crown box braids on blonde box braided hair

Tutorial: How to Create Crown Box Braids Styles

Two trends, one knot: a simple and stylish way to update your protective hairstyle.

As we all know by now, braids are a fun, up-to-the-minute way to up our summer hair game. Never mind that not everyone has the time or skill for a complicated plait—in daily hairstyling, and especially with a skill that’s totes about a learning curve, most of the time it’s the thought that counts. To wit: From fishtail ponies to the hidden three-strand, we’ve been finding more creative ways to infuse a braid into our everyday looks (yay!), which don’t necessarily have to break the Internet. A current easygoing favorite that still packs a punch: the crown box braids style, which is a clever merging of two awesome plaits, namely the French and crown braids.

crown braid with box braids side view
Crown box braids styles keeps hair (and your baby plaits) stylishly pulled back.

Allow us to go one step further and show how the crown braid with box braids can work on another current All Things Hair fave, box-braided hair. Read on to learn more about how you can master this look.

Step 1

Start on clean hair, or, if box-braided, start with braids that have been spritzed with leave-in conditioner like TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave in Conditioning Spray.

Step 2

Create a side part and then section off the front 1/3 of your hair, from the bang area to just before the crown.

Step 3

Begin French-braiding hair from the partline downwards towards the ear, following your hairline. Once you’ve gone past the ear, switch to a regular three-strand braid and loop hair around the back of your head. Note: The process is the same for box-braided hair, just with thicker strands/ropes.

back view of crown box braids style on blonde box braid extensions
French-braid till the ear, then switch to a three-strand weave.

Step 4

Take the braided side and gather it together with the rest of the hair on your opposite unbraided section.

Step 5

Twist the two big sections together (similar to if you were tying a shoelace), and leave the ends loose. Do a mini-wiggle to see if your braided crown doesn’t unfurl. You can also apply Dove Quench Absolute Detangler to your locks. Shorter or thicker hair might need the help of some bobby pins to stay tucked securely in place. Done!

Would you try a crown braid on box braids? For more braided hairstyles like this, head over to our Braids page. 

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