30 Strong, Sexy A-Line with Bangs Haircuts, As Inspired By Our Fave Screen Sirens

Find out which historical seductress is most like you in our a-line round-up.

What do seductresses, femmes fatale and compelling leading ladies have in common? Gumption, that’s what, and a unique and powerful brand of sex appeal that sets them apart from their peers. They don’t adhere to run-of-the-mill standards of beauty, and this is particularly obvious in their hairstyles, which seem to always be straightforwardly sexy without any of the distracting frills. Case in point: the A-line with bangs haircut, which is, we’re saying it now, miles above your average bob.

Picture your favorite film noir female protagonist (or that saucy Flapper), and you’ll get a picture of what we mean: The A-line with bangs look is a ~lewk~, what with a fringe that ensures all eyes are on her, and a silhouette that allows her to jut her chin out in defiance of society.

In reality, things need not be that dramatic to fall under the spectrum of this hairstyle. An A-line haircut simply pertains to the perimeter, or edge, of the hair, which is longer towards the front (yes, like the asymmetrical bob popular in the Noughties). That said, the length of your hair needn’t be short or in a bob style, by definition; there are a lot of lobs and longer-length hair that follow an A-line silhouette.

Still a bit confused? Scroll on below for a bunch of the sexiest (and most film star-worthy) A-line with bangs hairstyles we’ve found. Your inner screen siren might just thank you:

30 of the Sexiest A-Line with Bangs Haircuts, As Popularized by Your Fave Pop Culture Sex Symbols


They didn’t call her one of the greatest seductresses in history for nothing. We’re thinking her razor-sharp bob—as well as tons of kohl liner—had lots to do with this (that, and a knack for politics and appealing to the male ego). Emulate this famous A-line with bangs look with a slightly wedge-shaped chin-length bob with hair longest at the front, together with a blunt fringe and a neat, seal-like shine fit for a queen.

micro-fringed a-line with bangs look
Cleo would be proud of this immaculately styled wedge bob. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Micro-Fringed

Longer faces get balanced out with baby bangs and a length that’s slightly past the jawline. A tad vintagey, this look also has hints of a burlesque vibe.

round and blunt a-line with bangs haircut
Slightly uneven bangs give some visual interest.

2. Round and Blunt

A blunt, rounder bob infuses more personality into rounder faces by giving it a more defined silhouette. The longer front layers thin out any width.

soft and grungy a-line with bangs haircut
The then-popular haircut is having a renaissance. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Soft and Grungy

Put a bit of a low-key ’90s twist to things with hair that has a softer texture and a fringe that hits right at your brow (to better show off those thin arches, my dear).

platinum a-line with bangs haircut
A touch of shine serum helps bleached locks keep their integrity.

4. Platinum and Pretty

This is an equally striking look for blondes as well. Platinum shades, in particular, give this a high-impact look that’s also super feminine.

natural a-line with bangs haircut
Use a round brush when blow-drying to maximize this haircut’s shape.

5. Natural Ends

Razored ends are one of the hallmarks of a true A-line with bangs situation, but in this look, edges are more softly tapered to fall in a more natural line. Bangs are also kept longer and fuller.

wedge shaped a-line with bangs haircut
Middle-parted bangs update this historic haircut.

6. Wedge-Shaped

A triangular bob is a hallmark of a Cleopatra cut, and it can totally morph into a modern version with a few tweaks—such as softly stacked (barely noticeable, really) layers at the back, and a charming, middle-parted fringe.

helmet a-line with bangs haircut
Some shine hairspray ensures every strand stays in place.

7. Helmet

If you’re confident enough to rock a look that has every strand in place (or are just, you know, really Type A), then a helmet-like bob—with its immaculately lined bang and sleek shine—is just the thing.


The hairstylist-muse relationship hit a fever pitch in the 1960s when hair models and celebrity darlings shot to fame via one iconic, star-making haircut. The look du jour? A sharp, graphic, under-the-ear bob, with asymmetrical details and quirky touches. These waifish, charmingly androgynous girls had a wispy bang here, a sideburn there—seemingly lopsided, but all perfectly calibrated to appeal to the anti-glamazon, imperfection-is-sexy school of thought.

bowl cut a-line with bangs haircut
Not quite into a classic bowl cut yet? Toe the line with some flippy ends.

8. Quirky Bowl Cut

Cute and wholesome, this A-line with bangs haircut features a slight shag at the ends of the round bob to counteract the rigid fringe area.

window a-line with bangs haircut
Bangs that hit right on the eyeline give a dramatic touch.

9. The Window

A ramrod-straight bang paired with long, “curtainy” pieces along the sides of the face give this graphic bob a distinctive draped-window feel.

subtly asymmetric a-line with bangs haircut
Tuck the shorter side behind one ear to maximize the look.

10. Subtle Asymmetry

Got a good side? Put it on display then, with an asymmetrical concave bob. Everything from the fringe to the ends is layered and styled favoring one side over the other.

hair model a-line with bangs look
Blow-dry hair with a volumizing agent for a fuller look.

11. The Hair Model

Everything about this look—from the perfectly blown-out layers to the shellacked finish—is quintessentially 1960s.

flippy a-line with bangs haircut
Curl ends the opposite direction to flip them under your shorter layers.

