31 Two Tone Haircuts and Hairstyles You’ll Love in 2019

Give your look a pop of color with these two-toned hair color ideas .

Want to give your hair a playful edge with a new hair color? Then try out a two toned hair look! This colorful hairstyle is fun for just about any girl: whether you have long or short locks, blonde or brunette, you can find the perfect two-tone style for you. You can choose vibrant neons and pastels, or you can go for more natural tones to add to your hair.

Two toned styles give your locks an added boost of sexy and playful color, and it also looks so chic. So, don’t miss out on this dual-toned style! Try out one of our favorite two tone hairstyles, and you definitely won’t be disappointed

two tone hair twisted ombre
An ombré look gives your twisted locks a pop of color. Photo credit: instagram.com/braidsnation

1. Ombré Twists

Pairing your twists with a two tone ombré style will have everybody adoring your hair.

two tone hair blonde tones
Mixing light and dark blonde shades gives your hair a whimsical, care-free style.

2. Blonde Tones

Infusing light and dark blonde pigments in your hair will help give it a vibrant, elegant look.

two tone hair bangs
Switch up your bangs by dying them a playful color. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Bangs

Want to play with your bangs? Then try dying them a funky, fresh color!

two tone hair pixie cut
Who said short pixie hair can’t have any toned fun?

4. Pixie Cut

This two toned pixie cut style has been worn by ladies in Hollywood and has been one of the hottest trends of the year. Lock in texture by finishing with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1.

two tone hair bun
An intricately styled bun (or even a simple messy bun) looks chic with multitoned hair.

5. Bun

Whether you’re going to an extravagant special event or just staying at home, a bun is a style staple for always making you look chic. Buns are easy to create and look perfectly styled even when they’re messy and tousled.

two tone hair kinky curls
Let your poofy curls roam free with this edgy two tone hair look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Voluminous Curls

Let your curls flow with a fun two tone hair color. Everyone will be adoring your curls in these two tone colors. For a flexible hold, set your style with TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray.

two tone hair neon colors
Vibrant, neon colors are a fun way to dress up your hair.

7. Neon Colors

Want to go above and beyond with your colors? Then try some vibrant, eye-catching neon colors. Mix one neon tone with your natural hair color, or go all out with your funky style and dye your whole head in two tones of neon color!

to tone hair blunt layers
Mix blunt, dramatic layers with vibrant colors to create a psychedelic style.

8. Blunt Layers

Dramatic, extremely chopped layers are an edgy and runway-ready look. Give your layers extra volume and fullness by using teasing hair technique.

two tone hair red tones
Spice up your hair’s life with fiery reds.

9. Red Tones

Spark up your life with some vibrant, colorful red tones. Combine your hair with deep, dark wine colors, or create an eye-catching look with fiery reds and crimsons.

two tone hair side shave
Upgrade your look to a sexier, edgier style by pairing fun two tone colors with a side shave.

10. Side Shave Cut

For a more rebellious, edgy look, combine two tone hair colors with a bold cut, like a side shave. You can flip your hair to one side to show off your cool cut, or you can even hide it under the rest of your hair. No one will ever notice the difference!

two tone hair millennial pink
Mixing millennial pink into your hair is fun, chic, and playful.

11. Millennial Pink

Try incorporating the year’s hottest color into your locks. This delicate, flirty pink pairs amazingly with just about any hair color. Keep your millennial pink tones electrifying by washing them with color-safe shampoos and conditioners like Love Beauty And Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner.

two tone hair rose gold
Or if you want a darker pink, add rose gold color to your dark locks to create an exaggerated two tone look. Photo credit: Dvora

12. Rose Gold

If you want a deeper pink color, try an eye-popping rose gold tone. This color is breathtakingly gorgeous, and it will upgrade your hair from basic to fabulous in no time!

two tone hair ombre lob
An ombré style mixed with a lob or bob gives your hair a quirky and cute look.

13. Short Hair

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you don’t have enough to fuse two tones into it. Try dying your lob or bob in an ombré style for a lively spin on your short ‘do.

two tone hair dutch braid
A French braid (or any braid of your choosing) paired with two tone hair is always a gorgeous style.

