33 Flattering Haircuts and Hairstyles for Round Faces

A fun roundup of the best hairstyles for round face shapes.

The shape of our face can determine several factors, including which hairstyles are most flattering. If you’ve ever wondered why some haircuts look better on some people rather than others, chances are the shape of their face plays a major part in that. Some believe they call pull off any style (and they probably can!) but not everyone will look the same rocking the same hairdo. But quite frankly that’s the beauty of it all. Because everyone has unique facial features, some hairstyles, and haircuts are better sitting than others.  

Don’t get us wrong though, we’re all for breaking the rules, and doing anything you want with your hair no matter your face shape—after all, it’s fun to try out new things with your hair! But for those who want to stick to the guidelines, we have some hairstyles those with round faces might want to try out. We’ve rounded up everything from inspo and small tips and tricks such as layers, side fringe, or wispy ends that make them work.

33 Amazing Haircuts and Hairstyles for Round Faces

Below, we’re sharing some of the best round face hairstyles and haircuts that you can easily rock on all hair types:

1. Cropped Haircuts for Round Faces 

haircuts for round faces cropped cuts
Lengthen your face frame with a long bob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

You have permission to try out the lob haircut that you’ve been eyeing for some time. When it comes to round face haircuts, the goal is to have a length that falls below the chin. This helps to remove the heaviness from the sides of your face. Anything that hits you right at or above your chin can make your face appear fuller and fleshier. Keep this haircut neat and trimmed to avoid the awkward in-between phase. We recommend a haircut or a slight dusting of the ends every two to four weeks in order to maintain this look.

2. Long Layers with Highlights

haircuts for round faces with layers
Make your layers pop with highlights.

Layers, layers, and even more layers. Long layered hairstyles for a round face help taper down your full cheeks. Try a more feathered version of layers where the hair falls forward to slim down your face. Give your layers a tousled effect to add some sense of texture and movement.

3. Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe
Photo courtesy of indigitalimages.com

Looking for a fun haircut? Try a lob haircut with a side part or a long hairstyle with a diagonal part with a front fringe swept to the side. The side-swept fringe slims down the fullness of your spherical face shape and helps it to appear longer as opposed to wider. We love how this hairstyle can be dressed up or dressed down. Pull the back of your hair up and twist it into a bun for an elegant updo for special events.

4. Tapered Haircut

haircuts for round faces tapered cuts
Try a tapered cut to put your face shape at the front and center. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Modern hairstyles for round faces give your hair a sharper look. Adding wispy and tapered effects to the ends of your hair, like in this tapered afro, helps take away the roundness of your face shape. As opposed to one-length haircuts, tapered ends don’t widen your face and with the fullness of your cheek area, this may be the last thing you need from a hairstyle. This can be done on a long, layered hairstyle or a shorter version that reaches below your chin.

5. Messy Bangs on Short Pixie

haircuts for round faces messy pixie
One of the sexiest hairstyles for round faces is the pixie. A super short crop accentuates the face frame and adds length. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Almost everyone likes short crops, but not all face shapes can pull it off effortlessly. You want something that adds dimension. But if you are into super short hairstyles for round faces, go for it. To achieve this haircut and make it work for your face shape, opt for layers cut around the frame of your rounded face.

6. Super Short Bangs on a Pixie Cut

short bangs haircuts for round faces
Hairstyles for a round face shape with piecey bangs break up roundness in the forehead area. Photo credit: Dvora

Round faces are usually as wide as they are long, meaning their symmetrical shape lets them get away with an uneven cut. Ask for longer layers on the top of your pixie so you can have some length to play with, such as going for a cute, retro side-swept style. Piecey bangs highlight the cheekbones too, giving some definition to the cheek area.

7. Asymmetrical or Stacked Bob

haircuts for round faces stacked bob
An uneven bob (shown here in a trendy tetra-fish rendition) is quirky and interesting. Photo credit: Dvora

A haircut with razored ends and one that isn’t evenly cut throughout is one of the best hairstyles for round faces as they break up the overall shape of your head. Reinforce a delicate jaw area with a haircut that has a choppy texture at the chin or cheeks. A shape that also lengthens from the nape down to the front layers gives some angles to your face.

8. Wavy Middle Part

haircuts for round faces middle part
Universally flattering, waves cut through fleshier faces, giving the illusion of contour. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Ladies with a fleshier countenance seem to be intimidated by anything that isn’t styled at an angle. However, middle-parted hair is actually one of the most flattering hairstyles for round faces. The effect is youthful and fresh, especially when created with swingy, shoulder-length waves.

