how to create a messy bun on long hair with bobby pins

Upgraded Basics: How to Create a Perfect WFH Messy Bun on Long Hair

Messy bun perfection.

A sexy messy bun always makes for a chic look that really doesn’t take too long to create. And even if your hair length is on the longer side, it really isn’t too difficult to achieve this style with ease. To achieve this look without any mishaps, here are four foolproof steps to achieve a messy bun on long hair.

Messy Bun On Long Hair: 8 Foolproof Steps to Achieve the Look


Wash and Prep for Styling

To successfully achieve a messy bun on long hair, you’ll want to start with clean and detangled hair. Yes, some messy buns do work well on second-day hair, but you’ll want to make sure your bun is clean and knot-free. That way your look isn’t weighed down or isn’t full of grease. Wash hair with Dove Nutritive Solutions Clarify & Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Brush clean hair to remove any tangles, if needed. Don’t brush too much, you want to keep some texture in your strands for the messy effect.

messy bun on long hair

Pull Hair Up

Pull hair up to the center of your crown or wherever you want your messy bun to be placed and then secure with a hair tie. 

creating messy bun on long hair

Split Your Ponytail

Split the ponytail into two sections right down the middle. This will help you start your messy bun. 

long hair ponytail for messy bun

The Hack: A Hair Elastic

Here’s the trick! Slide an elastic hairband over the center of your ponytail to create a hidden bun. You will use this hidden gem as the base for your messy bun.

Rubber band on long hair to create messy bun

Fasten Your Bun

Next, you’ll want to fasten your bun in place. You can pull some hair out to make a bigger bun— great trick if you have long hair that’s thin and want your bun to look full.

long hair messy bun secure in place

Continue Creating Your Bun

Your hair should now look like this.

long hair messy bun

Wrap It Up

Take loose ends and wrap around the base of your bun, and then secure with hairpins.

Long hair wrapped into a bun

Lock Your Bun in Place

After your bun is secured, lock it in place with Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Spray. We love this spray because it gives your hair a flexible hold without making your strands crunchy. 

woman using hair spray

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