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5 Low-Maintenance Straight Hair Ideas for Any Season

No-fuss styles you'll fall in love with.

Let’s face it: Winter isn’t exactly the friendliest season of them all, least of all on our hair and skin. Summer, on the other hand, can lead to frizzy and sweaty styles. What we gain in cozy snuggles and holiday cheer during the winter, and sunny days during the summer, we lose in extreme weather conditions. Dryness, roughness, static, frizz and flakiness are the main beauty concerns we find ourselves grappling with, and the thought of having to deal with polished looks, such as straight hair ideas, couldn’t be further from our minds.

We put together a short list of easy, non-anxiety-causing straight hair ideas to help keep you looking sexy and sophisticated during any temperature. Because beauty girls go down fighting—even in the strongest of blizzards and hottest of heat waves! Read on:

5 Attractive, Low-Maintenance Straight Hair Ideas for Any Season

straight hair ideas middle parted
Keeps your overall silhouette looking sleek and slim. Photo credit:

1. Middle-Parted

A classic for a reason, the center part will always be a go-to look for easy polish. Simply tuck the sides of your hair behind your ears before donning your accessory of choice, and you’re set. Most notably, it’s a silhouette that slims down the sides of your face and shoulder area. To style, prep your hair with a heat protectant product after washing—we like Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray—and blow-dry straight with a paddle brush.

straight hair ideas half updo
Secure hair with a neutral-colored elastic for day or a metallic barrette for night. Photo credit:

2. Half-Updo

A stick-straight half pony is one of the flintiest yet most practical straight hair ideas for any season. It has the fancy feel of an updo with the sex appeal of long, loose hair around your shoulders. It also keeps the crown of your head neat and tidy, giving you an instant dressed-up feel for office parties or other gala events. A moisturizing shine cream, such as Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream, keeps the base of your updo smooth and your ends looking sharp.

straight hair ideas low ponytail
Keep your ears out of the side-parting for a less severe look.

3. Side-Parted Low Ponytail

A low ponytail always manages to bring out the drama, with almost none of the stress. Positioned at the base of your nape, it’s the sweet spot for the hem of your beanie cap and draws attention to the neckline, a known erogenous zone. The look also has a certain uptown chic feel to it. It does take a bit of a refined eye—and some deftness of styling—to get an immaculately bump-free base and side-swoop. Pays off in spades though, as a low pony has always been a known head-turner. Keep it pristine with a keratin-infused hairspray that helps smoothen with shine, such as TRESemmé Keratin Heat Protect Spray.

straight hair ideas pigtails
Use a flat iron to get rid of all the kinks, and a rattail comb for precision parting. Photo credit:

4. Grown-Up Pigtails

If you want a more directional and on-trend look that’s poised to make you look like the absolute cutest in the room, try your hand at this runway fave. Using the end of a rattail comb, split hair in the middle, then apply a dime-sized drop of some shine serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serumfrom mid-lengths to ends. Comb product through evenly with a fine-toothed comb, and secure with a hair tie. For extra style points, poke a hole through your hair with your finger, just right on top of the elastic, and loop your ponytail through. One of the easiest straight hair ideas ever!

straight hair ideas slicked back
Perfect for that fuzzy fur hoodie. Photo credit:

5. Slicked Back

Bobs and medium-length looks can be very frustrating to style during colder seasons: They can’t be put up or reined in during flurries, windstorms or other sorts of inclement weather, and a beanie or thick turtleneck collar always seem to get in the way of its concave shape. If your short hairstyle is in that tricky needs-to-be-blown-out length, flip the script and slick it back with some gel (we love the control we get from TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel). These straight hair ideas completely take weather out of the equation. They are super glam, confident looks for evening and other fancy affairs! Paired with some dark lipstick and some fierce, shoulder-dusting earrings, and you’ll be loving this look straight through the year!

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