How to Straighten Hair: An In-Depth Guide to Your Sleekest Strands Yet

Hair straightening 101.

We’re all about celebrating texture, whether that be wavy locks, natural hairstyles, or the following tutorial on how to straighten hair and enhance your straight strands.

Straight hair will always be a seasonless classic. And since a lot of women can still use some step-by-step direction around straightening locks and getting salon-worthy results via a flat iron, we are all about finding out how to get straight hair in the easiest, most efficient way.

Think we’re exaggerating? Just try to remember a world where frizzy hair is no longer a reality or when bad hair days are obsolete. Yeah, this understated skill is a game-changer, especially during weekday mornings, rainy days, or crucial last-minute, can’t-mess-this-up moments.

So whether you’re looking to learn how to straighten curly hair, or need to know how to keep your hair straight from the get-go (both equally vital points to consider!), we’ve got you covered. Scroll on:

Step 1

Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

Hairstyles for straight hair are usually the quickest to go limp or show greasiness and buildup, so it’s best to start with clean, washed hair from the get-go. Wash hair with a moisturizing system, like Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Conditioner, to help nourish your strands and provide smoothness. Rinse well and towel dry.

how to straighten hair that's been cleaned
Step 2

Apply a heat protectant.

Spritz on a thermal protectant, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray, to protect your hair from heat damage during styling, as well as give it some pre-styling slip.

how to straighten hair use heat protectant
Step 3


Using a wide-toothed comb or gentle brush strokes, brush hair to remove any knots and ensure the product is spread evenly throughout.

how to straighten hair use a brush
Step 4

Section your hair.

Divide your hair into sections, pinning up the upper half of your hair with duckbill clips.

how to straighten hair by section
Step 5


Using a round brush, blow-dry hair section by section until all your strands are around 90% dry.

how to straighten hair with a blowdryer
Step 6

Brush hair.

Brush hair once more to detangle and prep for re-sectioning.

how to straighten hair with a brush after blowdrying
Step 7

Create small buns.

Twirl each upper section into a mini-bun. Plug in your flat iron.

how to straighten hair using small buns
Step 8

Clip hair up.

Secure each bun with clips.

how to straighten hair using mini buns
Step 9

Begin ironing.

Starting with your lower side sections, run a flat iron evenly through—start as close to the root as you can comfortably get, and tug down gently. When learning how to straighten hair, it’s important to be careful when clamping and re-clamping the iron; doing this incorrectly might create a bend or crimp. It’s best to do this in one fluid motion and resist the urge to linger in one spot.

how to straighten hair with a flat iron
Step 10

Tug the ends through.

Be careful with straightening your ends, as they can get caught in the seam of the plates. Guide the tips on your free hand.

how to straighten hair with a flat iron on ends
Step 11

Repeat on the other side.

Straighten your opposite side, and repeat the process on the entire bottom layer of hair.

how to straighten hair with a flat iron on sections
Step 12

Finish with your hairline.

Straighten hair on your hairline or fringe area last.

how to straighten hair with a flat iron on hairline
Step 13

Apply some hair oil.

A shine serum or lightweight hair oil, such as Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil, helps seal in the sheen.

how to straighten hair using oil
Step 14


All set. Go forth and rock your newly straightened hairstyle.

how to straighten hair final

Want to see how else to get sleek, straight hair on shorter looks? Read on below:

how to straight hair short blonde bob
Don’t forget the back! Photo credit: Jean Marshall Photography

Tips provided by Dove Hair Care

Step 1: Blow-dry your hair.

For long-lasting sleekness, blow-dry your hair in 2 to 3-inch sections with a round brush, using the nozzle attachment on your blowdryer.

Step 2: Use a flat iron on each section.

Next, take 3-inch sections of hair and run a flat iron over each section. It’s important to section the hair finely so the heat is evenly distributed.

Step 3: Use hairspray to finish the look.

Keep your part tidy by spraying on Dove Style+Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray to lock in your style, while also taming any flyaways.

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