Best Hairstyle for Face Shape: 7 Days of Styles that Flatter Absolutely Everyone

A flattering hairstyle for every single day of the week.

The best hairstyle for face shape generally varies based on your particular bone structure and features. Depending on what face shape category you fall into, there will definitely be some styles that look more flattering than the rest. It can be a little bit tricky to determine which face shape category best suits you though, and sometimes it’s easier to just find styles that are universally flattering. We’ve rounded up a week’s worth of styles that flatter absolutely everyone so you can ensure that your look works for you. Intrigued? Read on for 7 days of flattering hairstyles that will truly be the best hairstyle for face shape, no matter what it may be:

7 Best Hairstyle for Face Shape Ideas

best hairstyle for face shape brunette deep side part
It’s a thing, we promise.

1. Sunday: The Universally Flattering Side Part

If your search history includes “best hairstyle for my face” then you’ll be pleased to learn this tried-and-true trick that hairstylists all over employ time and again. The deep side part is a universally flattering line on every single face shape as it simultaneously softens up your style and creates the illusion of slightly sharper bone structure. Think about it: The side part avoids the harshness that often comes with a center part, while still creating an angular line near your face to sharpen up the rest of your features too.

best hairstyle for face shape brushed curls
These messy curls will stay put all day long.

2. Monday: Brushed Curls

If you’re in search for the best haircuts for face shape as well as the best styles for you, then consider a long, layered look. To achieve the style pictured above, simply curl your hair with a 1-inch curling iron and brush through your curls before you finish the look with hairspray. When you’ve achieved the ideal messy point in your styling, simply spritz your hair with a strong-hold hairspray like Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

best hairstyle for face shape half top knot
Get in on the trend that’s taking the hair world by storm.

3. Tuesday: The Half Top Knot

One of the easiest ways to ensure a style flatters every face shape is by keeping some of your hair down around your face. The ever-trendy half top knot is one of the best ways to do this, as it keeps some of your hair up off of your face while still leaving a few flattering, face-framing layers down on your shoulders.

best hairstyle for face shape loose low ponytail
Wear your ponytail low and loose.

4. Wednesday: Low + Loose Ponytail

Give a classic ponytail a bit of an upgrade by pulling a few pieces loose around your face.

best hairstyle for face shape teased roots
Add some volume at your roots to make any style more flattering.

5. Thursday: Tease Your Roots

Another easy and quick tip to make any style more flattering is to add some volume at the roots. Use a classic backcomb technique to tease your roots to add a touch a volume and dimension.

best hairstyle for face shape piece-y updo
Consider this red carpet favorite for your next night out.

6. Friday: Pieceyy Updo

This red carpet-worthy style is ideal for a night out. Think of it as an updated and more modern French twist, and make sure to pull a full loose tendrils out in front for an extra touch of romance.

best hairstyle for face shape three strand classic braid
Lean back on an always-flattering classic.

7. Saturday: Classic Three-Strand Braid

Give your hair a good wash and a fresh start for the new week by cleansing and conditioning with Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Conditioner. This duo will refresh your hair and prep your strands for the new week. Once your hair has air-dried, pull it back into a classic three-strand braid for a laid-back weekend look.

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