25 Cute Hairstyles for Women with Straight Hair

When in doubt, straighten it out.

You can never go wrong with straight hair. We believe that sleek, silky, straight locks are always a reliable style staple. If you don’t already have naturally straight strands, you can easily achieve endless cute hairstyles for straight hair with the look with the help of a flat iron and the right products.

Whether you have naturally straight hair or you’re grabbing the straightener to smoothen your locks, here’s a list of cute hairstyles for straight hair to pull inspiration from.

The following styles are cute, cool, and super easy to do. Expand your library of hairstyles and always look your best!

1. Middle Part Cute Hairstyles

cute hairstyles for straight hair middle part
Bring back this middle-parted vintage style.

A middle part can easily give any of your cute hairstyles for straight hair an ultimate style boost. We’ve seen middle parts become a staple for so many years, it’s exciting to change up your part and try something new.

2. Voluminous Straight Hairstyles

cute hairstyles for straight hair voluminous
Give your straight hair a voluminous look.

Does your hair seem to fall flat when straightened? This is a problem for many girls with thinner hair and is definitely one of the biggest concerns we hear when it comes to achieving voluminous straight hairstyles for fine. Apply TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray through your damp strands before styling and your locks will ready to reach new heights of volume!

3. Looped Ponytail

girl with straight hair wearing looped ponytail
Get creative with your pony!

What’s more striking than a unique ponytail? Absolutely nothing. Give your regular pony an upgrade with this looped variation. It’s perfect for casual days and events when you need to get dressed up.

4. Easy Hairstyles for Straight Hair Using a Hat

girl wearing newsboy hair with blue hair
Add a hat to any look.

Skipping the shower today? No problem! Just spritz some Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut & Hydration Dry Shampoo to help tame any grease and frizz, put on your favorite hat, and you’re ready to take on the day. This is one of our favorite easy hairstyles for straight hair because it instantly upgrades your look with minimal effort.

5. Lob

girl wearing straight lob
Opt for a sleek straight lob.

A straightened lob is perfect for girls who aren’t ready to go drastically short with their hair. This is one of our top haircuts for straight hair for its perfect length: it’s not too long, but still has a flirty length that’s versatile and trendy.

6. French Bob

girl wearing french bob with bangs
This look never goes out of style.

Want to go for that girl with straight hair look? Then try out this retro flapper style! This effortless french bob gives any look an instantly chic vibe.

7. Blonde

cute hairstyles fro straight hair blonde
Blondes always have fun!

Why go darker when you can go lighter? Blonde is the perfect color to transition into the warmer months.

8. Copper Hair

girl with straight copper hair and side part
A copper shade is perfect if you’re looking for a warm color!

Need to warm up your strands? Try a copper hair color! This color isn’t just for fall, it’s perfect to wear all year round.

When dyeing your hair, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner set formulated for color-treated hair. We love Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

9. Embellishments

cute hairstyles fro straight hair embellishments
Upgrade your straight hair with some embellishments. Photo credit: Raquel Espírito Santo

Make your hair stand out from the crowd with pins, bows or trendy metallic accessories.

10. Classic Bob

girl with middle part bob
Opt for a classic style.

This timeless look will always have a place near and dear to our hearts (and our hair).

11. Platinum Blonde

a platinum bob hair of a woman in a black t-shirt
A platinum bob is bold and loud.

Get a striking, stand-out color with icy platinum-blonde hair. This color will easily take any of your cute hairstyles for straight hair to new levels of chic and trendy.

12. Side-Swept Bangs

cute hairstyles for straight hair side swept bangs
Give your hair extra volume and style with side-swept bangs.

Do you have thin hair that seems to never look voluminous? Side-swept bangs can effortlessly add more fullness and body to your locks.

13. Loosely Wrapped Ponytail

girl wearing low ponytail with hair wrapped around the base with face-framing pieces
Go for an elegant and chic style.

A loose updo creates a messy, laid-back look. For an effortless and trendy look, leave out face-framing pieces of hair.

14. Blunt Bob

cute hairstyles for straight hair blunt bob
Create a runway-ready look with this blunt bob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Want a fresh off-the-catwalk look? This blunt bob will do the trick! We love how bold and powerful this style is. It makes a statement in all of the right ways.

15. Easy Straight Hairstyles Grunge Bangs

cute hairstyles for straight hair grunge bangs
Let your inner rebel out with these grunge bangs. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

This blast from the 1990s past is making a major comeback. Let your inner rock star out with this sultry look! This is one of the best easy straight hairstyles to try because the messier the bangs, the more grunge this style has.

16. Tied Back

cute hairstyles for straight hair tied back
Tie some sections back for a clean and polished look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re looking for an SFW style, then simply tie back some strands to create a simple and neat look. Spritz Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray to tame any flyaways and frizz while creating a clean-cut look.

17. Silver

girl with long straight gray hair
Try out the silver hair trend.

Why choose a natural color when you can go bold and edgy with silver locks? This color will make you stand out from the crowd and have you looking like the poshest girl in the room.

18. Pixie Cut With Full Straight Bangs

girl with blonde pixie cut and straight bangs
Go short and sweet!

The fuller, the better with these bangs! They give the perfect illusion of thickness and volume. Plus, this style is great if you’re a fan of short hair

19. Wispy Bangs

cute hairstyles for straight hair wispy bangs
Or go with a wanderlust style with wispy bangs

If your hair is on the thinner side, you probably want to opt for wispy bangs. These bangs will give your style a sweet and innocent look. Plus, it’s a great addition to any updo.

20. High Ponytail

woman with high ponytail
high ponytail featured image

Straight hair in a high ponytail is a match made in hair heaven. It’s no wonder that this has been a Hollywood favorite for decades: it’s simple, stylish, and chic! Whether you’re in sweatpants or an elegant gown, a high ponytail always fits perfectly with your look.

21. Ombré

cute hairstyles for straight hair ombre
Ombré styles are always the best styles

The ombré hairstyle has been one of the hottest hair trends within the past few years for a reason. The dramatic color gradient is so mesmerizing and looks like a beautiful waterfall of multi-toned strands when straightened.

22. Jet Black

cute hairstyles for straight hair jet black
Get color that’s dark as the midnight sky with jet black hair.

Let your dark side out with some jet black tresses! This color is super edgy and sexy. Give your jet black locks some extra shine by running TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum through your hair.

23. Dutch Braid

cute hairstyles for straight hair braid
A fun and quirky braid is great for every occasion.

A big, fun braid is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like going above and beyond with your styling. This dutch braid literally pops, and we love that it’s so easy to achieve.

24. Four-Strand Braid

Woman with Four-Strand Braid
Try out a four-strand braid.

Want an upgrade to your basic braid? Opt for a four-strand variation instead! This braid is a unique twist on the classic style we all love.

25. Asymmetrical Cut

cute hairstyles for straight hair asymmetrical cut
This asymmetrical cut is not for the faint at heart.

We’re rounding out our list of cute hairstyles for straight hair with this asymmetrical cut. This cut is so bold and brave, only the trendiest of girls can effortlessly pull it off.

From four-strand braids to wispy bangs, there are so many styles you can achieve with straight hair.

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