Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Lob Haircuts: 32 Inspirational Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Here's a guide to help you figure out how to make a lob complement your face type.

It seems like more and more celebs are chopping off their locks in favor of the super trendy variation of the bob: lob haircuts. Unlike a bob haircut, the lob (“long bob”) opts for a slightly longer look that rests somewhere between the chin and collarbone. Considering this stylish hairstyle has been seen up and down the runways and all throughout Hollywood and the street style set, it’s no wonder that it’s been earning its stripes mainstream as well.

Since just about everyone is considering a little haircut therapy (especially these days!), it’s pretty rad that this particular look is a stunner on just about anyone who dons it. This versatile look is all about the specific way it’s cut to make it flatter your face shape and hair type! 

To eliminate the guesswork, we’ve outlined a few key ideas to help bring lob haircuts to life, as well as a bunch of inspirational pics to hopefully get you on your way. Keep reading!

Need a new hair regimen?

1. Feathered

lob haircut feathered
That middle part is clutch! Photo credit: Craig Alexander

This ’70s-inspired iteration is brought into the now with a high-impact hue and a bit of texture. The feathered ends of this style offer a soft yet impactful finish to your style.

2. Super Sleek

lob haircut super sleek
Create that razor-sharp parting with the end of a rattail comb. Photo credit:

Smoothened to the hilt and with juuust the right hint of balayage at the ends—perfection. This sleek look is best created with a flat iron run over the length of your hair with a few extra seconds focused on the ends.

3. Bouncy

lob haircut bouncy
Bonus points for a side-swept fringe!

Blunt ends and a blow-dried finish give this lob haircut a girl-next-door swing. The volume at the bottom of this style creates an adorable throwback style.

4. Past the Shoulders

lob haircut past the shoulders
What awkward stage? Photo credit:

Elevate that medium-length stage with some expertly placed highlights. We love the combination of bangs and a highlighted lob for a super on-trend look.

5. Soft

lob haircut soft
Lob haircuts do really well with a rumpled texture. Photo credit:

Ask your stylist for soft, rounded layers to give your lob haircut a bit of an air-dried feel. Using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron vertically will allow you to create movement and texture for your style.

6. Wavy

lob haircut wavy
Don’t forget the heat protectant! Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Use a flat iron instead of a curling iron to achieve these trendy half-bends. This lob length is the ideal length for this bent style.

7. Curly

lob haircut curly
Wash-and-go curls look fresh and have tons of movement when shoulder-length.

The lob is made for accentuating the subtle layers in a wash-and-go curly look. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

8. Blunt

lob haircut blunt
Accentuate your crisp hairstyle with equally monochromatic color. Photo credit:

Clean, nearly straight-across ends give the illusion of healthier hair. Don’t be afraid of a one-length lob! This length is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a one-length look.

9. Bleached

lob haircut bleached
We love a fresh lob length on blonde hair. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Bleach-blonde hair looks healthier and shinier in a well-groomed lob length. Don’t be afraid to go for a bright bleached look!

10. Crimped

lob haircut crimped
The perfect lazy-day hack for waves! Photo credit:

Not one to shy away from texture? Embrace this modernized ’80s version by leaving braids in overnight.

11. Full Bangs

lob haircut full bangs
Love the boho vibe of this look. Photo credit:

The coolest, most low-maintenance version of a lob haircut we’ve seen—we’re obsessed! A full set of fringe is a great way to offset a thick head of hair and make it more manageable.

12. Matte

lob haircut matte
Spray on some dry texture to refresh your locks. Photo credit:

Want a more street-style approach? Use dry shampoo, like TRESemmé Clean Pro Pure Dry Shampoo, to refresh roots and achieve a quirky matte finish.

13. Super Straight

lob haircut super straight
We love some see-through bangs! Photo credit:

Straggly ends have nowhere to hide with this texture, so be sure to get your ends trimmed beforehand. Sharp and edgy, this one-length lob is as sleek as they come.

