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Fresh Black Haircut Ideas to Go For This Year

You'll definitely get the chop after seeing these short styles. 

Sometimes we all get the itch to try something new with our hair, whether it be a new style, a new color or even a new cut. Unlike the rest, when it comes to chopping your hair off, it’s not something you can take lightly. Cutting your hair requires a certain level of confidence for many of us. No matter how good a pixie, bob or buzzcut looks on the next girl, the idea of cutting your long locks is rather daunting. Making a change shouldn’t always have to be associated with a scary feeling. If anything, it should be refreshing; you’re updating your look and embracing a totally new you. To help you find the right haircut for you we’ve rounded up some of our favorite black haircut ideas. Scroll down below to see what we’re currently loving.

Black Haircut Ideas to Try When You’re in For a Change

black hair cut ideas short cut
Try out a simple curly bob style.

1. Curly Bob

If you have naturally curly hair, you can give your hair an update with a curly cut. A bob cut is great if you still want the flexibility of creating other styles like updos and braids. The beauty of cutting curly hair into a bob haircut is that your curls still have room to stretch. When styling, use a hair cream like Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum to add moisture and definition to your curly styles.


Black haircut ideas for 2017 the asymmetrical bob
For those on the cutting edge! Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

2. Asymmetrical Bob

For a different take on a bob, try this asymmetrical look. This is a great look if you’re looking for something a cut above the rest. Stand out from the crowd with this unique haircut.

black haircuts for women: mohawk
This glamorous layered mohawk style is sure to turn heads.

3. The Edgy Mohawk

You can go one of two ways with this look. Either comb your short cut upward using a molding wax like S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax to keep your hair in place, or simply cut your hair into a mohawk style. We love the edgy feel of this haircut and adding a bit of color adds dimension throughout the entire look.

black haircut ideas short pixie
Take the pixie cut one step up with this voluminous look.

4. Voluminous Pixie

There are so many reasons to love the voluminous pixie haircut. If you’re looking for a style that has a little oomph to it, try this style. When styling, use a mousse like Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse to give your hair a lightweight, root-lifting boost after washing your hair. When blowdrying, focus on the roots to enhance the volume.

Black haircut ideas for 2017 the curly fro.
Black Haircut Ideas: #shorthairdontcare! Photo credit:

5. Curly ‘Fro

Who says you need a perfectly round look to your ‘fro? We love the curly top look too. This style is great especially if you don’t like to fuss with your hair to get that perfectly round look. Play up your curls instead! Make sure they look healthy and shiny to get the best effect. You can hydrate your curls with a few drops of Nexxus New York Salon Care Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil.

black women haircuts: undercut style
An edgy undercut style is not for the faint of heart.

6. The Undercut

Ready to ease your way on down to a super short cut? Try the undercut style. This gives you the opportunity to see what it feels like to have a buzz cut without having to cut all of your hair off at once. What’s more? You can have so much fun with this look, from whether you’re changing the way you style the length of your hair, or asking your stylist or barber to create cool undercut designs at the back of your head.

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