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Long Hair With Layers: A Classic for a Reason

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Eunice Lucero

A classic look that’ll never go out of style.

Safe to say most of us have lived through the 1990s, when long hair with layers was the look du jour. It was very much a “thing;” The Rachel was clipped onto every notebook (this was the pre-screenshot era) and bookmarked for our hairstylists to emulate to the best of their ability. Never mind that layers might make our jaws more prominent, or our already thick hair left even heftier—we had to have that trendy, choppy, piecey haircut, practicality be damned.

Long Hair With Layers: A Classic Look

long hair with layers ash blonde
The look we all know and love: chin-hugging layers blended into hair past the shoulders. Photo credit:

Such was the appeal of long hair with layers: It wasn’t so much how it looked on us more than how it made us feel when it first burst on to the scene—that is, cool and cosmopolitan. Spurning from an era where minimalism was key and blunt haircuts were the name of the game, getting your hair chopped off in seemingly haphazard angles was an act of rebellion, of knowing a thing or two about a thing or two. The fact that it looked particularly fetching matched with our scoop-neck tees and velvet chokers was an awesome bonus!

Nowadays, as people get more and more particular with the details of their look, long hair with layers has taken on many more interpretations. We have the more subtle varieties, where layers are sheared to chin level and blended to perfection. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the more daring iterations, with layers so stark as to suggest even a long-haired mullet or shag (i.e. two of 2016’s most requested looks, btw).

long hair with layers platinum shag
The shag takes to layering more liberally — to the benefit of Cool Girls everywhere. Photo credit:

The Bespoke Layered Look

Layers take a one-size-fits-all haircut and customize it to fit your face. It’s that extra piece of oomph that your stylist gives you to make your hairstyle uniquely your own, tailored to flatter your facial features perfectly. To summarize: We’ve certainly come a long way from the optimistic choppiness of The Rachel, and have refined how we want layers to fit on our hair, and therefore, our lives: Sexy in a subtle way, that also makes us stand out from the crowd.

long hair with layers blonde hair
Now you see it, now you don’t: Modern layers blend seamlessly into the cut.

The latter is, ultimately, why a look that features long hair with layers will never completely leave our hair lexicon entirely—it’s one of the most adjustable, democratic looks out there, one that will always be a Plan B in case our first choice doesn’t work out. It’s a classic look that keeps on giving, ready to show us in our best possible light.

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Eunice Lucero
Peace and hair grease, Eunice
19 January 2017