5 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colors In 2022

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We think that every gal at one point in time has considered switching up their hair color, and even thought about flirting with a blonde. And we mean really, really blonde—like platinum blonde (guilty as charged!). Here are 5 platinum blonde hair ideas to inspire your new look!

5 Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas

Read on for 5 platinum blonde hair ideas:

1. Ombré Loose Braid

platinum blonde braid
A loose braid is a laidback way to style your freshly colored strands.

If you’re worried about the damage of opting for bleach blonde hair, consider an ombré style that keeps the lightest hue concentrated towards the bottom of your hair. Opt for a laidback style by plaiting your freshly colored strands into a loose braid.

2. Soft Curls

platinum blonde soft curls
Brush out your curls for this soft texture.

Add some easy volume to your fresh platinum blonde hair and style your strands in curls. Use a brush to gently comb through your curls after they’ve cooled for this softly curled voluminous style.

3. Stick Straight

platinum blonde stick straight
Stick straight and sleek.

Show off your fresh color by wearing your hair in a sleek straight style. This style and texture is super easy to style and is a great way to show off your fresh color.

4. Accessorize

platinum blonde scarf
Accessorize with a scarf.

When in doubt, throw a scarf over your hair. This bright orange color beautifully complements platinum blonde hair and is a great way to protect your scalp from the sun in the summer months.

5. Cropped

platinum blonde natural cropped
Cropped and cool.

Keep your strands cropped and cool and dye what’s left platinum blonde. This color and haircut combination is super fresh!

Editor’s Note:

For everyday upkeep of your platinum blonde strands, we have some product suggestions!

For everyday, we’ve found that a low-sulfate system, such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Pair this duo together with a strengthening mask like Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Restoring Masque, helps keep porosity at bay.


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