Enhance Your Medium Hairstyles with Stylish Accessories

Serena Norr | 19 May 2016

Chic accessories you’ve got to try.

Medium hair is often seen as the in-between hair type. Maybe you’re growing out a short haircut or you might you’re deciding to keep your hair as is? Other people just love this hair length where they can enjoy a relatively low-maintenance hairstyle while still having some length. We adore medium length hair and think it’s a super versatile hair type where you can experiment with the latest updos, braids, and more. You can also play with your texture by testing out curls and ringlets. Another option for some easy hairstyling with your medium hair is to have fun with accessories. From hats to headbands to clips, there are so many fun ways to showcase your awesome lob, layered ‘do, blunt cut and more. For some instant inspiration and ideas, check out some of our favorite accessories to help you effortlessly hold onto your medium hairstyles:

Accessory Ideas for Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles low pony
An easy way to style your medium length hair is with a ponytail!

1. Opt for a low pony

Thick-haired gals sometimes have issues with finding ponytails that hold their locks in place. Be sure to look for ponytails and hair ties that are metal free elastic for no-damage hold. Or even go retro with a fluffy scrunchie!

prom hairstyles baby beehive
Enhance your look with a simple headband.

2. Go for a headband

To maintain your awesome curlicues, why not try a headband! Not only can you switch them up based on your preference and occasion, they work really well to stabilize the hair in the front where you let your hair dangle loose or hold it together in a chic updo (above). Another option is to use a barrette or some big clips that can work to hold your hair.

medium hairstyles bobby pins on wavy hair
Use some bobby pins to hold your wavy hair.

3. Use pins

If your hair is wavy, try a simple bobby pin to keep your bouncy hair. This classic hair pin allows your wavy hair to get out of your face as it holds it in place all day long. Other favorites for wavy hair are thick barrettes, headbands and head scarves. 

Accessories blonde hair
Gorgeous floral headbands are a fun way to enhance your look. Photo credit: Indigital

4. Flower headbands

Those with straight medium hair have the most flexibility in terms of their ability to alter the composition of their hair. Going from straight to curl is fun, we also love the ability to change this up with accessories. Generally, this style has a good ability to hold a look where we love to use straight crease pony tails, a floral headband, a turban headband or fashionable clips. 

Medium Hairstyles blue hair hat
Cover up your medium length hair with a cool hat.

5. Put a Hat on It

No matter what your hair texture is, hats are always a good idea! From sun hats to beanies to the much-needed winter hat, you can showcase your face as you let your medium length hair hand loose. Plus, it covers up those #badhairdays.

What are some of your favorite accessories for your medium-length hair?