Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

24 Short Blonde Hairstyles to Rev Up Your New-Season Vibe

Short, sweet and as bright as the summer season.

Sometimes, we can get stuck in the same old styling routine with our short locks. But you’re cutting yourself short on all of the styling possibilities you can create with short blonde hair! Believe it or not, the styling choices are basically endless with choppy blonde strands.

If you need some style inspiration for short blonde hairstyles, we’ve got your back. Check out some of these chic styles to try out with your blonde short hair and be prepared to become the hottest fashionista in your crew. Read on:

short blonde hair flared bob
Give your style an edge with a flared bob, one of our favorite short blonde haircuts.

1. Flared Bob

Switch up your bob with some flared ends. Pro tip: To make your flared ends controlled and secured all day long, make sure to spritz some Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hair Spray after styling.

Need a new hair regimen?
short blonde hair side swept pixie
Upgrade your usual blonde short hair with a side-swept pixie look.

2. Side-Swept Pixie

Some side swept bangs paired with your pixie can give your blonde short hairstyles a major style boost.

short blonde hair sleek pixie
The sleeker, the better with this pixie cut.

3. Sleek Pixie

This slicked pixie is classic for short blonde hair. Create this retro look by smoothing your strands down with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel.


short blonde hair mini mohawk
A mini mohawk with big style.

4. Mini Mohawk

Don’t be fooled by this mohawk’s size. This is one of the best short blonde hairstyles for its rebellious and bold feel.

short blonde hair classic bangs
Nothing is more chic than classic bangs.

5. Classic Bangs

You can’t top a classic style like these bangs.

short blonde hair textured updo
Reach new levels of style with this textured updo.

6. Textured Updo

Give your short blonde hair a makeover with this textured style. Juse tease your hair with the Bed Head by TIGI Stick and you’re ready to go!

short blonde hair voluminous mohawk
We’re obsessed with this voluminous Mohawk style!

7. Voluminous Mohawk

Want a cool, street-style-worthy look? Then try out this voluminous mohawk!

short blonde hair buzz cut
Keep it cool with a buzz cut.

8. Buzz Cut

It’s officially buzz cut season, and we’re all for it.

short blonde hair two toned pixie
Play with your pixie by adding two color tones.

9. Two-Toned Pixie

Create a unique and creative style by adding a splash of color to your short blonde hair. Go for natural colors like a dark brown, or try vibrant neon and pastels for a bolder look.

short blonde hair lob
A classic lob can upgrade any short blonde hair.

10. Lob

If you want a little more length, then give a classic lob cut a try.

short blonde hair curly bob
Give your bob volume and fullness with some curls.

11. Curly Bob

This curly bob will give your hair a fabulous volumized effect. Make your curls extra full by using Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip before styling.

short blonde hair slick bob
A slick and sexy bob is great for any occasion.

12. Slick Bob

A sleek and styled bob is perfect for a big night out. You can also opt for a faux-bob feel by tucking your edges into your scarf, jacket or collar.

short blonde hair side parted pixie
A simple switch with your part can make a major statement.

13. Side-Parted Pixie

Give your pixie cut an upgrade just by simply switching up your part.

short blonde hair overgrown pixie
Grow out your pixie cut for this edgy look.

14. Overgrown Pixie

An overgrown pixie is basically the best of both worlds! It’s posh yet edgy, and can give any short blonde hair an extra boost of personality.

short blonde hair side shave
This side shave is only for the boldest fashionistas.

15. Side Shave

Are you brave enough for one of the top-trending short blonde haircuts? Then give it a try!

short blonde hair voluminous pixie
Give your pixie cut some volume.

16. Voluminous Pixie

Let your pixie cut reach new heights by giving it some volume!

short blonde hair extreme undercut
Go for the extreme with this undercut.

17. Extreme Undercut

Craving an extreme style to match your wild personality? Then this extreme undercut will do just the trick!

short blonde hair fringe bangs
Get the wanderlust look with fringe bangs.

18. Fringe Bangs

Get a grunge ’90s style with these floppy bangs. Add some texture to your bangs by teasing some Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream into them.

short blonde hair classic pixie
Look cute and quirky with this classic pixie cut.

19. Classic Pixie Cut

Nothing beats this classic hairstyle.

short blonde hair edgy pixie
Give your pixie cut an edge with this look.

20. Edgy Pixie

Want to give your pixie cut an edge? Then create this tousled look: It’s the ideal day-to-night style that can be worn to just about any event.

short blonde hair wedge undercut
Give your wedge cut a modern twist with an undercut.

21. Wedge Undercut

A wedge cut paired with this dramatic undercut shave is a match made in hair heaven.

short blonde hair overgrown buzz cut
Let your buzz cut grow out to create this adorable style.

22. Overgrown Buzz Cut

Let your buzz cut grow out slightly and show off that precise bleach job.

short blonde hair blown out bob
Go for the glamorous look with a blown out bob.

23. Blown-Out Bob

Blow out your bobbed hair for the ultimate glamorous look. Make sure to give your locks a boost of shine by using Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum.

short blonde hair asymmetrical cut
Stand out from the crowd with an asymmetrical cut.

25. Asymmetrical Cut

Get a unique and fun look by getting an asymmetrical cut. Only true style masters can rock this edgy look!

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