9. Volumized Lob

haircuts for round faces lob
Razored lobs balance out rounder jaws. Photo credit: Dvora

Don’t be afraid to add more bounce to your modern lob, as long as its volume grazes closer to the chin and jawline. Having more weight in this area balances out any chubbiness in your cheeks. Classy yet versatile, wear neat and blown-out for the daytime and mussed-up at the ends for a sexier, more undone feel after hours. Pro tip: A dollop of texturizer shimmied throughout your mane will help give that downtown feel.

10. Low Ponytail

haircuts for round faces ponytail
Keep the ends kinda-sorta rough for a tougher feel.

Round faces look exceptionally fetching in super-sleek, side-parted ponytails; they don’t have to worry about exposing or emphasizing any harsh angles at the jawline or sides of the face. This sophisticated hairdo also gives a sexy contrast to its sweeter features. A low ponytail on medium-length hair—as well as its glamorous counterpart, the low chignon—is also a sultry styling option for evening, especially when paired with a bit of height at the crown.

11. Eye-Grazing Bangs on Long Hair

haircuts for round faces bangs lob
Blunt bangs, when done just right, give structure to a round face. Photo credit: Dvora

A long, eyelash-dusting fringe is one of the best kinds of bangs to ask for if you have a round face. The soft angles make the eye and cheekbone area the focal point of the look, with the rest of your long lengths slimming down the effect of fuller cheeks. Ask your stylist for slightly longer strands at the sides too for added contouring power. To keep your fringe refreshed midday, tote along a dry shampoo that helps sop up scalp sebum, like Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.

12. Long Bumpy Layers

long layers haircuts for round faces
Bumpy layers cut through the fleshiness on the sides of your face. Photo credit: Dvora

Long layers with body create even more movement than regular layered cuts. Pro tip: Have your stylist use some thinning shears for a delicately blended style, and style with a texturizing spray for a grittier feel.

13. Beach Waves

haircuts for round faces beach waves
Ed’s tip: A diffused hairline adds to the charm.

A head of loose, textured bends opens up the face while providing some contour on the sides. You’re not just working with a heavy one-length curtain of hair, which is key to giving a round face some definition. Waves that start from mid-shaft cut the eye line and can create a flirty, more flattering update to this look.

14. Short Shag

haircuts for round faces shag
A bang on a shag helps slim down a round face shape. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Choppy textured hairstyles for a round face like this one complement your features. The feathered look of this style steps away from your everyday groomed vibe, giving your haircut a stylish and edgy spin that not many other facial shapes can pull off. Ask your stylist for layers, which can add volume and movement to this style. To style at home, use Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream on wet hair for texture, hold, and grip, then air-dry for a natural-looking finish.

15. The Blunt Lob

haircuts for round faces blunt lob
Sleek lob and bob are currently the top trending haircuts. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

The longer, trendy version of the traditional bob works wonders on a round face. The longer length towards the front helps add shape by tapering down your fleshy cheek area, making your face appear narrower.

16. Layered Short Bob

haircuts for round faces short bob
Got a prominent chin on your round face? Sharpen up the lines with an asymmetrical crop. Photo credit: Dvora

The layers in a stylish bob cut project a really strong finish. Added texture helps soften up the features of your face. If your face is round but you have a sharp chin, a layered short bob, and can easily downplay your jawline.

17. Tuck and Twist

haircuts for round faces twisted hair
Pull your short hair into a sweet halo updo to show off your face frame. Photo credit: Dvora

No matter your face shape, there are always going to be days that you want an easy and quick hairstyle! The trendy tuck-and-twist hairstyle is super simple to create and works well on almost all face types. It’s a neat and clean look and is also a great styling option for those hot summer days.

18. Deep Part with Braided Bangs

haircuts for round faces braided bangs
Braided bangs. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Whether on a bob, lob, or longer layered pixie, you can throw in a simple side braid. Opt for a more of-the-moment braid like a fishtail plait. The deep side part of this hairstyle creates a good angle to balance your rounded face and highlights features like your eyes and cheekbones. All you need is a bobby pin to secure that stylish braid into your short hairstyle.

19. Super Curly Pixie

haircuts for round faces curly pixie
Short hairstyles for a round face with curls are a great way to allow your features to stand out.

Check out this gorgeous curly hairstyle! It elegantly complements a youthful profile with its flattering silhouette. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this style may come as second nature for you. Allow your curls to show off their unique shape with this ’do. And fret not, straight-haired girls: You can try this look out with the help of some curling tongs. Simply prep clean, dry hair with a heat protectant then curl hair in small sections. Once you’ve completed creating your curls separate to create volume.

20. Loosely Curled

haircuts for round faces loose curls
Loose curls are a chic way to define your lob.

Have a fun brunch to attend over the weekend? Why not enhance your look with some curls? We love how loose curls can both soften and define a round face. To achieve this look, use a larger barrel curling iron to create your awesome weekend curls. For looser curls, use larger sections of your hair and curl for a shorter length of time. This is great because it cuts the time it takes to curl hair. Finish your curls by combing through your hair with your fingers. You can add a side part for a more angular look.

