Summer Hair Color Ideas You’ve Got to Try

Summer is here and you can say that we are mildly excited. (Ok, we are in full-on freak out get us to the beach mode, but I digress.). While fun in the sun is on our to-do list, we also love this time as a way to experiment with our hair by testing out new styles and hair colors. While a color change isn’t for everyone, we think that even the color shy can dabble (even ever so slightly) into trying out new hair hues. Read on to discover some of our favorite looks that may just inspire your next summer hair color.

Summer Hair Color Ideas

summer hair color ideas blond with an edge
Go bold this summer with a streak of color in your blonde hair.

1. Blonde with a Twist

Going lighter is typically seen as a must-try summer hair color. And going blonde is certainly one of our favorite ways to lighten things up a bit. If you are going for lighter hair (or happen to have light locks), why not enhance your hair a bit with a streak of your favorite color? There are tons of semi-permanent hair color options out there, where you can dabble in this trend a bit without having to commit to it past Labor Day.

summer hair color ideas rainbow updo
All of the colors of the rainbow all up in your hair.

2.  Rainbow Hair

For those that are full-on into color, the rainbow hair look is calling your name. Opt for some of your favorites as your colorist works with you to figure out where the rainbow hair colors will be placed. If that is too permanent for you, try some spray on solutions to see how new hues will look on your hair.

hair color chocolate hair
Add a rich shade of chocolate to your look this summer.

3. Chocolate Hues

And there’s the other camp of color for those that just want one color process. We love the rich look of chocolate and bold hues that can be dramatic for a blonde or red hair to try, and something subtle if you have lighter brown hair.

summer hair color ideas two-toned hair
Two-toned red hair is legit for the summer. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Two-Toned Red

Another cool way to color your hair this summer is to try out dyeing your hair in a two-toned shade. If you are going for this look, be ready for some heads to turn your way.

summer hair red hair
Live bold this summer and rock a deep red.

5. Deep Red

Another all-over color idea we love is deep red. This could be an excellent transitional shade for brunettes or those with brown hair as they up the ante for a fire engine hue. Bonus: this look can take you into fall.

summer hair icy white blonde
A cool icy blonde is so you for summer.

6. Icy Blonde

As we mentioned, blonde hair is the it color for the summer. One color we have been loving is the icy, almost white hues that can really ‘pop’ on those who have previously dark hair. If you are going for this look, be sure to get regular root touch-ups to maintain its vibrancy throughout the summer.

summer hair color light brown
Not ready to go for anything dramatic? Lighten up a bit with light brown hair.

7. Subtle Highlights

Sometimes only simple highlights will do. And that’s totally cool, especially since the right highlight can bring out the tones of your hair without having to add that much color. This looks particularly stunning with sun-kissed highlights that frame and illuminate the face. Bonus: They can grow out with your hair if you happen to get sick of them.

What summer hair color are you going to try?

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