13 Best Long Relaxed Hair Style Ideas for Women in 2019

Style ideas you need to know.

Some people tend to believe having long relaxed hair is better than any other hair length because you have so many ways to style your locks. However, there are women with this length that have completely run out of styling ideas, or they’re simply becoming bored with their hair. No matter your hair type, you should always have a few hairstyles in your arsenal that can enhance or update your look.

Looking for simple hairstyling ideas for your relaxed hair type? Read on for some ideas for you to try:

long relaxed hair: bangs
Update your look with a fringe.

1. Long Relaxed Hair with Bangs

One stylish way to update your long relaxed hair is with bangs. Try a micro fringe if you’re up for a challenge, or keep it classy with an eyebrow length style.

relaxed hair: voluminous hair
Try hairstyles with a boost.

2. Voluminous Hair

Skip the flat iron and just blowdry your hair to help create voluminous styles. Apply Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse to add volume to your hair.

long relaxed hair: wand curls
Rock voluminous wand curls.

3. Wand Curls

Whenever you want to switch up your look, you can try wand curls. Use a curling wand to create curls all over your hair and fluff it out to encourage volume.

long relaxed hair: drop curls
Drop curls are a relaxed way to wear your ringlets.

4. Drop Curls

Add drop curls to the ends of your hair to create this lived-in hairstyle. This style also helps create body. Set hair with a flexible hold hairspray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3 to set your hair with a medium hold.

long relaxed hair: half up
Try this style when you’re out of ideas.

5. Half Up

Need something to do with your hair mid-week? This half-up hairdo never goes out of style.

long relaxed hair: straight
Keep it straight and simple.

6. Straight & Long Relaxed Hair

Not into trying out new hairstyles? Stick with straight hair. To keep your look fresh, detangle with a brush at night before your nightly hair maintenance routine.

long relaxed hair: soft waves
Soft and flowy waves.

7. Soft Waves

Give your long relaxed hair a bit of life with the addition of soft waves. To maintain the look without the use of heat, braid or twist the ends of your hair to preserve the wavy bend.

long relaxed hair: low bun
A sophisticated hairstyle.

8. Low Bun

Looking for a sophisticated and easy way to style your long relaxed hair? A low bun will take you from the office and beyond.

long relaxed hair: shoulder length
The lob style everyone loves.

9. Shoulder Length Hair

If you are tired of long relaxed hair but don’t want to cut your hair super short, you can opt for this lob length. A lob length allows you to still wear your favorite updo hairstyles.

long relaxed hair: side bun
The sultry bun.

10. Side Bun

For date night or even formal events, you can smooth your hair into a sultry side bun style. Apply Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to the surface of your hair to keep hair in place.

long relaxed hair: tousled hair
One of our favorite roller set styles.

11. Tousled Hair

To achieve tousled hairstyles like this, you can create it easily with getting your set with rollers. Ask your stylist to blowout your roots after drying to straighten and leave your ends curly.

long relaxed hair: undone waves
Roll out of bed with this style.

12. Undone Waves

Create the lived-in look on your hair by adding waves to a few sections of hair. Comb it through to blend it all in.

long relaxed hair: defined waves
Waves with a polished finish.

13. Defined Waves

Create a polished and defined look on relaxed hair with the use of a flat iron or curling iron. Pin curl your hair to preserve your waves at night.

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