The Top 10 Layered Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces

Frame your heart face with a perfectly layered style.

Whether you’re in the short hair camp or fully committed to your length, you might want to consider one of these top 10 layered haircuts for heart shaped faces. Heart shaped faces are characterized by faces that have a wide forehead that taper down to a narrower chin. The most flattering haircuts for heart shaped faces will enhance your features by complementing your unique beauty. Sounds like a dream, right? If we’ve motivated you to consider one of these heart shaped face haircuts, and you’re ready to add some volume and layers to your strands, then read on:

Top 10 Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces


1. Wispy Layers

Woman with wispy layered blonde hair
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If you’re looking for ways to add volume to thinner hair and get in on the feathered layered look at the same time, then this is the style for you. These wispy layers fall into the ‘best hairstyles for heart shaped faces’ category because of how flattering they are for your face shape in particular. Add in extra subtle volume at your roots by combing through a ping-pong ball-sized amount of Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse through your hair when it’s still damp.

haircuts for heart shaped faces shoulder brushing lob
Soft layers are a game changer.

2. Shoulder-Brushing Lob

Upgrade your shoulder-brushing lob by adding soft wispy layers to the very bottom.

haircuts for heart shaped faces short layers
Round out a curly hairstyle with short layers for extra volume.

3. Short Layers

Amp up the volume on your curls and frame your face with shorter layers. This is one of our top heart shaped face hairstyles for curly haired girls in particular because they show off your texture, all the while keeping your hair off your face.

haircuts for heart shaped faces rounded layers
Give your curls a halo effect with rounded layers.

4. Rounded Layers

Rounded layers will give your curls a halo impression. Let your curls shine with this ideal haircut for all the heart shaped face girls with curly hair out there.

haircuts for heart shaped faces medium length
The chicest style of them all.

5. Medium Layers

Find your middle ground with a chic medium length haircut. Soft layers will give this simple style a little bit of dimension.

haircuts for heart shaped faces long layers
You can achieve extra volume with scattered layers by opting for one of the longer hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

6. Long Layers

Scattered long layers are a great idea if you’re looking to achieve extra volume without sacrificing your length. Run a curling iron through the bottom half of your style for extra dimension. Just don’t forget to protect your strands with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before anything else!

haircuts for heart shaped faces long even
Wear your strands long to frame your heart-shaped face.

7. Long & Even Layers

Keep your long hair from getting weighed down by asking your stylist for long and even layers.

haircuts for heart shaped faces lob
Layers are a must-have for curly-haired girls.

8. Layered Lob

Give your curls some extra shape and dimension by adding layers to your lob.

haircuts for heart shaped faces even bob
A little bit of layering at the very bottom of your hair will add some texture. Try one of our favorite short haircuts for heart shaped faces.

9. Feathered Bob

Kick your texture up a notch with a feathered bob and a quick spray of Dove Absolute Curls Leave-In Detangler on your damp hair. Simply spray and go for soft and smooth waves.

haircuts for heart shaped faces choppy layers
Add some volume to otherwise flat hair with choppy layers.

10. Choppy Layers

Go all in with a short and choppy style for a layered look that has loads of volume.

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