12. Full and Luscious

Like a sexy bob on steroids, this perfectly layered version leaves some longer layers flipped at the end for a flirty touch.

wispy a-line with bangs cut
Create a side part for a more graphic feel. Photo credit: Dvora

13. Wispy

Put your waif-like features, which were so hot during that era, on display with a front-heavy bob with a fine fringe.

chunky a-line with bangs look
Tuck your bangs to the side and flip the extra length under, or part towards that side for added interest.

14. Chunky

This undeniably asymmetrical haircut, which features one side quite obviously longer than the other, shot to fame in recent years in East Asia due to its versatility. Those with hair ADHD appreciate the style-switcheroo that these longer layers offer: curled one day, tied up the next, etc.

dramatic a-line with bangs look
Hair that’s worn without a part is more striking and confident.

15. The Diva

Drama queen? Why yes, thanks! Those who love being in the center of attention can enjoy this limelight-friendly sharp hairstyle. Between the blunt fringe and the cropped length, there’s definitely nothing to hide behind here.


Stereotypically seductive, intensely long-suffering, and always, always drop-dead gorgeous, the femme fatale is a trope often used as a cinematic plot device to drive men wild. (Um, how’s that for a life purpose?) Usually positioned as a temptress whose sole mission in life (/rolleyes) is to drive the leading man into dangerous situations, this sexy anti-heroine is also well-known for her vampy, directional style. Read: a micro fringe, boudoir curls and lips the color of blood roses.

crimped a-line with bangs cut
Can’t you just see her as the leading lady in a teen soap opera? It’s the crimp, we tell you. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

16. Crimped and Wavy

A modern twist to the archetypal femme fatale look, a softly crimped version with side-swept bangs can take you from day to night in a flash.

rich girl a-line with bangs look
The lady is a vamp: We love the contrast of a harsh bang against romantic curls. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

17. Rich-Girl Bends

A pillow-soft texture matched with severe bangs gives a hard/soft contrast that’s devastatingly sexy.

blended a-line with bangs cut
A shoulder-length cut is one of the most versatile lengths you can play with.

18. Blended Bangs

Growing out your fringe? Adopt this subtly sexy lob, which seamlessly blends in an awkward-length bang and transitions it as a short side layer.

shaggy a-line with bangs cut
Remember the mullet? This is a slightly more wearable version. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

19. Rock Chic

A trendy mullet shape brings this A-line with bangs look into modern territories.

french shag a-line with bangs cut
A wispy, see-through bang is also key to nailing this look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

20. French Shag

What better than the source? The archetypal femme fatale has a smoldering je ne sais quoi about her, showcased to the fore in this totally French-girl, shaggy hairstyle.

punky a-line with bangs cut
If your ends seem a bit porous, seal with some serum. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

21. Punk and Matte

Wear this look front and center to your favorite concert, teamed with sooty eyeliner and take-no-prisoners leather pants and a harness. Studded dog collar optional, but encouraged.

curly a-line with bangs cut
Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your ringlets shiny and seduction-ready! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

22. Cherubic Curls

It’s most dangerous if you never see it coming—and a head-full of tight, angelic ringlets is definitely not what you’d expect from a cold-blooded heartbreaker.


Everyone knows and loves that perky All-American aesthetic: Athletic and unassuming, she’s all about looking warm, fit and accessible. Besotted with sun-streaked highlights, slightly choppy layers and that trendy, chunky curl, you can bet she’ll make the perfect girlfriend—when she’s not cheering for the home team or volunteering on the weekends, that is.

feathered a-line with bangs cut
Asian hair types love the added volume and texture they get from feathering.

23. Feathered Bob

Feathering helps give fine, straight hair more texture and dimension, which perhaps explains its popularity with Asian hair types.

balayage a-line with bangs cut
Focus your highlights on the mid-lengths to ends, and style with your bangs softly swept to one side.

24. Balayage

Sweeping strategic highlights mid-strand is a great way to fake that just-hiked-for-two-hours natural sun-kissed look.

70s a-line with bangs cut
Easy waves are easily induced with a sea salt spray. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

25. ’70s Bombshell

Mimic the hairdo of a California beach babe with slightly grown-out bangs that fall into a shaggy length. Create a center part and voilà, instant pin-up girl.

cheerleader a-line with bangs look
Honey highlights on a brunette crop is an American classic.

26. Cheerleader Crop

Remember that slightly choppy, mid-Noughties bob sported by cheerleaders and BFFs everywhere? Well, it’s back, in all its flippy, foil-highlighted glory.

chunky a-line with bangs cut
Curl hair in different directions for a more natural, tousled look.

27. Chunky Waves

Want to have that trending curly West Coast lob? Create haphazard curls onto short hair by twirling sections around a closed flat iron.

elegant a-line with bangs cut
Elegant and understated, the front layers barely edge out the rest of the hair.

28. Soft A-Line

Sweep your bangs to one side and blow out the rest of your hair with a round brush to create this subdued, chic A-line haircut.

shaggy a-line with bangs cut
This sassy look is both casual and easy to recreate.

29. Shaggy and Side-Swept

Round and squarish faces are flattered by this look, which features a lot of razored layers that help minimize width.

pixie cut a-line with bangs
Calling all Tinkerbells and Manic Pixie Dream Girls!

30. Asymmetrical Pixie

Make your cowlick work in your favor with a front-heavy pixie A-line with bangs cut, evocative of Manic Pixie Dream Girls everywhere. Blow-dry your hair towards the hairline, and tuck the shorter side behind the ear for a coquettish touch.

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