15 Ways to Wear Side Bangs in 2022

Take your hair to the side with this chic option for your bangs.

Sitting at home while your bangs grow out without a hairstylist’s insight can be a bummer. One of your solutions is to go with the flow and transition into side bangs. Get ready to take out the scissors and take matters into your own hands. This style change can be a major game-changer, helping you rock a new hairstyle without having to do all that much (#lazygirlsdream). Or, maybe you already have full bangs and want to make the transition to take things to the side. That’s cool, too!

How to Cut Your Own Side Bangs

In our comprehensive guide to everything side bangs, we are covering how to cut them, how to transition from full to side bang styles and we feature an inspiring gallery to get you motivated to rock this look. Read on:

1. Find inspiration.

take your hair to the side with side bangs
Side bangs are super versatile for all hair types.

One of the most important steps in this process is finding the right inspiration. Choosing a realistic model that has both a similar bone structure and hair type as you is key in finding a look that is guaranteed to suit you. We’ve scattered a few inspiration photos throughout this article to give you a headstart but check out this article for more tips on how to style your side bangs and for some more inspiration.

2. Before you cut…

Once you’ve found an inspiration photo that matches your hair type and texture, it’s time to start cutting. While we always suggest leaving all hair cutting and dyeing to the pros, it is possible to score the look you want at home. We would strongly emphasize that less is more when it comes to cutting your hair and we urge you to remember that you can always cut more but you can’t magically grow your hair. (Sigh, if only.)

3. Time to cut!

Section off a thin layer of hair at your hairline that measures about two-three inches. Hold your fingers in a mock scissor shape at a diagonal angle an inch or two lower than where you think you want your bangs to fall. Cut just below your fingers. To take away the blunt edge you’ll be left with, hold the scissors vertically and cut into the bottom of your bangs. This will leave you with a soft feathered edge.

4. Take care of your bangs.

Bangs tend to get a little bit more oily than the rest of your hair as they’re sitting on your face all day and you may be touching them more than you touch the rest of your strands. Find a dry shampoo, like Dove Between Washes Clarifying Dry Shampoo, to refresh your hair.

5. Maintain!

While everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, it’s much more noticeable when side bangs start to grow out than it is with the rest of your hair. You’ll probably find that you need to trim them every two to three weeks.

Growing out full bangs isn’t always easy. Hair tends to grow at a rate of half an inch per month. So, depending on how long your hair is (and if you want all of your hair the same length) it could take some time to completely grow out full bangs! As far as we’re concerned, after you get past jaw-length bangs, you’ll be open up to more hairstyling ideas from ponytails to face-framing layers. Until you get there, you can go from full bangs into cool side bangs in just a few easy steps. Read on to learn more about how to transition your full bangs into stylish side bangs.

Full Bangs to Side Bangs: Making the Transition

1. Let your bangs grow.

going from full bangs to side bangs
These bangs? Not quite ready to cut.

If you have bangs that rest above your eyebrows, let them grow until they get to the length of your eyebrows, at least. Having long bangs can give you a little more wiggle room to both styles your hair and correct the shape to make side bangs. So, if you’ve been rocking the micro bangs look, give them a month (or so) to grow out, and then start with your full bangs to side bangs transition.

2. Change your parting.

First, before doing any crafty cutting, play around with the shape of your bangs a bit by shifting them to the side. If you have a center part, it will look much smoother if you choose a side part to wear with side bangs.

3. Trim your hair.

We know what you’re thinking: what is the point of trimming full bangs if the goal is to grow them out? Trust us, a few little snips will help you to get the perfect side bangs shape. Starting with the hair nearest your part, cut it ever so slightly shorter. Angle downwards towards the rest of your hair. The goal is to have the other end of your bangs (not on the side of your part) the longest.

4. Go in the right direction.

To style your once full bangs into side bangs, you’ll need some help from your blow-dryer. Since your bangs are used to going straight down (not to the side) you’ll need to direct them by blowdrying your hair on an angle and in the direction you’d like your bangs to lie.

5. Have products on hand.

When blowdrying your bangs you’ll need to have a few hair care products on hand. One of our must-haves is a heat protectant, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. This formula works to protect your hair from frying, while also making it shiny and soft. You’ll also need to have some more dry shampoo to help refresh those second-day bangs.

