Style the Trend: 6 Ways to Style Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Alyssa François | 23 January 2019

Ice, ice baby!

Getting platinum blonde hair is not for the faint of the heart, but many will run the risk of double processing their hair to hop on this popular hair color trend. Platinum hair is definitely reigning supreme at the moment, but the most coveted look is wearing the bold dye job with a stylish short crop to match. Whether it’s a super short platinum blonde crop or a classy shoulder length cut, there are plenty of ways to wear the look.

Looking for short hairstyle inspiration for white, icy, or gold platinum blonde hair? Here’s our edit of short platinum blonde hairstyles that are extremely flattering.

6 Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Young woman wearing shoulder length cut on platinum blonde hair
Easy does it. Keep styles simple to avoid damaging double processed hair. Photo credit:

1. Flat Ironed Styles on Platinum Blonde Hair

Rather a look that allows your platinum hair color to speak for itself? Go for a simple flat-ironed style on a shoulder-length cut. When styling, be sure handle your color-treated hair with kid gloves. Protect your strands with a heat protectant, like TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Sprayand flat iron your hair in small sections to prevent multiple passes on the same areas.

young woman with bowl cut on short platinum blonde hair
Trend on trend. Pair up your trendy blonde hue with a trendy haircut to match. Photo credit:

2. Platinum Blonde Bowl Cut

This may be the best time to try your hand at this hairstyle since bowl haircuts are back. What we love most about this haircut is that you can also add curls to switch up the look like this mushroom haircut tutorial.

young woman with platinum blonde short hair and long bangs
Your blonde hair color isn’t the only thing bringing out your face. Try long bangs to frame it, too! Photo credit:

3. Long Face-Framing Bangs with Short Ponytail

Whether you’re looking for a way to style grown out bangs, grown out roots or simply in the market for a look that will help accentuate your face shape, try this look. Bangs, in general, are a simple and casual way to wear bright white hair color. The long bang version, however, packs more styling options. Wear them side-swept, right down the middle, curly or lived-in. It’s your call!

a woman with platinum pixie hair standing outside next to a bus

4. Platinum Blonde Pixie

A short pixie cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle option when it comes to daily styling. If you want to go shorter, ask your stylist for short layers to create dimension.

young woman with side shave on short platinum blonde hair
Bold short platinum blonde hairstyles like this surely pack a punch. Wear it loud and proud. Photo credit:

5. Clean Short Side Shave on Icy Blonde Hair

Want something super bold? You might as well go all the way. Pair up an icy-white blonde hue with a clean and edgy side shave. To style, play up the avant-garde look by styling your length with a slick-straight finish. Use a product, like Bed Head by TIGI Straighten Out Straightening Cream, for a long-lasting hold sans frizz.

woman wearing messy bun on short platinum blonde hair
Updos on short hair? Yes, please! Photo credit:

6. Top Knot on Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Who says short haircuts are exempt from updo styles? This look is proof that even with an undercut your platinum blonde short hair can be styled in multiple ways. On dirty hair, refresh with a dry shampoo like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoowork it through your roots then finger-style hair into a messy top knot. If starting with freshly washed hair, rough-dry then create your bun.


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