Modern Feathered Hair: 15 Modern Iterations of This Iconic ’70s Style

Groovy, baby!

It’s no secret that one of the most effective ways to add volume to thin hair is by cutting shorter layers into the top sections of your style. Shorter layers aren’t as easily weighed down and create the illusion of thicker and more voluminous strands. Feathered hair, an iconic ’70s style, is one of the more classic iterations of this style. The short, lightweight layers play a key role in achieving the level of volume we saw on ’70s movie stars and models over the years. We’ve created a collection of ways to wear modern feathered hair, and we know you’ll find a style that works for you:

15 Ways to Wear Modern Feathered Hair

1. Light and Easy Modern Feathered Hair

feathered hair textured air dry light brown
You can’t fake that natural air-dried texture.

2. Loose Curls

feathered hair soft red long curls
Wear your feathered cut with on-trend loose curls.

As most stylists will tell you, the key to air-drying effectively is making sure to prep your hair with the right products. Wash and condition your hair with Suave Professionals Deep Moisture Shampoo and Suave Professionals Deep Moisture Conditioner to hydrate your strands and keep them frizz-free as you air dry.

3. Modern Color

feathered hair silver blonde straightUpdate your style with modern colors.

Pair your 70s haircut with a modern style by using your curling iron to create loose curls throughout the bottom half of your hair.

4. Feathered Bob

feathered hair platinum bob curls
Use this key trick to curl your bob without losing length.

Alternatively, you can add a modern twist by dyeing your hair an on-trend light shade of silvery blonde color.

5. Multi-Directional Curls

feathered hair multi directional curls
Flip your curling iron around for every other curl.

The key to making the feathered hair look work on shorter hair is adding the right amount of movement and texture. Use a 1-inch curling iron to create curls, and make sure to hold the iron vertically so that the curls remain loose and you don’t lose any length on your bob.

6. An Intentional Mess

feathered hair messy texture blonde medium length
Messiness is key for any modern style.

Another way to add even more texture to your feathered look is by alternating the direction of each curl. This will give your hair a more natural wavy look.

7. Casual Curls

feathered hair loose curls medium length brunette
The classic ‘I woke up like this’ style.

Bring your feathered look straight into any season with runway-inspired messy texture. The perfect everyday boho-chic hairstyle that looks great when worn for a variety of occasions, whether it be casual or business-casual.

8. Body and Movement

feathered hair long straight slight wave dark blonde
Add some movement and body to your straight hair.

Use your curling iron to create a quick head of casual curls for a low-maintenance route to a trendy texture. This style is a great style to add volume and texture to naturally thin or flat hairstyles.

9. Side Bangs

feathered hair light red side bangs
Incorporate side bangs into your new short layers.

Ensure a cohesive blend between your shorter and longer layers by adding body and movement to your straight hair. Use a large barrel curling wand to create a subtle wave. Make sure to only hold each section of hair around the wand for 15 to 20 seconds to avoid a too-tight curl.

10. Magazine-Worthy Shine

feathered hair light brown red silky shine
Draw attention to your style with a touch of gloss.

Consider blending side bangs into the shortest layers of your feathered style. A great way to feather out your bangs is with a hot brush or with hot rollers used solely on your bangs area. Then brush your bangs back with a regular brush.

11. Feathered Lob

feathered hair lob brunette
Feather just the bottom of your lob.

Add a healthy dose of shine and gloss to any of these styles by prepping your hair with Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray.

12. Longer Layers

feathered hair dirty blonde long
A longer version of the same style.

If you’re not quite ready for a full head of layered strands, then consider adding a feathered look to just the ends of your lob. Or you can create layers with feathered ends for an elevated and voluminous look.

13. All Brushed Out

feathered hair brushed through waves
Brush through your curls for a more laid-back look.

Forget a drastic haircut and hold onto your long locks with a longer iteration of that classic ’70s feel. For a heatless finish, this style can be created by braiding your hair overnight and then brushing your curls out in the morning after unraveling your braids.

14. Deconstructed Curls

feathered hair brunette curls light caramel highlights
Use your fingers to separate your curls.

After you curl your hair and let the curls cool, run a brush through all of your hair for a more casual and laid-back look.

Or you can maintain some of the integrity of your curls by using your fingers to separate them instead of a brush. The curls will remain mostly intact with the added benefit of some easy messy texture.

15. Voluminous Curls

feathered hair blonde highlights layers voluminous curls
Use your layers for mega volume.

We promised you volume, didn’t we? Use a blend of short layers and a large barrel curling iron to create the most voluminous curls you’ve ever had.

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