Bangs for Round Face Ideas: Fashionable Fringes to Suit Your Frame

Alyssa François | 01 January 2019

Cause round faces deserve fringe benefits, too!

When it comes to beauty, it’s sometimes okay to shake up old rules. While many like to stick to the guidelines when it comes to the hairstyles that flatter their face shapes, we feel that you shouldn’t have to limit yourself. If there’s a look that you like and really want to try out, go for it! Sometimes one person’s experience with the look may not be the same experience for you. Case in point: If you want to check out some bangs for round face shapes to spiff up your signature look for a new season, you have plenty of options available to help nail down the fringe that works best for you.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite standout bang styles that can work really well on round face shapes. Read on:

Bangs for Round Faces: Fashionable Looks for Your Face Shape

bangs for round face sideswept bangs
Swoop your fringe over.

1. Side-Swept Bangs for Round Face Shape

Swooping your bangs to the side creates an angled effect. This is ideal if you don’t want your bangs to draw more attention to your face shape. Mist your bangs with a light spray of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2 to keep your bangs at the perfect angle all day long.

ruffled bangs for round face shape
Texture is key!

2. Ruffled Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Rough dry your hair to create this layered and textured look. You can also use some pomade to help define your layers. Just a touch of Bed Head by TIGI Up Front Rocking Gel Pomade goes a long way!

piecey bangs for round face
Split up the look. Photo credit:

3. Piecey Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Create a few parts within your fringe to create lines of symmetry.

micro bangs for round face shape
Teeny-tiny fringe style.

4. Micro Bangs

Instead of taking the attention away from your face shape, maybe you want bangs that help define it? Try this micro bang style for a bit of that edgy definition.

parted bangs for round face shape
Off-center bangs are a hit!

5. Parted Bangs for Round Face Shape

Create an off-center hair part within your bangs to draw attention away from your rounded shape.

piecey micro bangs for round face shapes
The barely-there look. Photo credit:

6. Piecey Micro Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Looking for a set of bangs to slightly frame your face? Go for this piecey micro bang look.

layered hair with bangs for a round face shape
Mix up the look. Photo credit Allyson Alapont

7. Layered Hair with Bangs

Have a multi-length haircut and looking for the right bangs to match? You can’t go wrong with a simple fringe for your face shape.

gelled bangs for round face shapes
Hairstyle fresh off the runway. Photo credit:

8. Gelled Bangs

Gelled hairstyles are hot at the moment. Create this swooped effect on your round face with a sculpting gel, like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel.




extra long bangs round face
Grown out bangs are chic. Photo credit:

9. Extra Long Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Whether your bangs are growing out, or you have them long on purpose, this look works for your unique face shape.

bangs for round face shape: braided bangs
Trendy and cool. Photo credit:

10. Braided Bangs

If you’re after something on the trendy side, opt for braided bangs. Try a chunky braid for a more trendy approach.

bangs for round face shape: bowl cut bangs
Bowl Cut Bangs

11. Bowl Cut Bangs

Many women with round face shapes tend to stay away from short haircuts. We love how this bowl cut and bangs look suits your face frame without overwhelming your face shape.

bangs for round face shape: eyelid bangs
Not too long, not too short.

12. Eyelid Length Bangs

If you’re looking for the right length that suits your round face, opt for an eyelid-length fringe.

bangs for round face shape: blonde highlights
Lighten up your color with blonde highlights.

13. Blonde Highlight Bangs

Update your bangs with bright blonde highlights.

blunt bangs for round face shape
Baby pink makes the look more fun and girly. Photo credit:

14. Blunt Pink Fringe

A sharp set of bangs offsets the rounded shape of your face and adds dimension.

airy bangs for round face shape
Perfect bang option for fine hair types. Photo credit:

15. Airy Bangs

This is one of our favorite looks for fine hair on a rounded face! The airy look adds texture while also giving thinner hair a fuller look.

bangs for round faces: classic bangs
You can’t go wrong with this fringe. Photo credit: Dvora

16. Classic Bangs for Round Face Shapes

If this is your first time trying bangs with your round face shape, stick to the basics. Go for the classic look to keep things simple and sweet.

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