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How to Style Bangs: Editors’ Hair Tips

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Just in case you’ve missed it: I got full bangs! And ever since they’ve become a part of my daily life to-do list. I’ve definitely learned how to manage a fringe for day to day and learned how to incorporate it into my regular looks without much fuss. Read on to see how to style bangs the right way, and who knows, you might just find this look works for you too!

How to Style Bangs 101

how to style bangs tips and advice
Bangs are an awesome hairstyle but require some daily maintenance. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

1. Daily Hair Care

As I said above, taking care of a fringe needs to be done on a daily basis so they look good! Because they sit on the forehead they’re in the lucky spot of soaking up any scalp sebum and forehead sebum. This is why bangs can look greasy so much faster than the rest of your hair. A lot of people recommend fully washing them every day, but I do not. I don’t want my bangs to look damaged and dry, so I stick to washing them with the rest of my hair every other day. To make up for it I’ve become something of a dry shampoo addict. Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo is a favorite since it works to refresh my hair and soak up any hair oils, allowing me to skip a wash (or two).

2. Styling Bangs

I’ve found that the best how to style my bangs is with a blow-dryer. I haven’t yet gotten the knack of using a flat iron on them and liking the results. In the morning if I’m not washing all of my hair, I’ll wet down my bangs until they are totally saturated. Then I squeeze out the excess so they are still wet but not dripping. I’ve found that if my hair gets even a little dry it doesn’t style as nicely. So if I’ve taken my time after washing my hair I’ll still sometimes need wet my bangs back down.
Before blow-drying my bangs, I use the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to make sure the heat doesn’t damage my hair. I’ve actually used this same heat protectant throughout high school and college, it’s my favorite one. To dry and style my fringe I blow-dry my hair, focusing on applying the heat from side-to-side. This allows them to dry straight while also giving them a slight curve.

3. Trimming Bangs

The one major inconvenience with getting a fringe is making sure that they get trimmed. I cut my bangs at home and kept them a little long. But after just a week or so, they had grown to be a bit too long and I had to trim them again. I found it to be more stressful to trim my bangs than it was to cut them in the first place! The best thing to keep in mind is to trim as little as possible so you don’t end up with bangs that are way too short for your look.

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