13 Flattering Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Miriam Herst | 16 July 2018

How to make any hairstyle work for your unique face shape.

Trying to find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape can be a little bit tricky at times. There are some classic styles that are said to be off-limits for certain face shapes and some that are known as go-to and always flattering options. When it comes to the ideal hairstyles for oblong faces in particular stylists generally suggest shorter styles that won’t weigh your face down. Longer styles can sometimes drag out your features for a less than appealing result. But in our opinion, there are some long hairstyles for oblong faces that you can easily make work for you.

We’ve created a collection of styles that will flatter your unique face shape. This list includes a range of lengths and textures and we’re sure you’ll find something you love here:

13 Flattering Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

hairstyles for oblong faces tousled ponytail
Pull your hair back into a tousled ponytail.

1. Tousled Ponytail

This style is ideal for second or third day hair. You can revive curls that aren’t quite fresh enough to wear down by pulling them back into a low tousled ponytail. The loose look will soften your face and features for a super flattering and chic look.

hairstyles for oblong faces textured ponytails
Play up your texture.

2. Textured Ponytail

On those mornings when you’re crunched for time you can put all your energy into your makeup and throw your natural hair back into a textured ponytail. The result has an off-duty model vibe and flatters your face shape in just the same way as the tousled ponytail above.

hairstyles for oblong faces straight beachy
Pair your straight strands with beachy texture.

3. Straight and Beachy

Looking for easy styles for oblong faces? Add some texture to your straight strands for a ‘spent the day at the beach’ windblown look. Top it off with a trendy hat to pull the look together.

hairstyles for oblong faces sleek straight
The right hair products will give your straight hair a sleek shine.

4. Sleek and Straight

One of the most popular hairstyles for oblong faces is the bone straight style. Take your straight hair to the next level by running a dime-sized amount of Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream through your hair. This product will add shine and softness without weighing your hair down.

hairstyles for oblong faces silky straight with body
Add some body to your straight hair.

5. Add Some Movement

Add some body and movement to your straight hair by blow drying it with your head upside down. That’s right! Flip your head over as you blow dry to add major volume and body to your straight hair.

hairstyles for oblong faces side part straight
Change the entire structure of your face with a deep side part.

6. Deep Side Part

Pull out one of the oldest tricks in the book when you’re ready for a hairstyle change but aren’t quite ready to commit a ton of time and effort to the cause. Switch your hair to a deep side part for a change of perspective.

hairstyles for oblong faces side part slicked down red
Use just a touch of hair gel to slick your hair down.

7. Slicked Down

Use a strong-hold gel, like Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to comb your hair down for a sleek and slicked down look.

hairstyles for oblong faces messy long curls
Learn how to create the easiest messy curls.

8. Messy Curls

These messy curls are one of the easiest trendy styles out there right now. Once you get the hang of your curling iron you’ll be able to create this look in ten minutes or less. Simply curl your way around your head with a 1-inch curling iron, let the curls cool, and run your fingers through them. Finish off with a mist of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray to hold your look in place.

hairstyles for oblong faces chic low ponytail
Frame your face in a chic low ponytail.

9. Chic Low Ponytail

Tease the hair at your crown and gather all of your hair into a low chic ponytail. Keep it low and loose for the ultimate classy look.

hairstyles for oblong faces brunette slight ombre
Lighten up your ends.

10. Slight Ombré

This is a prime example of finding a way to make a longer style work for an oblong face shape. By lightening up your ends you add some dimension to an otherwise weighty haircut.

hairstyles for oblong faces blunt medium length
Opt for a blunt cut.

11. Blunt Cut

Top a medium length blunt cut with a fedora for an on-trend, cute and flattering style.

hairstyles for oblong faces blown out
The at-home blowout will change your life.

12. Blown Out

Mastering the art of the at-home blowout will be one of the best hair-related decisions you make this year. When the salon is completely full, and you have only a short amount of time to spare, you’ll be able to count on the always impressive sleek blowout.

hairstyles for oblong faces blonde layered
Use your flat iron to define your layers.

13. Defined Layers

Don’t let your layers get lost in the length of your hair. Use a hair straightener to define your ends, make them stand out, and keep the eye from focusing too much at the bottom of your style.