citrus hair color on ursula goff

The Citrus Hair Color Trend Is Giving Us Summer-Lovin’ Feels

Feeling acidic and actually lovin' it.

We live in a world where vitamins are no longer the chewy, cartoon-shaped things we took on a whim over breakfast. We douse ourselves in Vitamin C for its anti-aging effects, and use lemons as a modern-day, kitchen-borne snake oil for all our Pinteresty D.I.Y. projects (Lemonade has also taken on an entirely different meaning altogether, but that’s another story). In short, we all know citrus fruits as being an undeniable household and beauty staple, but citrus hair color? Who woulda thunk?

Just when you think you’ve out-lemon-ed anything there is to lemon (elbows, your highlights, the bathroom tub), here comes this fun new color trend proving, yet again, that our hair is one of the best canvasses out there for creative expression. Selfies of women with bright, zesty citrus-themed hair shades—like yellow, orange and lime green—have been blowing up our Instagram feeds and making us even more excited for sunny summer days ahead. Blame it on the gloomy cloud hovering over the city this week, literally raining on all of our summer-loving parades; these literal flashes of sunshine have got us jonesing for brighter days and all the fun that comes with.

On Our Radar: Citrus Hair Color

I still remember the teen paperbacks of the ancient days (read: the ’80s), where they would describe my favorite blonde protagonists as having “gold-spun locks,” “sun-streaked strands,” or my personal favorite, “sun-kissed hair.” How splendid to have heaven-sent hair! I thought, convinced that nothing bad could ever come out of having locks literally blessed by some universal, planetary PDA. Little did I know that what I always thought as having just won the divine lottery was more a case of a strategic squeeze of lemon (yes, from the market), mixed with a liberal dose of some California sun.

Even though first-generation citrus hair took things quite literally—and has promptly become a faux pas, along with the laying-out process that helped speed things along—it looks like we certainly haven’t gotten over our love affair with all things bright and evocatively #summer. The geniuses behind this latest iteration include hair colorist and unofficial queen of rainbow hair colors Ursula Goff, as well as TIGI’s very own U.S. Technical Director and color expert, Renée Valerie. Look, marvel, and try not to pucker up in delight:

citrus hair color on ursula goff
Feeling acidic? Do what colorist Ursula Goff did, and employ a rainbow of citrus shades starting from pomegranate to peach. Photo credit: Ursula Goff (@uggoff)
green citrus hair color
Mix and match zesty lime shades for a punky take on citrus hair color.
a woman woth short blonde pixie vut wearing animal printed shirt on a white background
Peachy-pink hues enliven this pixie cut from colorist Renée Valerie. Photo courtesy of Renée Valerie (@renee.valerie)

We’re obsessed with the citrus hair color trend for summer, and can’t wait to find more citrus lovers over the Memorial Day party weekend. And if you’re daring enough to dip your toes into this trend yourself, a few things to keep in mind: One, choose tones that match your natural undertone (go for grapefruit pinks and peaches if you’re from the cool family), and two, no need to get low-key chlorine anxiety this time, as the natural greenish tint can just blend right in!

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