14. French Braid

A French braid paired with two tone hair makes your locks look like a colorful waterfall of beautiful hair. Even the simplest braid style looks stunning when combined with multi-toned hair.

two tone hair afro
A cute and curly afro pairs amazingly with two tone hair.

15. Afro

Give your afro an extra edge by playing it up with two tones. You can infuse some natural, lighter colors, or try some vibrant neons and pastels. If your afro gets pretty unruly, then tame any frizziness with Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil.

two tone hair volumized curls blonde brunette
Pair your new color with ultra curly texture.

16. Ultra Curly

Show off your new two tone hair color and draw attention to your ultra curly hair texture at the same time. Use a blowdryer at your roots to pump up the volume in your hair.

two tone hair rooted brunette blonde ombre
Work two tones into your ombré style.

17. Ombré

This classic ombré style is one of our favorite ways to wear a two-toned look.

two tone hair red brunette
Add some color in the form of a thin layer of red hair color.

18. A Touch of Red

Want a subtle change? Add a thin layer of red hair color to the top layer for a pop of two-toned color.

two tone hair pink blonde
Pair bubble gum pink with your blonde base color.

19. Bubble Gum Pink

This look is such a fun idea to try. Mix pink and blonde together for a sweet and chic pop of bubble gum pink.

two tone hair ombre
This classic ombré combination is always a favorite.

20. Classic Ombré

Go for a classic ombré color combination and transition seamlessly from brunette to blonde.

two tone hair brunette silver pink
Soften up a bold look with a soft pink color.

21. Rocker Chic

Master the art of hair color combinations and with a metallic blend of two toned hair color.

two tone hair brunette blonde waves
Layer shades of brown and blonde.

22. Layered Look

Layer different shades of color for a strong contrast and a beautiful take on two-toned ombré.

two tone hair blonde pink
Add a temporary layer of pink hair color.

23. Temporary Color

Consider a temporary color if you’re not quite ready to dive into a full-on permanent two-toned look.

two tone hair black silver purple lob
Transition seamlessly from one color to another.

24. Two-Toned Lob

Brighten up your lob with an unexpected color combination.

two tone hair black blue
Opt for a cool shade of blue.

25. Cool Blue Hues

Add a layer of cool blue hair color over your brunette base for a bold pop of color.

two tone hair: black and red afro
Two-toned color keeps your crop cuts fresh and exciting. Photo credit: Dvora

26. Black and Red Afro

Hair color is all about personal expression, so if you find yourself wanting to show off your fiery personality, trying a look with a dramatic pop of color is totally for you. Major contrast is a key element to this bold two-toned look, so if you want something unexpected, try placing a chunk of cherry red, cerulean blue, or hot pink color at the center of cropped cuts. However, with all bold colors comes necessary care at home. 

two toned hair: pigtails
Unleash your wild side with a two-toned pigtail look!

 27. Two-Toned Pigtails

If you ever wanted a color look that screams total street style, two-toned pigtails (or braids!) make a highly trendy look that instantly commands attention. To wear your dip-dye style in proper fashion, wear with a killer coat or sexy leather boots to stand out from the crowd.

two toned hair: blonde
A two-toned blonde pixie is anything but boring.

28. Two-Toned Pixie

Two-toned color also looks stunning on shorter pixie cuts, especially when the side and top parts of your cut have noticeable contrast. To show off your edgy color in style, use Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream to add some playful spikes and waves to your cut.  

two toned: angle bob
Balayage allows you to create two-toned looks in unexpected places. Photo credit: Dvora

29. Two-Toned Angled Bob

Color blocked bobs are another two-toned style that are completely unexpected, yet appears completely natural. Get this funky look by placing lighter color on the bangs and top parts of the head, while placing the darker contrasting colors on the bottom. Make sure your cut is angled or stacked to help accentuate your contrasting color.

two toned hair: wavy blonde dip dye
Long two-toned waves bring on the Bohemian chic. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

30. Long Dip-Dye

A natural dip-dye can look much like an ombre, as the ends contrast greatly from the roots. But unlike most ombre looks, dip-dye styles usually ditch the extreme cascading effect, focusing on a solid color on the top, and lighter shade on the ends. 

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