14. Shag

lob haircut shag
Shaggy lengths are a huge trend. Photo credit:

Once considered the dark horse haircut of the summer, the shag has now achieved cool-girl status—especially when paired with another equally viral trend: curtain bangs. Bonus: Get that texture with gel! We love Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel for its flexible hold.

15. Dip-Dye

lob haircut dip dye
High contrast = high impact.

A fresh spin on the e-girl/money piece trend is to try a dip-dye or ombré version. These sleek and bold colors are a great way to add some major personality to your strands.

16. Box Braided

lob haircut box braided
A half-updo also looks super trendy on box braid lobs. Photo credit: Dvora

The lob length is a super cute way to wear your protective hairstyle. Bonus points for some trendy accessories and clips!

17. The Late ’90s

lob haircut late '90s
Party like it’s Y2K with a blunt lob.

Collarbone-kissing and pretty much one-length all over, this cut was made for those sparkly Y2K tops and chokers.

18. News Anchor Chic

lob haircut news anchor chic
Blow your layers outwards to achieve the look. Photo credit:

Slightly feathered outwards, this middle-parted lob is all about healthy, no-nonsense softness and body.

19. Balayage

lob haircut balayage
Brown balayage is a highly versatile look. Photo credit: Dvora

Ask your stylist to focus on the “money piece” sections, or the sections of hair closest to your face, for a true countenance-brightening effect.

20. Wispy Bangs

lob haircut wispy bangs
This waifish look is all the rage.

Pair some dainty, see-through bangs with softly layered ends for a choppy, yet put-together, feel.

21. Natural

lob haircut natural
A high side part is oh-so-adorable.

Have 3C hair? A chin-length lob haircut displays those fab spiral ringlets to the fullest.

22. Long on Top

lob haircut long on top
A blend of different hair colors can also inject some personality into a lob.

Longer layers on top make for a pretty result when side-parted and tucked behind the ears.

23. Natural, Medium-Length

lob haircut natural medium length
Layering softens up the ends.

Some subtle layering at the ends balances out the density of shoulder-length natural hair and gives more dimension and shape to your overall hairstyle.

24. Twists

lob haircut twists
Curled ends also afford more polish. Photo credit:

Amp up a lobbed twist hairstyle by using a bright color for more impact!

25. Monotone

lob haircut monotone
One color looks seamless. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Using one color all over—in this case, silver-gray—gives a lob more edge.

26. Naturally Wavy

lob haircut naturally wavy
We can’t get enough of this natural wavy texture!

This hair type was made to be air-dried!

27. Collegiate

lob haircut collegiate
It’s the soft shine for me. Photo credit: Dvora

From the sweet, face-framing bangs and layers to the neatly trimmed ends, what’s not to love about this preppy haircut?

28. Longer in Front

lob haircut longer in front
A sexy tousle is always a winner. Photo credit: Dvora

Slightly longer layers in front give a lob haircut a much-appreciated texture, especially when supplemented with some mousse. We like the lightweight feel we get from Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam.

29. Staticky

lob haircut staticky
Go with the flow and don’t over style. Photo credit:

Ends that have a tousled, separated effect give finer hair more texture and dimension.

30. Curtain Bangs

lob haircut curtain bangs
Ask your stylist for bangs that hit the cheekbone. Photo credit:

Screenshot this look for your next hair appointment: It’s the #1 asked-for look these days!

31. Day-2

lob haircut day 2
WFH hair at its most real.

Second-day bends give a relaxed, unfussy weekend feel.

32. Curled Under

lob haircut curled under
We love ourselves a proper blowout. Photo credit:

Use a medium to big-barreled roller brush to achieve the blown-out look seen here, which, when cut in the right collarbone length, achieves just the right amount of flirty bounce.

There you have it: The best lob haircuts trending this year! We’ll be looking out for your fab lob looks, so tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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