10 Best Short Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2020

Stand out from the crowd with this iconic short look.

Have you been considering a fresh new cut? Don’t go for the usual, same-old trim and try out a fun, unique cut that’s both super short and super cool. Don’t know where to start? Try out the stylish wedge haircut. This style will upgrade your look to reach new heights of sexy and flirty in an instant. Venture out to the chic and bold side with one of these wedge haircut styles:

1. Shagged Cut

wedge haircut shagged
A shaggy, laidback style gives your style an extra edge.

This shaggy cut is far from frumpy. It’s got cool-girl written all over it! Give your wedge haircut some extra texture by using Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick.

2. Short

wedge haircut short wedge
The shorter, the better!

Keep your style short and sweet with a super short wedge cut.

3. Tousled

wedge haircut tousled
A simple tousled look is all you need for effortless style.

Give your style an extra edge with a tousled and messy look. Try to keep your tousled style while controlling frizz and flyaways by spritzing Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray onto your tresses.

4. Multi-Toned

wedge haircut multi-toned
Go bold and brave with a multi-toned look.

Want your wedge haircut to really stand out from the crowd? Then go for a multi-toned look! It’s so fresh, unique, and fun to play around with, you’ll definitely fall in love with style as much as we did.

5. Mini Mohawk

wedge haircut mini mohawk
Take your hairstyle to a whole new level with a mini Mohawk!

Go rocker-chick with a mini mohawk. You can easily style this mohawk with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel for an all-day hold without any crunchy texture or gross residue.

6. Angled Bangs

wedge haircut angled bangs
Some drastic angled bangs are a great way to upgrade your style.

Get a runway-ready look with some angled bangs. This posh style is sure to instantly make heads turn and jaws drop.

7. Asymmetrical Cut

wedge haircut asymmetrical
Get a posh look with an asymmetrical wedge haircut.

An asymmetrical wedge haircut is one of our favorite looks! It’s so chic and playful, we just can’t help but fall in love with this look.

8. Classic Wedge

wedge haircut blonde bangs
Nothing beats a classic.

Who said you actually needed to change up the wedge haircut? It’s a timeless classic that always looks chic and fun on its own!

9. Side Swept Bangs

wedge haircut side swept bangs
Some side-swept bangs can easily transform your wedge cut.

Get an effortlessly chic style with some side-swept bangs.

10. Sleek

wedge haircut sleek
Make your wedge cut sleek and sexy.

A slicked-down wedge haircut is a great choice for a big event or sophisticated party.

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