Take Your Look to New Heights with A New Hair Color

New hair color, new you.

Every now and again it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a bit of a makeover, whether it be a new haircut or a fresh dye job. Right now, we’re really excited about switching up our looks with the latter. Like everything else worth having in life, maintaining a new hair color takes time and effort, so it’s best to do it right the first time around.

By this, we mean doing your research and brainstorming the many ways you can style your fresh, new hair color. Scroll down below to find ideas for a fresh hue, as well as some style tips on how to make whatever shade you choose worth your while. Read on:

New Hair Color Style Guide: Classic Looks and the Latest Hair Color Trends

new hair color: blonde
Go blonde and embrace the exposed roots and all. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Blonde

Whether you want a touch of blonde highlights or want to go full-on blonde, we say it’s a go! In terms of styles, there’s just something about wearing a braid or curls on blonde-colored hair. We love how every detail of a braid and curls registers from afar on this light hue.

new hair color: vibrant red
Fire engine red is the way to go.

2. Vibrant Red

No matter how many times you hear that red is one of the most difficult hair colors to maintain, don’t let that deter you from getting the look. This gorgeous vibrant hue plays well with any skintone, as long as you find the shade that works for you.

new hair color: auburn
Our favorite transitional hair color. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Auburn

Whether you’re getting this color for the fall season or not, auburn is one of those tones you can transition easily from season to season. In the spring or summer, give it a stylish update with a fun fringe.

new hair color: rose gold hair
Nope, we’re not over this trend just yet.

4. Rose Gold Hair

The great thing about trends is that they do come back again. We’re pretty sure rose gold is one of those colors we’ll see popping in and out throughout the year. During the winter season, style it with easy laid-back styles like buns, ponytails and simple blowouts. For the summer season, have fun with the look and experiment with texture.

new hair color: orange updo
Vibrant and fun!

5. Orange Hair

If you already have light-colored hair and want to experiment with a trendy hair color, try a gloss of any color you like. How about orange? It’s fun, vibrant and edgy. A gloss is temporary, so making the switch won’t be a long-term commitment. There’s nothing more fun than switching up your hair color every month or so with minimal to no damage at all.

new hair color: tiger eye hair
Change your look and mood at the same time.

6. Tiger Eye Hair

Hairstylist Corey Tuttle of Honey Artists made the case for this look. If you’re looking for inspiration for balayage brown hair colors, look no further than the tiger eye hair color. This mix of light brown and copper highlights on a dark base creates the perfect dose of dimension on hairstyles like Hollywood curls and undone waves.

new hair color: dark brown
Score major brownie points with this rich hue.

7. Dark Chocolate Hair

We can give you a list of reasons to go for this deep chocolatey hue, but the main reason is simply because it’s versatile. A bonus is if you have light-colored eyes, this shade helps make them pop. Wear your sweet brown hue on a fresh blowout with a bold red lip for the perfect everyday look.

new hair color: black
Keep it simple with black. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Black Hair

Another versatile hue, is, of course, black. When styling play up the shine factor on this classic hue. Use products like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to boost shine. This product is buildable so keep applying until you achieve the shine you desire.

new hair color: burgundy hair
Burgundy is the new black. Photo credit: Dvora

9. Burgundy Hair

Not red, not purple, but the perfect mix of the two, burgundy hair is one of the best colors to have no matter the season. Style it with a sleek updo or a fun textured look.

new hair color: ash brown hair
Not into loud tones? Go for this subdued hair color. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Ash Brown

Ash brown has got to be one of our top favorite hair color trends for any season. If you’re not into a hair color that gives off a lustrous shine, go for this muted look. Style it with hairstyles like disheveled updo styles and slept-in hair waves.

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