5 New Ways to Wear Your Long Locks This Season

Some of our favorite new long hairstyles.

Having long locks takes a lot of effort. First you need to grow out your hair (while not damaging it or incurring lots of breakage) then once it is finally long, you need to style it in a way that’s suited for your personality and personal sense of style. In a way that isn’t just down, that is. Styling long hair can sometimes take longer (all that length needs to be attended to!) but it is always fun to try new things while exploring new hair trends. Ready to rock a new look? Read on to check five new ways to style your long locks.

Long Hair, Do Care: 5 Ways to Show Off Your Long Locks

long locks braid
Show-off your beautiful long hair by rocking this chic braid.

1. Disheveled Braid

Are you still teaching yourself how to braid your hair? You’re in luck! The not so perfect braid style is a totally gorgeous look on long locks. Bonus: it also works well on day old hair! You’ll never tell your hair is dirty when it’s messy on purpose! Just be sure to use some dry shampoo on your roots (a.k.a where greasy hair can’t hide). We like the Bed Head by TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. Then, create a three-strand braid (or your braid of choice) and pancake your braid to loosen it up a bit.

long locks crimped
We are so in love with the crimped look this season. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. The Faux Crimp

Crimped hair is back and we can’t be more psyched about this! To rock this back and better than ever hair trend, you could invest in a hair tool to create your crimps, or you can fake crimped hair. To make sure this style actually sticks around on your long hair, try braiding your hair while wet, and add in some gel like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel that’ll help to both hold and sculpt this hairstyle. Just apply a little bit to your wet hair before sectioning your hair and braiding. Sleep on your braids for stress free dry time. Then just shake out the braids in the morning! Crimped hair in a pinch.

long locks barely there waves
Show off a slight wave in your long hair.

3. Barely There Waves

If you want that model off duty look with almost no effort, try these barely there waves. They are so great because if you have straight hair, they take about two minutes to do. All you need is a large barrel curling iron. Let your curler heat up (about one minute) then take random, very small sections and curl for a few seconds a piece (two minutes). And just like that you’ll get perfect waves. We’re a little bit jealous.

locks locks space buns
Modern space buns that you can rock on long hair.

4. Braided Space Buns

The way we see it you can do braided space buns two ways. First is to start out like our model with a gorgeous head full of box braids. Then, section off the top of your hair into two and create the buns! Super simple, totally gorgeous.

The second way is to start by sectioning the top of your hair into two. Tie off one section at a time and braid it all the way down. Then, take that one large braid and create your bun. You could totally try it with box braids for a braid-ception look.

long locks beehive
Enhance your long hair this season with a chic beehive. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Baby Beehive Low Ponytail

This sassy style is a real cinch. Start off by brushing your hair backwards into a low ponytail. Before tying off the ponytail, take a minute to do some light teasing to the hair on the back of your head. Then, just tie into the ponytail where you now have some height. See? Easy peasy.

Need more long locks to drool over? Check out these different ways to style long straight hair

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