Inspiring Side Bangs to Try

Not sure how to show off your new side bangs? Find some inspiration below!

1. Side Bangs Short with a Pixie

side bangs on a pixie cut
Enhance your pixie with a side bang. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We love all of the variations that we’ve been seeing of the classic pixie. From spiky to a shaved undercut, there are tons of modern ways to rock this short cut. Another fun option is playing with some length by going for a side bang that covers your forehead. Place it on your preferred side and clip it back with some bobby pins if you want a fringe break.

2. Side Bangs with Long Hair

side bangs on long hair
A dramatic side bang with an equally dramatic hair flip. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Long hair and bangs are a pretty cool combo that you can take up a notch by flipping your side bang style. Use your curling iron to flip your hair upwards, creating this fierce yet dramatic style.

3. Side Bangs on Medium Hair

side bangs to try
Power to the lob with a side bang!

Lob power forever, right!? Well, if you want to mix up this beloved style without going for a big chop, the side bang might be perfect for you. We love how the side bang style can frame your face, accentuating your features, while you still maintain this cool-girl look. Give this style some texture and volume by spraying a little Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

4. Faux Side Bangs

side bangs in a half-up hairstyle
Side bangs can easily be incorporated into your hairstyling routine. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Or maybe you’re not ready to commit but want to test out the waters with a side bang. You can easily incorporate this into your look by brushing the top part of your hair and swooping it to the side. Pin it back into your half-updo or ponytail for a dip into the side bang life.

5. Subtle Side Bangs

subtle side bangs
Sometimes a subtle side bang is all you need. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Maybe there are some days when you want side bangs and others where you could do without them. Enter: subtle side bangs, a best-of-both-worlds option that allows you to mix up your style, as need be. We suggest starting out with a full bang where you can shift it to the side every now and again.

6. Deep Side Swept Bangs

side bangs on long hair
Side bang perfection.

If you want to achieve fringe that covers most of your forehead, but still has the side-swept look then this style is for you. Ask your stylist for side bangs that start with a very deep side part.

7. Curly Side Part and Fringe

girl with curly shoulder length hair and side bangs
Add more volume with bangs.

Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t show off the volume your strands naturally have. Opt for fringe that gradually blend into layers throughout your hair. This will give you the look of bangs without the commitment of keeping them perfectly trimmed.

8. Shoulder-Length Strands

girl with curled hair and side bangs
Side bangs are a great addition to any look.

Side bangs pair very well with a shoulder-length cut. To add interest, ask for longer layers throughout your hair. Finish off by curling your hair away and towards your face for a stylish look that isn’t too put together.

9. Short Curly Bob and Side Bangs

curly hair with side bangs
have fun with the natural texture of your hair.

Adding fringe like this to a bob can help make the look more playful. Plus, it’s a great way to show off the texture of your hair!

10. Curtain Bangs

girl with curtain bangs
Try a trendy look like curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are super trendy right now. Luckily if you get this type of fringe, they can easily be pushed to the side.

11. Ponytail with Side Swoop

girl with ponytail and side bangs
Add a side sweep to your updo.

Grab inspo from pop culture and opt for a high ponytail and side swoop look. The side sweep to this style makes the ponytail look elevated as opposed to an updo that is slicked straight back.

12. Blended Side Bangs

girl with curly dark hair and side bangs
Curly texture helps your side bangs blend into your style.

If you have curly hair, it’s so easy to blend your fringe into your overall look. This is useful because you can keep them out of your face when your hair is down, but when you wear your hair up, you can use them as face-framing pieces.

13. Pixie Cut with Fringe

girl with blonde pixie
A pixie cut and side bangs are a foolproof combo.

Channel a model-off-duty look with this textured pixie cut and fringe combination.

14. Angled Bob

girl with angled bob and side bangs
Side bangs compliment an angled look very well!

Opt for an angled bob? Pairing this haircut with side bangs can help emphasize the difference between the short back and longer front.

15. Natural Hair Fringe

gurl wit natural hair and side bangs
Side bangs are great on any hair type.

Getting bangs like this on natural hair is a great way to show off the volume your hair has. Plus, the parting that goes along with this type of fringe is very flattering on natural hair and afro hairstyles.

Whether you choose curly side bangs that blend into your hair or a dramatic side-swept look, there are many ways you can sport side fringe this season.

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