18 of the Best Bob Hairstyles We Love

Bobs for days. 

Is it just us or does it seem like bob hairstyles are on a red carpet rotation over the last few years? Our favorite celebrities seem to taking the plunge and get dramatic short haircuts every so often. Shoulder-brushing lobs, chin-grazing bobs and even bob hairstyles that include a full set of bangs have been in current rotation in recent memory.

We like to be prepared with plenty of short hair inspiration for when this trend comes around again (not that it ever left our radars, anyway). But in any case, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the best bob hairstyles we love. If and when you decide to take the plunge and cut your hair shorter, you’ll have ample inspiration to choose from in the hairstyle department.

18 Best Bob Hairstyles

bob hairstyles bleach blonde messy curls
Somewhere between crimped and beachy.

1. ’90s Waves

Create a bunch of three-strand braids all over damp hair and sleep on them to create this ’90s-esque beach waves look. We love this option partly because it’s so easy to create and because of its trendy nod to the grunge years. It’s also slightly reminiscent of a wavy look that (in our opinion) works all year round.

bob hairstyles curling iron blonde curls
How to look like you actually made time for your hair.

2. Curling Iron Curls

In an age of ‘I woke up like this’ style, cultivating a look that makes it look like you actually put effort in can be rare. We’re big fans of these curling iron curls for exactly that reason: You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can do your hair when it’s this short, and we know you’ll love the results as much as we do.

bob hairstyles half up bleach blonde hair
Pull half of your hair back for an instantly chic look.

3. Instant Chic

A half up style is the instant and easy road to chic hair. Whether you pull your hair straight back or maintain your usual part, your overall style will look instantly chic.

bob hairstyles loose waves brunette deep part
Change things up by deepening your part.

4. Deepen Your Part

Getting bored of your new short style already? We get that. The options can feel limited on a shorter style but we like to keep this trick handy for those times when we’re just out of ideas. Deepen your part for a total change of perspective that doesn’t require making any permanent changes.

bob hairstyles short wispy dark brown hair
This is a great option for thin-haired girls.

5. Wispy Bob

Worried about getting a bob if you have thinner hair? There’s no reason to stress. A teased wispier look like this works really well on thinner hair too.

bob hairstyles side bangs dark brown hair
This is a great option if you’re not quite ready to take a plunge in the bangs department too.

6. Subtle Side Bangs

If you have your eye on a bolder bob with full bangs but aren’t quite ready to take two hair risks at once, you may want to opt for more subtle side-swept bangs.

bob hairstyles side part loose waves
We like to think of this style as ‘blogger chic.’

7. Loosen Your Waves

Turn your curling iron upside down and use it as a makeshift curling wand to create this cute and trendy blogger chic style.

bob hairstyles side part straight blonde hair
This subtle change can make a world of a difference.

8. Try an Off-Center Part

Instead of your usual middle or side part, try an off-center part for a subtle and unexpected change of perspective.

bob hairstyles sleek and straight hair
Add a touch of shine to your straight hair for extra impact.

9. Amp Up the Shine

A few pumps of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum blended into a straight bob will add an extra dose of beautiful shine.

bob hairstyles strawberry blonde hair choppy bangs
Pair your new short ‘do with choppy bangs.

10. Choppy Bangs

Make a statement with choppy bangs and a beautiful rounded bob.

bob hairstyles super short black hair
Streamline a softer look with expert blowdrying skills.

11. Blow-Dried to Perfection

Follow our easy at-home blow dry guide to learn how to blow dry your bob to perfection.

bob hairstyles tucked straight red hair
A little bit of hair product goes a long way in this department.

12. Tucked Back

Run Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum through your hair from roots to tips and tuck it behind your ears for a red carpet-ready bob hairstyle.

bob hairstyles uneven ends black hair
An asymmetrical bob like this one gives an edgy flair to any style.

13. Uneven Ends

Worried about your bob looking a little matronly? Opting for an asymmetrical bob like this one will ensure that your look stays edgy and sleek.

bob hairstyles uneven part straight brunette
An uneven part adds an extra bit of edge to a shorter style.

14. Zigzag Part

A zigzag part is another underutilized styling technique that we can’t get enough of. Use a comb to create a small zigzag through your part for some added visual interest.

bob hairstyles brushed through curls
Use this technique to fake natural-looking curls.

15. Fake It Till You Make It

Want to see how curly hair works with a bob? Use a small curling iron to create curls all over your head that turn in opposite directions. Lightly brush through them to add some volume for hair that looks naturally curly.

bob hairstyles choppy red lob
A choppy lob will add extra personality to any look.

16. Choppy Red Lob

Small uneven layers at the bottom of your lob will go a long way when it comes to keeping your look feeling fresh and interesting.

bob hairstyles messy bob black with bangs
The messier the better.

17. Messy Bob

Looking to nail a high fashion bob? Pair full thick blunt bangs with messy strands for the ultimate high fashion look.

 bob hairstyles loose waves volume hat
Pair voluminous strands with a trendy hat.

18. Add a Hat

When it doubt, wear a hat. This fun accessory is one of our favorite ways to hide a bad hair day or draw attention to our gorgeous cut and color.

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