forehead. Bonus: if you don’t love them after a month (or 2 seconds after opting for the chop), they are the easiest fringe to grow out of.

31. Above the Eyebrows

bang length above the eyebrows
An elementary school look is fresh and quirky. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

For those willing to take risks, opt for a haircut that goes right above your eyebrows. Reminiscent of a schoolgirl hairstyle, make sure to get your fringe cut by a professional, or you’ll likely end up with a jagged-looking bang.

32. Natural and Wispy

natural and wispy bangs
High ponies are a great foil for airy bangs. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Maybe you want a bang length that’s a low commitment? Then this look is for you. This easy, breezy fringe is all about loose, wispy layers that accentuate your face. Bored of them? Simply place them back with some bobby pins for a whole new look (and you) for the day.

Styles to Try While Growing Out Bangs

Here are 5 styles to consider while growing out your bangs:

33. French Twist Updo

Wrap your bangs into a curled twist when you’re growing them out.

Do you have a formal occasion coming up and need to tuck away your bangs? Try out this elegant French twist updo that combines a vintage hair idea with a modern edge. To get your bangs to stick in this rolled style, make sure to have plenty of small bobby pins and some hairspray. Set your style with this hairspray to ensure that no little pieces of your bangs pop out.

34. Half Twists

growing bangs twisted hair
A half twist is a cool way to push your bangs back. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Try out these chic half twists for a different twist on a twisted style. To create this style, simply twist the front section of your hair backward, starting with your bangs. Pin close to your ears for a low-key look. The higher you pin the twisted section (and the more voluminous it is), the more vintage this style will look.

35. Topknot

growing bangs top knot hair
Bring your hair (and bangs) up in a chic top knot as they grow out.

When you’ve been growing bangs out for a while you’ll finally get to the cheekbone grazing length. Now you’ll be able to get your bangs to fit into a modern topknot! We love wearing topknot hairstyles on second or third-day hair. Use Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo to refresh your day-old bangs. Then, pull your hair into a bun right on top of your head. Use some bobby pins for any flyaways.

36. Braided Half-Updo

growing bangs braids
A modern braided style is a fun way to conceal your bangs.

Try this braided half-up variation if your bangs aren’t quite at knot length yet. This is perfect for when you start growing bangs longer and want them out of the way. The braids will hold the tiny hairs in place, so you won’t have any issues with flyaways. Create this style by making three evenly spaced parts in the middle of your head, then braid them back until you reach the crown of your head. When you complete the braids, wrap the ends into a bun, and no one will be the wiser that you even have bangs!

37. Braid Back

growing bangs braided hairstyle
Add some braids to your hair when you’re growing out your bangs. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

For the easiest way to tuck away bangs, try this braided-back hairstyle. Start the braid as low as you can and get your bangs to reach to help you create a chic half-up hairstyle.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these styles? Be sure to tag us with the results @AllThingsHairUS!

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