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How to Maintain Your New Blunt Bangs

We're getting straight to the point: They will elevate your summer look.

Hot weather be damned—blunt bangs are all the rage for summer. A fringe has always been the go-to update of choice for longer-haired gals looking to shake it up. And as for the biggest styles for this year, it’s been all about extremes: short (as in a micro fringe or baby bang), choppy (as seen in these piecey bangs iterations) or full-on blunt, a.k.a. our current fave.

how to maintain blunt bangs
Blunt bangs will definitely change how you look and how others see you, so be prepared for some head-turning! Photo credit:

Not only does a full, fat bang draw attention to your assets like the eyes and cheekbones, it also camouflages your flaws, such as a high forehead or knobby temples. Depending on how its sides are shaped, blunt bangs can also narrow down a wide facial silhouette. And for those looking for some good old-fashioned romance? Wearing it curtain-style, with the fringe parted in the middle, gives a soft, somewhat vintage touch to your overall look.

Thick, blunt bangs are pretty democratic; almost every facial shape, from round to heart to square to triangle, can be flattered by a full, pretty fringe. And because at All Things Hair, we’re of the belief that every gal should try a blunt bang at least once in her life, we discuss the best ways to keep ’em looking forever on-point. Read on and get banging:

How to Keep Your Blunt Bangs Looking Fresh

1. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly

Not only are bangs a shorter distance from your scalp’s sebum, they’re also almost like second skin: They’re literally on your forehead. This means they’re always in contact with your oils, and run the risk of going limp or stringy at some point. Washing with a volumizing and moisturizing system, like Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, can keep your bangs fresh and bouncy as you start your day—and even though these products are lightweight, they actually can add up to 95% more body and fullness to your strands. Hairflip!

2. Use dry shampoo

Nothing saves blunt bangs on the go quite as quickly and efficiently as dry shampoo. To wit: It refreshes the root and sops up excess moisture that can weigh your fringe down and dull it up, in like, 30 seconds. To use, hold it as far as 12 inches from your crown—your arms should form an L shape—and spray liberally, mussing it into the roots as thoroughly as possible. The effect is a renewed bounce and, most relevantly, a cleansed look and feel, which is basically the Holy Grail. We love the fullness we get from Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo.

3. Six is the magic number

No, it’s not the number of minutes it takes for your new look to sink in after your haircut (but more on that later). It’s actually the recommended number of weeks you’re usually supposed to wait between trims. Hair typically grows half an inch every four weeks, so the average, reasonable bang-wearer will see some slight, millimeter-long vision impairment at the six-week mark. Book your appointments accordingly.

4. Be specific with your look

Some love the slightly grown-out, French hot mess look (me included!); some prefer to keep it tight and military-precise. If you’re the latter, ask your stylist for a simple dusting of the ends during a trim, and make sure s/he does this while your hair is already dry to prevent any overestimation of the length—wet hair naturally shrinks as it dries out.

5. Taste the rainbow

Now that you’ve basically got a new face to work with, your styling possibilities are endless. Ponytails now look flirtier; half-updos are imbibed with a ’70s feel. Even your good ol’ chignon looks trés chic and tons more romantic. Bangs can change how certain hairstyle classics look on you, so make sure to revisit your favorites and see which ones fit your new aesthetic the best (hint: braids!). Stock up on blowdrying lotions, mousse and hair thickeners to maximize that sexy tuft of hair.


how to maintain blunt bangs flirty half updo
Half-updos are cooler and ooze tons more retro sex appeal with bangs.

6. But there will be an adjustment period, because you will not look like your old self

We’ve all been there: after that final snip and feeling like you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life, or cursing that one humid day a month where even the best dry shampoo doesn’t seem to cut it. But then a minute later you’re calming down and feeling yourself from every angle, actually remembering why you committed to that look in the first place—you needed a change, stat. And that’s exactly what blunt bangs are: They have a different way of framing your face to the world (and your mirror). And that, my friend, is exactly the point! Enjoy your new, improved look and the view from there!

Would you ever get blunt bangs?

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