21. Curly Deep Side Part

haircuts for round faces curled under
A deep-side part with waves is a chic way to define a round face. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Romantic weekend dates deserve a romantic hairstyle like this deep side part. The angle of your hair swooping across your forehead makes this one of the chicest hairstyles for a round face.

22. Accent Braid

haircuts for round faces braid
A cool braided style can add depth to your round face. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

An accent braid can amp up any plain hairstyle. All you need to do to create this style is to choose one side of your part and braid it back. If you are new to french braiding, check out our easy-to-follow French braid tutorial. End the braid near your ear for a chic modern look and then style it—with the rest of your hair—over your opposite shoulder.

23. Natural-Looking Waves

haircuts for round faces wavy bob
A wavy bob brings definition to your round face.

Natural-looking waves can be a bit harder to recreate than perfect curls. To get this natural-looking style we suggest using a good curling wand. The larger the section of hair you bend, the more natural-looking your waves will be. After creating the waves in your hair, apply TRESemmé One Step Volume 5-in-1 Volumizing Mist onto your hair to create a loose, piecey effect on your newly created waves.

24. Faux Bangs

haircuts for round faces fake bangs
Define the roundness of your face by trying out some fake bangs. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

We love hairstyles for a round face that includes bangs. If you don’t already have bangs, try fake bangs for a fun style without the commitment. To master this look, check out our full step-by-step tutorial to learn more about how you can create fake bangs on your own hair.

25. Pretzel Bun

haircuts for round faces bun
Try out a fuller hairstyle with a fun pretzel bun. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

For an elegant weekend look, try out bun hairstyles for a round face. All you have to do is twist two sections of your hair before wrapping them into a bun. It’s super quick and easy! Follow our pretzel bun tutorial for step-by-step guidance to help you master this look.

26. Pin Straight

pin straight haircuts for round faces
Your flat iron will be your new BFF.

You can never go wrong with pin-straight hair at any length! The reason we love this look on pixie cuts is that it makes the style so sleek without looking too done up. To achieve straight hair at the pixie length, you’ll need to make sure you have a skinny mini flat iron. Bigger than one inch, and you’ll have one heck of a time trying to straighten your locks.

27. Slicked-Down

haircuts for round faces sleek pixie
A sleek way to rock a pixie.

Of course, you can always go for the slicked-down look for special occasions! We love how nonchalant this style looks. To make this style flattering for round faces, make sure you give yourself a deep side part! Then, after you’ve parted your hair, apply some hair gel. This will allow you to hold the slicked style in place.

28. Artfully Wavy

haircuts for round faces wavy pixie
The perfectly wavy ‘do. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a more gamine way to style your short hair, go for perfected waves. This style is done in seconds if you have wavy hair! All you need to do is make sure you define your waves. For the rest of us, you’ll need to use wax to hold those waves in place. Mold your waves into place and head out to the beach you little mermaid you!

29. Over-Directed Bangs

haircuts for round faces over directed bangs
The secretly beachy look.

Another way to style your bangs is to go for the swooping look of over-directed bangs. To be able to achieve this look you’ll need to have a longer pixie cut. The key to over-directing your bangs is to use the concentrator nozzle on your blowdryer. With the nozzle on, dry your bangs section away from your face, focusing the air on your roots. As soon as those roots are dry, focus on the ends of your hair drying forwards. This allows you to get that beachy swoop to your bangs.

30. The ’90s Spiked Pixie

haircuts for round faces spiky pixie
Have fun with texture with this look.

’90s hair is still a hot trend and we couldn’t have you miss out on it! To achieve the ultimate ’90s look on short hair, go for the perfectly spiked look. And yes, this totally works on long pixies, too. Just pinch together small sections of your hair using Bed Head by TIGI Stick. It’s a super hard wax that will help you get that piecey look.

31. Super Short Spiked-Out Pixie

haircuts for round faces spiked hair
A spiky look that puts your hair on the forefront. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If showcasing your round face and rocking an edgy look is your M.O., then this look is most definitely for you. Focus on getting shaved sides that go around your head with a concentration of some length on the top. Have fun with your length by creating defined your defined spikes.

32. Mushroom Crop

haircuts for round faces mushroom cut
A minimal hair look with a lot of styles. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If minimalism is your game, then this is a pixie cut you’ve got to try. With its overall shortness, this haircut for round faces showcases a rounded effect that can pair really well with your face shape. With some concentrated lengths towards the front, you can also play with the texture and your quasi-bangs.

33. Bleached Crop

haircuts for round faces bleached pixie
A short crop and bleached hair are totally chic.

Going for a short pixie is one thing, but adding a bold color takes this look up to a completely different level. We especially love this pairing with darker skin tones. Blonde is more versatile than you think!

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